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  1. To answer your question for a 3.2 coupe, aus delivery, original books and in good condition requiring minimal work - $110k. You can get cheaper however expect to pay $10-20k to get it where it needs to be. Now if price is your main issue look at an import, many will argue the premium you pay for aust del is not great value. Some people put more value on original books and aust del than others. I purchased a 3.2 for $100k and spent about $25k on it to get it where I wanted, new carpets, seats restored, suspension upgraded etc...
  2. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-912-1968/sse-ad-6601427/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&notification_id=4f12c79c-1599-4d82-9731-22c4bf5f321c This looks to be a great car at a fair price.
  3. I have had a couple done at Porsche Centre Melbourne on air cooled cars. Really good reports and valuable info.
  4. would be interesting to know how nailed it was to be written off and how it was repaired
  5. Hi mate, assume you mean the circled hole? Oddly enough it's wide open right now! Suspect skunk werks will have to re-purpose this hole for drainage from the classic retrofit fresh air blower. Fingers crossed!
  6. Nice, this is good intel, thank you! Now basically seems like drain hose needs to go from the classic retrofit blower using the factory lines...Seems like the install just had the water going into the frunk! Not great planning by the installers....
  7. HI @Buchanan Automotive, I have read all your info here and it is an amazing source of knowledge. I have removed the a/c from my '86 3.2 carrera and installed an electric a/c system. There is one thing perpelxing me and that is drainage from the fresh air blower seems to be going straight into the cabin and onto the carpets...Less than ideal. As per the photo below there seems to be a point below the blower which would be a good drainage point and also a hole in the passenger footwell. By removing the evaporator in the passenger footwell has that drainage point been compromised? Or am I missing something here? Thanks again
  8. Probably more of an oversight than anything deliberate with the shift coupler access! The shift boot is being replaced by a rubber shift boot though so leaving that hanging out was deliberate.
  9. So my interior was getting a bit shabby, so I got a set of carpets made up by lakewell using charcoal square weave carpet. I also found some porsche script fabric in a green/grey and had the front seats re-trimmed by Blackmans in Melbourne. I'll have to grab some better photos in daylight but here are some interim ones. Really happy with how these have come out, not easy findings porsche script fabric!
  10. How did you go price wise with this? From memory it took a while to get a quote. Must have been competitive if you went with them?
  11. https://philipraby.co.uk/product/1995-porsche-968-club-sport 968 clubsport in speed yellow - magnificent
  12. Looks great! Ride height looks pretty spot on. Well done on the suspension refresh. I am still awaiting the KW V3's so will report back soon hopefully on how that goes.
  13. Good update, seems to be coming along nicely! I am getting som KW V3's fitted and will update once they arrive and are installed.

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