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  1. Together at the top of San Bernardino pass.
  2. I have own both at the same time and done thousand of kms back to back including driving the Furka, Grimsel, Susten and the San Bernardino passes..plus others. I have also tracked them back to back at Spa. IMO, the 991.2 is a genuine step on from the 991.1. it’s angrier, louder, rides better, turns in better and pulls much harder at the bottom end.
  3. That's Michelle Gatting! She was my instructor at Leipzig for 2 days a couple of years ago. She is a very good, very versatile driver having competed in German Carrera Cup and the Scandinavian equivalent to DTM and Nascar. And she is good fun.
  4. When I move back to Australia this year I will be living in the Melbourne area. I attend quite a few track days each year in Europe and want to do the same here. After searching the web I see that there are reasonably regular events at Winton and Sandown but nothing much for Phillip Island. Why is that? Lack of a suitable organiser or some other reasons?
  5. Congrats on the sale. Hope you got a good price. The car deserved it. FYI, I just sold my Touring in Europe too. Gradually cleaning out my garage in preparation for my return to OZ in a few months time.
  6. My friend competing in 2litre Cup at Paul Ricard.
  7. For you 964 fans. "Porsche 964 buyers guide - The most usable air-cooled 911"
  8. it’s my local friendly Porsche dealer’s workshop. On a Saturday when the shop is closed, he clears out all the cars and lets me do some photo sessions. The lighting is really good for highlighting the features of the cars. Have so far shot my 3RS, Gt3, Touring and 964 RS. Next week we are shooting my 4 x RS together - 996, 997, 991 and the 964. Got some interesting angles planned using the lifts to stage the cars at different heights.
  9. My 964 RS and Touring together in a photo session.
  10. Hmmmm...looks like this car has an engine cutout switch fitted, a driver side racing bucket seat and fire suppressant system plumbed in....so you all know what that implies with regards to how this car may have been treated.
  11. oooh...1987-89 Turbo with XB7 option! Is it genuine? There is one selling in the U.K. right now for well over 200K GBP.
  12. Yes, true...but I am a little surprised that PSCBs do not appear to be an option. I was pretty confident that they would bring these brakes to the 992 as a halfway house from the iron brakes to the PCCBs.
  13. Almost every other week I search for 996 GT3 RS on the OZ market trying decide whether it is financially beneficial, or not, to bring my UK 996 GT3 RS back with me. Right now there are 3 x 996 RSs on the market. One at Duttons $389K, one at Autohaus $389K and another at Classic Throttle Shop $349K. With the shift in the exchange rate, these prices are making it look very marginal so considering selling my car back into the UK market and then picking up a local one. However, I have a question relating to the Autohaus and Throttle Shop cars that I thought someone on this board might able to help me with. Both these cars have been fitted with a 3rd party front lift kit. In Europe I have looked at dozens of 996 RS over the last few year and have yet to encounter one, or even hear of one, being fitted with a front lift kit and yet here are two in OZ for sale. Is this just bizarrely co-incidental or is there some connection between these two cars? Anybody know? And just FYI, as for the Dutton's car, it's another case of false advertising. The description of the car says in caps "ABSOLUTELY NO MODIFICATIONS" and yet it's clear that it has an after market exhaust (as does the Autohaus car). What else I ask?
  14. Yes, I saw the nirvana door sills and made mental note to immediately replace them if I bought it. Not to my taste at all.
  15. If your GTS swap scenario doesn't works out, let me know because I could be interested in taking it off your hands as I have been keeping a look out for a Touring on the Aussie market. I would snap up the black car (its almost a perfect config) that is currently on carsales, if it wasn't, well...black. I know that a lot of people are very passionate about Oak Green, but it's not one of my favourite colour...but at least its not black...so let me know.
  16. Looks very suitable. Will go see them on my next visit. On another front, I am also looking for some suitable storage when I can safely store 3-4 cars and get ready access to them during business hours. Any suggestions on this?

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