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  1. Hi all, I’m based in Melbourne and was wondering if anyone know of someone who could paint some Fuchs red for me? Also looking to to get one set restored, would be great if someone local can do both. Thanks!
  2. Great story and ownership history! Who did the work on the engine the second time around? Or did you entrust it to the same fellow throughout the entire two rebuilds?
  3. Where is this car listed? I looked on AH and CS for a grey 964 priced around $300k with no luck.
  4. So aside from the heat backdate what are a few of the reversible tweaks done to the engine? P.S. It looks great! Smart move keeping it original considering the increasing values
  5. These fit in the rear due to the low profile, they also provide amazing sound. You won't get much out of a 4x6. https://www.morelhifi.com/product/virtus-nano-integra-carbon/
  6. Mate it looks great! Well done, look forward to a longer term review on it. I have a new 3.2 Carrera and am debating if I do the same suspension refresh as I did on my previous SC.
  7. I have an original au delivered '86 radio in mine, i'l take a photo tonight for you.
  8. Merv, little bit of info on your car for you. 1987 911 3.2 L908 - Grand Prix White LT - LT was a black leatherette interior with partial leather seats C23 - Aust Delivery 383 - Sports seat, left, electrical height adjustment 387 - Sports seat, right, electrical height adjustment 395 - 16" Fuchs forged alloy wheels, front 6" with 205/55, rear 7" with 225/50 tyres 425 Rear window wiper 454 - Automatic speed control 490 - Sound system 559 - Air conditioner 650 - Sun-moon-roof 975 - Luggage compartment velour carpet
  9. Ahhh, so it was you who got that 3.2 in adelaide, good to see it landed with a PFAer. How has the car been so far? In regards to the spoiler, depends if you want to keep it original or not - Whats on the original build sheet?
  10. I enquired on that car, it does seem we have similar tastes! What a great car, am sure it will bring years of joy. Congrats on the purchase.
  11. Thanks mate, I do miss the red targa, if only I had a bigger garage! What have you ended up buying?
  12. Am unsure how legal this is however have seen quite a few people with small historic plate stickers on the front of the car as opposed to a dirty big plate.
  13. I just sold a car and overall it went pretty smooth, did have a couple of cases of the above though where someone would inspect and then low-ball. I'd rather a low-ball offer via text which I can say no to as opposed to washing the car, meeting someone on the weekend then saying no. I also just purchased a new set of wheels and the car I ended up buying was priced pretty well. There were a couple of examples of similar cars with colours/options I would have preferred but price was 30-40% more for some reason. I contacted those sellers seeing if they were open to a price similar to the one I purchased or if they were happy to wait it out (these cars had already been for sale 6 months+) and in both instances they gave me a no and I moved on. Guess it's hard to say, maybe those two people above may have moved on price if I had called then inspected...Or maybe they are happy to just price them above market and wait it out.
  14. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1988-Porsche-911-Carrera-Manual/OAG-AD-17131726/ pretty sharply priced if anyone is after a LHD in a cool colour.
  15. So seems the B pillar crack is pretty minor and nothing to worry about, have attached a pic. So long story short I should pick the car up next week!

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