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  1. I like the car, nice guy, good honest seller, was ex Prez of WA Porsche Club, so it has been well cared for...No offence though, I just can't hack silver on a GT car, bit too plain for me and couldn't think of parting with $200k+ for something I would probably instantly wrap.
  2. I offered partial trade of a first born girl on this mk1 996 GT3, barely budged. Think the Porsche market is booming better than the used baby market 😆
  3. There is a yellow Mk2 996 in the window at Porschaden, looks in great condition!
  4. There is a sporto for sale at Porschaden, has been sitting there a while. Depends on how much of a hurry you are in to sell.
  5. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1996-porsche-911-carrera-s-993-auto/OAG-AD-19600351/?Cr=3 I was all over this until I saw it was an auto...$220k for a tipper 993S. Yeesh.
  6. Car sounds superb, spending $50k making it look like something it is not might be overcapitalising and may be hard to recoup at a later date. If you are after the old school look you can probably nearly get one for the current cost of a G Series +$50k (maybe). If you are after old school looks with a bigger engine, now that hot rod territory. Hugh says some wise words, embrace the G series, and upgrade some things that matter, I have done on a couple of cars the following whilst keeping looks in with period correct: new carpets electric a/c reupholster seats engine rebuild elephant racing suspension refresh The above should eat into your $50k easily!
  7. Import, Sporto, hard to price as the market is fickle. It is an amazing looking car. I saw a GT4 sit on carsales for a long while recently, and it got put on collecting cars, it then sold there under reserve. It is now back on carsales... Seems to me the best way to move a car is price it to meet the market. If you can't be bothered with tyre kickers get somewhere like porschaden to sell it for you. Also advertising here on PFA increases the amount of virtual tyre kicking but reduces the time wasting test drives and only has serious buyers hassle you...From my experience.
  8. Heading to the showroom next week. The salesman did say you can have any colour you like as long as it is yellow.
  9. "VERY RARE APPRECIATING CLASSIC CONVERTIBLE" But then goes on to mention a sunroof...Might be very rare, convertible with a sunroof.
  10. It’s back! Someone please put this guy out of his misery.
  11. Anyone have a deposit down yet chasing an allocation? Let the Tyre kicking commence
  12. If only this was still around $234k for a 993 turbo with that interior seems like a steal these days!

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