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  1. Lately, I have had a growing want for a 911 hotrod. I found, and inspected, this 3.0 ST Recreation, in the UK. The quality and level of the work is outstanding. But after looking at the import rules, it seems it is very difficult to get any car into Aus that has been modified. Is that the case? Has anybody had an experience bring in a modified car? https://www.jzmporsche.com/used-vehicle-details/Porsche-911-U1273/
  2. My Aussie based GT3 RS has arrived. Managed to get the paperwork done before July 1st so dodged an additional $17,000 Stamp duty bullet. Fly home for few days in a couple of weeks time to pick it up.
  3. Close but no cigar. That is still just a render. Its not the actual car and some of the details are different.
  4. A question for another 3.2 owner. What do you think a 1989 HK car in guards red with 57,000 kms on the clock in pristine condition with 100% 1st paint is worth in OZ?
  5. I knew the GT4 was coming with a 4.0l producing 420hp over 1 year ago but the assumption was that it would be a de-tuned GT3 engine. However there was always one thing that nagged me...and that was how the hell are they going the detune the GT3 4.0 to only 420hp and still make it work. So the announcement that it was a new engine based on the 992/991.2 3.0l turbo came as a big surprise and now explains the how. Further down the line, this engine is going to spawn a bunch of higher and lower HP versions including the 718 GTS 4.0l at 375hp which will sit above the GTS 2.5 Turbo. They were going to call this version the 718-6 but I hear there has been a late name change so I now expect it to appear as the 718 GTS 4.0l. Personally, I think call it the 718-6 would have been better. Then in late 2020 there will be a 25th Anniversary Boxster producing 450hp. It will be a limited edition car in the same colour scheme as the original Boxster prototype - Silver/Red Leather/Copper coloured wheels. Finally in 2021 there will be a GT4 RS with 475hp.
  6. You can't really compare the quoted weight of a 981 GT4 to the 718 GT4 because the law changed for quoting weights in Europe. Previously, a manufacture could quote the weight of the lightest possible version of the car you could build so the weight of the 981 GT4 was quoted exc-PCM, exc-aircon, the lightest seats, and no gas in the tank. The law now forces manufactures to quote the weight of an average car including the options that most people would order plus half a tank of gas so the quoted weight of the 718 GT4 now includes PCM, half a tank of gas, etc. When you redo the math, the 718 GT4 is only 40kg heavier. Still heavier but not by a huge amount. But its power to weight ratio is still better.
  7. The price of a PCar ex-factory is pretty much the same regardless of what country it is built for. The local price differences are usually because of the huge variation in taxes from country to country.. As a result, comparing USA to AUS prices is not an apples to apples exercise for a number of reasons. Firstly, all US prices are quoted ex-Sales Tax and Registration fees because they vary drastically state to state. Whereas in AUS, the prices quoted all include VAT (GST) because it is a single tax across all states. Once you add in the USA taxes, the price gap closes a bit...BUT....and its a big one.... Australia has the crazy LCT which adds a huge amount to the price and makes it just about the most expensive country in the world to buy a "luxury" car....although its not the most expensive country to buy a Porsche by far. Singapore, Norway and the Netherlands are actually more expensive than Australia. Even in Europe, the price can vary enormously from country to country. e.g. the new GT4 in Germany is 96,000 euro (inc VAT), in Belgium next door its 99,000 euro and the the Netherlands its 151,000 euro which is more expensive than Australia when converted to AUD. Whereas Belgium and Germany are cheaper than Australia when converted. as an example, my Belgium based 991.2 GT3 RS cost me in AUD $398,000 (inc 21% VAT and 1st Registration tax). Next week, I take delivery of my Australian based 991.2 GT3 RS and its costing me a smidge under AUD $500,000 for essentially the same car. The $100,000 price difference is solely due to the LCT.
  8. Yes you can do the Porsche and Mercedes museums in one day no problems. Both are 1-2 hrs max. And as stated above, you have to book factory tours a long way in advance to get in - at least 3-6 months. Plenty of Porsche Taxi ride and car hire options at the ring - RSR and Apex just to name a couple. You might consider going to Leipzig to the Porsche test track and do a two day driving course but that will depend on whats available at the time that matches your skill level. e.g. No point doing a Precision if you are already a track day junkie. Also Spa is less than 2hrs from the Ring. RSR have Porsche hire cars there too. Although again, it will depend on whether any track days are available that matches your timing. Two things to highlight. Firstly, if you go to the Ring for a TF day, you will not need a helmet. For any other track day you will so you may need to hire one somewhere. At Spa, you must where a helmet at all times and you must where long sleeve clothes, long pants and closed shoes so don't go under dressed because they will not let you on the track. Secondly, to hire a Porsche to go on a track is seriously expensive. RSR charges 2-4,000 euro/day (depending on track mileage) for a bog standard Cayman S up to 4-7,000 euro/day (depending on track mileage) for a GT3 RS. Then if you prang it....well....then it gets seriously, seriously expensive.
  9. I just had a note from my dealer to inform me that the SD for my incoming RS (if legislated by then) will jump from $23,251 to $40,241 if I take delivery after June 30th! An increase of $17,000! Absolute ****** thieves.
  10. 3 of the absolute best of the 991.2 generation - GTS, RS, Touring.
  11. Why take a boring SUV on holidays when you can take some just a little bit more interesting.....and faster!
  12. The Susten Pass is a great drive but can be a bit tricky in the wet you push it. Enjoy!
  13. Having owned and driven them all, I would definitely go for the .2 GT3. A well driven GT3 will keep up with a .1 RS on track no problem and will be a bit easier to drive on the road.
  14. Driving the 964 RS on track, while fun, is hard work. After 6 laps your done...well, at least I am....due to the lack of power steering....and I will admit...aircon. So I rarely drive my 964 RS on the track. It's largely confined to being an occasional fun weekend road car. Thats where I tend to enjoy the driving experience a whole lot more. Indeed, as both I, and my cars, get older, I am almost solely tracking my 991.2 RS. Even my 996 GT3 RS and my 997 GT3 RS are now just confined to being special weekend cars. So even though I have 4 generations of RS, the driving experience of each is so different, I still enjoy each one.
  15. Yep, very slow. But fun...although you need arms like a gorilla to man handle on a track without power steering. After 6 laps, your done. Turning heads at the garden centre.
  16. Been keeping an eye on the 997 GT3 RS market. Where did you get this one from if you don't mind me asking.
  17. Went on a 4 day road trip with the editor of Total911 magazine last weekend. There will be a story in the magazine about the trip in a coming edition. A friend of mine had hired the Abbeville track in France for the whole week and invited a bunch of friends to join him. He took a 10 cars from his collection including a DP 935, 930 Turbo S Flatnose, 911 SCRS, Ruf CTR Yellowbird, 964 Cup, 944 Cup, etc. We drove my Touring and my GT3 RS from the UK across to Abbeville. I also got my 964 RS trucked to the track. It was a fantastic two day playing with the three cars on track. We then drove from Abbeville to Spa for two days track work in the Touring and RS. Weather was largely atrocious. No more than 4C with a whole half day lost due to snow! Only managed to get 1 dry 45min session in over two days. We covered 1,600kms over the two days including 400kms on track. A total of 700 kms on track across the three cars. Notwithstanding the bad weather it was still a fun trip. Living the dream!
  18. Honestly, more often than not, it depends on what day it is. The order last week was 964 RS, 991.2 RS, 996 RS, 997.2 RS. This week it's 991.2 RS, 996 RS, 964 RS, 997.2 RS. The only thing that doesn't seem to change is that I pretty much always rank the 997.2 RS last. There is no doubt that the 991.2 RS is the best car by a country mile. The things you can do with that car are extraordinary.....BUT...if I was only allowed one of these cars for the rest of my life....I would most likely chose the 964 RS.
  19. Sharing the love around this past weekend. Out driving the roads around the hills behind my village. First in the 991 RS on Saturday and then the 996 RS on Sunday. Glorious! It's a great time of year to be in the UK. I will miss this when I get back to OZ.
  20. Fantastic drive through the Chilterns yesterday in the Touring in unusually good weather for the UK.....sunny, blue sky. Stopped off late in the day at the Ibstone Common opposite the cricket club. Very English!
  21. Together at the top of San Bernardino pass.
  22. I have own both at the same time and done thousand of kms back to back including driving the Furka, Grimsel, Susten and the San Bernardino passes..plus others. I have also tracked them back to back at Spa. IMO, the 991.2 is a genuine step on from the 991.1. it’s angrier, louder, rides better, turns in better and pulls much harder at the bottom end.
  23. That's Michelle Gatting! She was my instructor at Leipzig for 2 days a couple of years ago. She is a very good, very versatile driver having competed in German Carrera Cup and the Scandinavian equivalent to DTM and Nascar. And she is good fun.

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