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  1. I hope he gets it! (says the owner of a .2 in identical spec) 😉
  2. Yeah, I’d say about 40-45k. Its probably not the car for an enthusiast, but a red automatic Cabrio would turn a lot of heads if you’re into that sort of thing.
  3. Lovely left hook SC on Russel St
  4. Spotted in China Town (Little Bourke) this morning.
  5. The girls are out getting their hair done and teenage son hasn’t surfaced yet. Perfect excuse for a pre Xmas drive.
  6. The engine specs on that red one make for tasty reading!
  7. Günther Werks... Not sure about the name but geez, this car is really doing for me. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1118462_california-based-company-offers-carbon-fiber-porsche-911-993-bodies  I reckon the wide hips and ducktail rear end really suit the 993 shape. And the full carbon fibre body shell... Phwoar. Any idea on cost? Given the work involved to build one of these I'd reckon upwards of USD500k.
  8. They look better than some of the other LEDs that I’ve seen, but I’d prefer to stay original.
  9. So, I need new tail lights for my 996.2 coupe. A few questions: Are the tail lights model year or country specific? Any recommended vendors? And conversely, any that have a less than stellar reputation? What causes the tail light lenses to crack? Mine show no signs of impact, but have star shaped cracks radiating out from a central point? TIA
  10. Kind of tempted to do a midnight run to Radelaide. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2000-Porsche-911-Turbo-996-Manual-AWD-MY01/SSE-AD-5465256?id=SSE-AD-5465256
  11. 2 spots within 100m of each other in Essendon this evening. First a very clean looking black 944 Turbo prowling along menacingly. Then, parked just up the street, a speed yellow 996.1 with GT3 wheels. Nice change from the Cayennes that seem to overrun the school car parks around here.

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