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  1. Something not right about that car other than it's an import. I'm not entirely sure it's even an original Turbo. A 1980 Turbo had the same colour fuel cap cover. Having said that if it's one of the first Turbos released in 1979 which DID have the exposed cap then it could be a rare one. Would be worth looking at the VIN to confirm. FYI there were only 50, 924 Turbos allocated to the USA in 1979 ( only 932 made in 1979 worldwide ) compared to 3440 in 1980. Apparently in 2009 it was reported there were only 10 RHD 1979 Turbos in the world remaining. Assuming there were equal amounts of RHD and LHD made it would makes sense that there would only be a few LHD ones left as well. Apparently the 1979 Turbo came to USA in late 1979 and badged as a 1980 model. This car if original could be one of those rare ones. Pity it has been converted. I would seriously be checking the VIN number out guys.
  2. Geez don't let @LeeM see that. He will sell his remaining ball to buy that ( he had to sell one to get his 911 )
  3. Dumb question but who is responsible for confirming the correct KM's. The current owner or the agent ( Collecting Cars ). I would have thought that CC would have to have done some due diligence in correcting such an obvious mistake. Would the new owner have some legal comeback if the SHTF if they realised afterwards the mistake although you would hope that someone wth that amount of coin would be smart enough to notice it ( stranger things have happened ). As I said dumb question but I bet a lawyer would have a field day with it
  4. Not so sure that Turbo is genuine. Possibly a turbo motor placeD in a standard body and panels to suit. NotE the fuel filler cap. I'm 99% certain that the 1980 Turbo had the colour coded cover. I replaceD the front air dam to the turbo slots ( not the nose ) on my old N/A 924 and it was just a matter of a couple of bolts. Be wary and check the VIN.
  5. I do see the shadow Jeff but she still looks like she has an unusually skinny waist.
  6. That what I thought at first but I increased the size of the photo and she would have to have the skinniest waist i've seen.
  7. What the hell is going on with that womans waist. Bad photoshop maybe.
  8. She looks like she is looking at the sponge and thinking "WTF is this "
  9. Wow didn't realise they went that fast.....................................sorry I couldn't help myself Not helping am I
  10. I reckon this would cover most of us although I tend to beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission. Got me out of trouble a few times ( Note I pinched this from another Porsche forum ).
  11. Yeah I have an 85 auto and I love it. Had a 930 at the same time and loved that but the 928 is much more civilised and great for cruising but give it a boot full and it will let you know there is a V8 under the bonnet and without the turbo lag although I have to admit I loved the lag and I do miss my fix of boost but the 928 ain't going nowhere.
  12. The rise of the 928's has commenced. Yes it's rare and no it's not a "Risky business" car but it's a start. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1978-porsche-928-36/?fbclid=IwAR0MN3BoW56zLUvFJwN2dgnr0k4Y-_9dHc1YCG8xn2oIPbCJzUACVtynbM0 928's have long been under valued, under rated and under appreciated but they are a great car. If you have one especially a manual, hold on to her.
  13. There was one exactly like that that sold less than a year ago for $2500 USD.
  14. I used to work for Austudy ( Centelink ) for nearly 30 years and the spelling mistakes I've seen were horrendous especially the students who were studying to become a teacher. They were probably the worst culprits and lets not get into the lies and tricks they tried to get payments. They seemed to forget that we had access to a lot more info from other departments other than our own. Just to let you know you young ones, youse and gonna are not words. I even had one person who couldn't spell their own name.

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