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  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Sorry mate, assume you’re talking about this one.... I had to get there quick, they were beating a door down on it.
  3. ....when the odo clicks on that magic number...😁
  4. Agree that Porsche’s are just a class act. I loved my 2001 996.1 C2 man. Felt very agile and the 3.4 is a beautiful motor that loves to rev. The C4S feels a lot more planted and solid, and to be honest the torque of the 3.6 gets it moving ..that’s for sure. Different horses for different courses. C2 vs C4 was always the former for me. However the Turbo wide body of the 4S had me hooked. Funnily enough the difference in the driving experience (although discernible) was less than I anticipated. I just feel the 4S will go down as a bona fide classic. cheers, Dave.
  5. Looks great. Only one option? What’s the go with Bose premium sound? I read somewhere that all C4S models got that stock but this car doesn’t have it? I have option 680 for the Bose and assumed it was a “standardised” option for C4S??🤔 cheers, Dave
  6. Looks great. Driving impressions?? cheers, Dave.
  7. “Things have been moving quickly over the last month, the lapis blue at CTS caught my eye but I was about the 6th caller in line on the Monday morning! Snooze you lose...” Yep, they told me that had keen interest on it after I put a deposit on it. I was there at 11am and bought it on the spot. cheers, Dave.
  8. Great to hear that you feel the 996 has a more old school feel. I reckon it’s the perfect link btw air cooled and modern stuff. Take lots of pics on Tuesday! Dave.
  9. Welcome to the club! Also did you see the silver import C4S for $74k, any good? cheers, Dave.
  10. Looked like a great car! Good to see that the 996 is becoming coveted. Dave.
  11. Very well written ad. Car looks quality. Market will tell if price is opportunistic. Dave.

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