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  1. My thoughts exactly. Drives okay apart from some rocking back and forth on slight throttle. Ended up just getting them sand blasted and powder coated black. Saved myself weeks of sanding. Im very happy with the result. I might get a silver lip later down the track though.
  2. Maybe.. I tried 1st, 3rd, and 5th. Neither of the wheels were spinning, I didn't even get to start sanding. Although I have just noticed my left rear brake rotor is dragging on the pads! Unfortunately my wheels' had corrosion and bad gutter rash so i had to sand that back with 60 grit rotary tool. My head was starting to spin from all this sanding so I've dropped them off at the local powder coater. They're going to see if they can two a two tone job for me.
  3. Hi all, hope you're doing okay. Bit of a strange dilemma. I have the rear of my 88 944s jacked up with the idea of using the drive train as a lathe for polishing my wheel lips. Unfortunately when I run the engine, in gear, hand brake off, the wheels don't spin! Theres also some clunking sounds coming the drivetrain. I might be missing something but this does not add up for me. The car drives around fine..
  4. Hi, I've been chasing down an intermittent shudder/ hesitation for many months now. I've discovered that my DME isn't getting any signal from the TPS. However I've tested resistance at the switch and it is operating fine. Where would the wiring most likely fail? I've tried jiggling the connector while the car runs, but no change. Really hope fixing this will allow me to drive around town in 2nd. The shudder appears with throttle slightly open so cruising is rough. I've also heard of moisture getting into the switch and causing problems.
  5. So I decided to whip this up in photoshop just see how it’d look. Not sure how well you could run a duct like this irl. Give your eyes a moment to adjust
  6. No I dont believe so. The car cold starts better after the oil change.
  7. A huge thankyou for all of this information. I was always intrigued as to why the gauge was pegged at 5 bar on cold starts... Just about the only things on this list that I haven't checked / replaced are the TPS (the connection to DME I've tested at plug) pressure dampener and o2 sensor (which is definitely whats going next). I had the Adrian at Hartech Automotive advice that my AFM is 'lazy'. However, I've tested the resistance throughout the opening of it and it is to spec. I have also reindexed the wiper arm to a new part of the ceramic plate since there were white wear lines on it. Particularly around the idling area. This said, I'd love to swap mine out for one in good condition and take it for a drive. It could be the culprit of my off and on throttle shuddering but i'm not spending $1500+ to find out.
  8. @944s2cab Can’t be sure. Was done by previous owner and they only recorded the compatible weights 10w 50 and 15w 40. I believe it was thicker than what I’ve got now.
  9. Hi guys, I did an oil change the other day with Pentrite HPR10 (10w 50) in my 88 944s. The following weekend I was driving around in traffic, and at idle my oil pressure and engine rpm fluctuate in unison. This was only happening when the engine got warm. It was not doing this prior to the oil change. Although, I am confused since this oil is to spec and quality. Any idea what could be going wrong? Thanks in advance
  10. Took my 944s up to Lorne for the weekend recently. Still ironing out some misfiring issues but overall performed strongly and had a great time with it on the great ocean road. Even ran into a 911 on the way home
  11. Idle control valve seems to be broken- Or at-least clogged with gunk. It wont open with voltage applied but rather stays 4/5ths shut. Unfortunately you cant disassemble the later ones so i will keep trying to clean it from the outside. Might be up for a new one since this could explain my rough cold starts. UPDATE: Cleaned the ICV and it is functioning. Few.. Ill put it all back in tomorrow including the fuel filter and hope for the best
  12. Finally got the filter out tonight after heat, bang, wrench, repeat. As @AD911S said, the fuel inside the filter was black like a double espresso. Also the filter was made in Israel for the 928, seems unusual. New one arrives tomorrow. In the mean time I’m going to test the function of the ISV.
  13. Succeeded in taking the skin off my hand but not the fitting. Tried heat gun and hammer but you really can’t give it a good whack in its position. Considering taking out the fuel line from the next connection point or cutting the hose.
  14. AFM potentiometer tested with the help of Clark’s garage. All good. Cleaned the contact strip anyway I’ve ordered a ryco replacement fuel filter. Tonight I tried to get the old one off... boy is that fitting seized. Even got under the car for better leverage to no avail. Makes me think this filter hasn’t been changed in a long time.
  15. Yes I can stop for a while and it will behave but then reappear. But this only works a couple times with diminishing return so getting back to the garage becomes a race against the clock. Also worth mentioning that i have a misfire on cold starts that fades away somewhat when it warms up.

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