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  1. Geez that middle girl has been working on her "thigh gap".
  2. I have to admit I didn't know of that accident and I just had a look. On what planet did the organisers think there was enough run off room. Anyway I don't want to start a debate about the accident. Having said that, what a beast. Always loved those cars and they still look as sexy today as they did when new.
  3. Axe, shovel and warn him what I will do to him with them if he ever steps in my home again then slap my daughter for being so stupid ( ok not the last bit as she is not that stupid nor would I slap her as she would probably use the axe and shovel on me ).
  4. It could be worse. We could be made to ride scooters everywhere. Couldn't imagine a Hells Angel riding one of these ( although to be fair this looks like fun and I hate scooters. They are not real bikes and are a menace on the roads )
  5. You could turn her upside down and you would still see the same profile
  6. Geez Lee you can at least tell us her name/ insta page so we don't click on it, accidently of course
  7. Don't speed especially in SA. The SA cops will be around. Not sure what car you are driving but to knock an hour or 2 off your trip and you don't mind a really good dirt road you can try the Hyden to Norseman road. You can sit on 100kph on that road, it's that good ( well it was the last time I went through ) and you can visit Wave Rock while you are in Hyden.
  8. "Blinker fluid bottle" Never heard that one before. Would make a great April Fools joke for a 1st year apprentice mechanic
  9. Pffft I can do that. Piece of piss. Ok the bike and me might have parted ways and the bike slammed into the guard rail but hey I still did it 😁

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