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  1. Has this one been mentioned before? https://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/1987-porsche-911-carrera-targa/ My neighbour is a work colleague of the owner.
  2. Just thinking out loud but what if you converted your car from a Sporto to a manual and throw the Sporto in with the sale for originality. I've never done the conversion so I have no idea of the cost or complexity nor do I know your circumstances for selling it but with the price of 911E' s these days ( I had one back in the mid 80's, lovely car ) it might be worth considering if you are after a sooner rather than later sale. It's already an import ( I don't have an issue with imports, my 930 was an import ) so having the conversion is not really going to hurt it that much price wise but may make it easier to sell. No harm in doing some research.
  3. What I want to know is what's with the disco balls Lee. I can just imagine you doing your best John Travolta in your bell bottoms And I just noticed the spotlight directed it them
  4. I did with mine Jeff although to be fair mine is not as open as yours and has no windows and only one entry point therefore any opening point lets out a lot of heat. Don't get me wrong it's still too bloody hot on a hot day even with the overhead fans going but it did make a noticeable difference when first installed.
  5. Whirlybirds-roof top ventilation. I have two on my roof and they do make a difference.
  6. As many roller door as there are cars. Don't make the mistake I made and have a six car garage with one roller door. Seriously contemplating putting roller doors on side of garage to get the bikes out at least.
  7. Why oh why didn't I keep my 911E that I sold for $20k back in 1986 ( yeah I know, just like everyone else who wish they kept their old 911's. It still hurts 😁 ).
  8. That's wall art right there Lee. Charge people to see if they can guess what it's from BTW those seats are still here ( and I'm rapidly running out of room )
  9. It could have been worse. He could've used a table cloth from a Pizza Joint
  10. Jeff, I've never seen the inside of a Boxster head but is there enough room to weld a nut to the top of the bolt and then apply some heat to the surrounding area. That might be enough to get that bolt out.
  11. Met him twice. 1st at a PCSA meeting way back in 1985 ( or was it 86 ) and then at a local motor trimmers here in Kilkenny Adelaide around 5 years ago. As the others have said very nice bloke and easy going.
  12. I have to ask but why does it cost $3k to replace a battery. Thats just plain robbery.
  13. I guess the big question is how much do they want for it as is.
  14. Lee, I think the universe is trying to tell you something. Buy a 928 No seriously I think it's time. I miss my 930 but I eventually got over it.

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