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  1. Good value there, asking on these was getting pretty out there 6 months ago.
  2. I'd say it's not that the UK cars are a bargain, it's that those AU cars are priced too high (and may have been sitting for a while on carsales) Last reference I have of one changing hands is a black on black 964 C2 manual, aust delivered for $190k early this year.
  3. Totally get your point, I find the utility of a nice porsche higher than a camry, some might say they both do get you A-B. But you can't really track day a Camry. All watches tell time, and the cheaper ones often have more functionality. But I do get how some people can totally geek out on, and enjoy the engineering aspect of a watch. As you said, each to their own, thankfully not everyone likes the same things.
  4. I was into watches, then i got an apple watch. My home is all home kit enabled, so i can unlock doors, turn on lights and many other things by talking to my watch. I found my fancy watches served no other purpose than to flex some wealth on people. I then realised I am comfortable enough with myself to not feel the need to flex wealth and no longer have any fancy watches. It's such an interesting thing, there is minimal utility to these expensive watches, they are just rich guy beanie babies.
  5. Very nice mate, looks to have been driven as intended. Also is that an AiM lap timer?
  6. The 991.1 in a comfort spec could be had just above $200k when at the bottom. With the 991.1 RS just under $300k. Interesting proposition when there is so much pricing overlap between a 991.1RS and a 991.2GT3.
  7. I have no problem with it, although I have been told that a dealer can blacklist you if you sell it too soon after getting a spicy GT car. Which means you won't be able to get the next spicy GT car.
  8. How long do we think someone needs to hold a car not to be considered a flipper? I have heard in the eyes of a Porsche Aust its 18 months and the car goes back to them as a trade in and you are going to stay in their good books. 2 years and you can sell it however i want.
  9. I can’t see this working. They are trying a SaaS model for physical hardware. It’s like leasing the memory chips on a motherboard that be remotely enabled and disabled. Bizarre. They had some horrid application process for a M4CSL too which came out of the blue. Bmw is making so many odd business decisions these days.
  10. Well mine finished build today. QC then on a ship. Good news! Did others get photos of it from the factory once completed?
  11. I was told PCA keep tabs on flippers and black list people who flip these GT cars within 18 months. Which is good news.
  12. Yep, not a limited production car. Probably a few flippers will do well in the first few months (but then will be blacklisted by PCA). After that, you’d say it’ll have standard depreciation just like any other GT car.
  13. Was this in WA prior to you getting it? Car looks superb!
  14. I'm in the same camp as you, I have never got the concept of needing a firm riding fast SUV. Give me big comfortable seats and acceleration and handling of a boat. If I want fast i'll go a two seater sports car. Probably why I have a 1989 range rover if I need something big and boat like 😃

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