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  1. Yep, its a feature of the colour. It does take some getting used to! I found some even came with the same grey wheels, mirrors and engine vent cover.
  2. Has anyone tyre kicked this? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1996/SSE-AD-5814103/?Cr=8 K's are on the high side, however service books are solid and has all been done at official Porsche dealerships. Also that colour is spot on, it seems there were some "vesuvius" edition cars, any way to tell if this was one of those or if its a standard car that happens to be in the "vesuvius" colour?
  3. Yeah mate, works for me. My father in law is coming down too so just need to make sure I get him up and rolling on time!
  4. Happy to meet at the roundabout in Sorrento for us to cruise down, what time suits? Also don't suppose anyone is bringing a 993 C2S Tipper down to Flinders? I'm looking at moving into one but the one I like is in QLD and i've never driven one!
  5. I'll be there, should be good fun, and i'm coming from Portsea which should make for some fun driving on my way.
  6. I went with the full elephant racing suspension restoration package. Control Arm Rubber Bushing Kit Ball Joint Hardware Kits Front Bilstein HD Shocks & Inserts Stock Ball Joints Front Sway Bar Bushings Strut Top Camber Plate Bushings Turbo Tie Rods REAR Spring Plate Rubber Bushing Kit Rear Sway Bar Bushings Rear Bilstein HD Shocks & Inserts Spring Plate Hardware Kit Trailing Arm Bushings It really went from some noisy sloppy handling to how I am sure it would have been from the factory, it felt like a new car again!
  7. All of the ones you posted seem like great examples (maybe NZ excluded due to full respect with so few k’s On the clock) only thing missing is they need to sharpen their pencils on the pricing. $120k for low k’s manual 996 turbo is the benchmark. Will be interesting to see if they sit for a while.
  8. Was doing some interior refresh work a few weeks back, it has come up nicely, really happy with the how the square weave carpets came up.
  9. Pretty sure this was at PCM 2017/2018, can't imagine there are too many 4S targas with a red interior kicking around. It was priced around $150ish then.
  10. cafe_racer

    911 'Coupe' wanted

    Chocolate exterior, brown interior. If it doesn't have mechanical gremlins it's a pretty good buy! Shannons report says it has had accident repair damage though, which would explain the price.
  11. Second that, their entire range is great!
  12. Thanks for the opinions everyone, good to have a think about options. As always i'll probably get paralysis by analysis and will stay put with that I have got!

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