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  1. 3legs

    944 sale price

    Not sure if this one has been mentioned before but looks ok https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/cars-vans-utes/porsche-944-australian-delivered-books-low-km-/1207980385
  2. 3legs

    944 sale price

    Why do I keep reading between the lines "oh BTW I work on an oil rig and can you send the money to my Nigerian bank account"😀 I'm probably wrong but I can't help it. Also as Dreamer said he needs to brush up on his 944 history. I remember test driving a brand new 944 from Chateau Moteur late 1983 or very early 1984 and i'm 99% sure they were selling them before that.
  3. 3legs


    I can make your life a little easier Lee if required. You can leave your Porsche in my secure block and shed if you can't find anywhere else. PM me if you need shed space.
  4. 3legs


    Tell me about it. The Commonwealth Public service is full of them ( part of the reason why I retired early). Bill Shorten better watch his back as my old boss is sharpening her knife to become Prime Minister if she gets the chance (I will let you work out who that is. I'm not saying anything in this day and age of defamation lawsuits).
  5. 3legs


    Hi Rob Thanks but I don't buy cars privately. I always go to a dealer plus I would trade my current car for a Cayenne. I'm only toying around with the idea at the moment as I'm not feeling the love for my CX9. I'm also thinking about a Merc ML350 (Adam - ANF, highly recommends them as well). I see you live in my old stomping ground. I used to live in Clark St. Thanks anyway. BTW i've got a red Boxster. Red goes faster😁
  6. 3legs


    G'day I maybe in the market for a V8 Cayenne soon (just thinking about it around a 2008 model). Has anyone had dealing with EzyAuto. I've read the reviews and whilst most seem positive I would like to hear from someone who has actually bought from them. Do they take trade in's. Cheers
  7. 3legs

    Australian motorsport future

    In my opinion Foxtel will be the death of motorsport (and possibly most mainstream sports) in Australia. Supercars was just the beginning and it is going to get much worse. Look at test cricket this summer. You would hardly know there is cricket on if it wasn't for the BBL (which I can't stand). I used to watch every F1 race for years. I think I watched 1 race in 2018. It's not that I can't afford Foxtel, it's the principle. Again that is just my opinion based on my own experience.
  8. "Polished Porches" That's funny. I can only see polished Porsches.😁
  9. Sorry I missed this event now. Looks like you guys had a great time, great cars and great company. Will try for HB3. One thing though are there no 928's in Victoria 😀 Can only see one 928 in the photo's. Will have to try and rectify that next time.
  10. So he would rather be with his girlfriend than be driving a Porsche (I was going to use another word but I might get banned). Bloody heathen😀 You can always r........ er I mean be with your girlfriend but not always drive a Porsche😀 Priorities mate, priorities😀
  11. 3legs


    Love you too Adam 😂😁
  12. Ha Ha I haven't laughed so hard in ages. Oh shit, wait you were being serious😂
  13. 3legs


    You heard right, not that I would know being such an upstanding member of the community that I am/was.😂
  14. 3legs


    That wouldn't have been the Pt Adelaide cells by any chance (DAMHIK)

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