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  1. I did some work trying to get a passenger airbag deactivated in Melbourne on another brand of car - No one would touch it! So am interested to hear how you went.
  2. I might be off the mark. But $170k for a well sorted 930 turbo seems like a good buy. LHD to RHD conversion in its past...but still!
  3. Very nice and well run event. Perfect day and a great setting! I did like the everyone gets an award approach. My car is now worth at least 20% more.
  4. I’ve got my car entered to display so will need to hit the road a little earlier. If it’s anything like the past couple of days should be a ripper!
  5. Resale red UK import at $80k makes this start to seem like a great buy for a track car. Will be interesting to see what it sells for.
  6. Oh dear https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=21852&lid=2763347&pgn=2&pgs=100
  7. This is great advice, I use a RYobi workshop blower on older cars to remove standing water from trouble spots. e.g. window corners on a 3.2 carrera.
  8. If only it were easier and cheaper to bring these things into Aust https://tradinggarage.com/product/2017-bmw-m4-dtm-championship-edition/
  9. I have purchased from https://tradinggarage.com/ Similar thing, but Australian company. Good experience, nice and easy way to transact. P.S. 6% up to $10k buyers fee stings! But guess you have to factor that into the price.
  10. $105k for a g50 3.2 carrera. UK delivered but seems to be in great condition. this won’t last long. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1987-porsche-911-carrera-manual/SSE-AD-7091529/
  11. Seller of that car is also selling a red 993 Turbo, good setup!
  12. Good buy! Assume you were the purchaser, if so well done.
  13. If I know the person, or they are on PFA, private. Unknown source, dealer wins for me. I guess the one thing you want to avoid is going to auction, then having it sit with a dealer if it passes in. That happened with a GT4 recently, and it just puts a bad smell on the car.

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