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  1. Those fenders look to be covered. Must be hiding something!
  2. Lap times and official photos are out. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a38003619/porsche-cayman-gt4-rs-preview/
  3. Sorry I thought they had 964’s as a base before being modded. My bad.
  4. Which one? The discussion I quoted is from 2019. The two modded ones are at classic throttle shop currently.
  5. Love the discussion around $200k for a track hack at CTS and the price in 2019 of some of these stock 964's. I notice CTS has two pretty high priced modded 964's in stock, and $300k is the new $200k.
  6. "No dreamer or tyre kickers" sure fire way to guarantee an overpriced car. 😀
  7. Guess if you want a Porsche cup car for track days it is a great buy. Race car feel but road car servicing and no nasty cup car maintenance schedule. ps. I’m envious I missed it!
  8. Now that it's done, surely time to sell it...To me! Car looks great, well done.
  9. This popped up and was put on hold within an hour. Low k’s wide body
  10. Shows well priced cars move fast. And those that aren’t well priced sit. https://classicthrottleshop.com/1985-porsche-911-carrera-weissgold-metallic/ this sold before advertised on carsales.
  11. Is this the one that they sold about 9 months ago? Think it was $220k then. Gotta say, I like the yellow!
  12. Well seems the car was pulled from CTS. I suspect it will pop up again soon elsewhere. There is a facebook thread about it being pulled from CTS.

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