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  1. cafe_racer

    Small fender bender - impact bumpers

    I should be getting the quote for the insurers today/tomorrow, i'll report back and we can see who got the closest! Whilst it is in there am getting all new seals for front and rear window as well as the targa roof...Ain't going to be cheap!
  2. cafe_racer

    Small fender bender - impact bumpers

    @OZ930 looks like it could be a pretty comprehensive repair! Thanks everyone for the info. So I have the ability to elect my repairer, I put it down as Porsche Center Melbourne who have sent me to George & Co Body Works who are a Porsche Certified Collision Center. Anyone here have any experience with them?
  3. cafe_racer

    Small fender bender - impact bumpers

    Interesting, thanks for the info @ANF . So looks like the bumper shock is different for ROW cars, hence it not springing back. Either way should be interesting to get it apart and see what the damage is! For a minor bump i'm guessing it isn't going to be cheap...Thankfully she is insured!
  4. Hi All, Well someone reversed into me yesterday, jammed on the horn but that wasn't enough to alert them... Either way, seems the impact bumpers did their job of absorbing some of the shock, i think due to it being a high up 4WD it seems to have pressed the impact bumpers down as opposed to directly in. I'll be taking it to Porsche Melb for a quote to be repaired, however what is the view of people here on what may need to be done to get it back to perfect? I'd say the impact absorber (part 14 in the diagram below) is cactus.
  5. How did you go putting a value on this @Carrera86 ? Looks to be a great example.
  6. cafe_racer

    Electrical gremlins - overhaul options?

    Thanks mate, i'll chekout some of the more obvious places like the electrical plugs from the main loom to the doors and under the dash. Hopefully this is an easy fix and the last of a few recurring problems!
  7. cafe_racer

    Electrical gremlins - overhaul options?

    Dreamr - I do love the intricacies and the odd issue which I can troubleshoot, but a lot of these gremlins seem to be ramping up. I might just have to get better at fixing stuff myself! And I think your are right on the A/C, just trying to find someone in Melbourne who has installed it more than once. Thanks LeeM I have a look at the Kroon wiring, Wire harness for tunnel SC RHD 1978-1983 - 679euro Wire harness Main (luggage compartment) 911SC RHD - 960euro Wire harness for engine SC 78-81 - 689euro I'm also guessing getting it all installed would not be a cheap thing, however I can imagine it would be a great way to add another 30 years of life to the electrics!
  8. Hi All, I've been doing a bit of work to my 1981 911SC Targa, i love it and the engine is rock solid. I have done a bit of work to it recently, new carpets, door pockets, refurbished seats, refurbished targa roof (sent off the the US (man that was pricey) and new suspension from elephant racing... I am still being plagued by some electrical gremlins and it seems as one is fixed another pops up. I had an alternator fail, this was fixed and wound for a higher amperage. There have also been a few other bits and pieces that have been fixed but i'm worried it's just a band aid solution. Right now the power windows aren't working and the stereo is shitting itself a bit and the horn works intermittently. So my question is, do I keep fixing these things as they pop up or do is there another solution, can I have all electricals replaced and modernised, maybe a classic retrofit fuse panel? Or do I just accept it's an old car and stuff will break every now and then? I'm also considering a classic retrofit A/C system soon and am concerned i'm over capitalising on this car.
  9. Thanks for the info, think i'll pop a deposit on the new one and will see what we get! If it gets the flat 6 it'll hold it's value nicely. Turbo 4, not so much.
  10. cafe_racer

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    My car keeping good company at PCM yesterday with a 959 and a Speedster.
  11. What are thoughts on current GT4 pricing seeing as a new one is inbound?>
  12. Pictures will help judge condition and hence price
  13. cafe_racer

    Melbourne Workshops

    I go to Stuart at nineauto as well, he's a forum sponsor and good fella.
  14. cafe_racer

    Classic Retrofit AC Write Up

    Has anyone else in AU had some more recent experience, coming into summer i'm considering the upgrade!
  15. cafe_racer

    Apholsterer in Melbourne

    Not to resurrect an old thread but seems to be a few down votes in the reactions to posts here. Are there trimmers to steer clear of in Melbourne? I am about to have new carpets installed and leather seats restored.