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  1. It's an import ( looks like from the US ) therefore has been converted plus it's a Cab.. Paintwork doesn't look the best but other than that it appears to be all there. IMO it's not worth $250k. Probably somewhere around the $150k mark but I'm just going by what I sold my UK 930 for 3 years ago but then again I'm probably wrong and someone will school me
  2. Here are some videos that maybe of interest. Will need to scroll forward about half way on each one and purely for the cars of course
  3. My 930. OMG I miss my fix of boost
  4. Wait until it rains. Our NBN drops out even at the sniff of rain. I'm not talking about a deluge, it does it with a light sprinkle. I have had technicians out several times and it still does it although to be fair the frequency of drop outs has decreased ( but then again so has the rain ) but it is still annoying. One technician said it was because of a bad earth in the pit. I'm no electrician but surely that would be easy to fix.
  5. 3legs

    Car cover

    I use the Autotechnica ones and I reckon they are great value. I have one on my 928 and before that it was on my 930. Whale tail was not an issue.
  6. Here's a bargain. Just needs a wash 🤣 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/303977198623?hash=item46c673f41f%3Ag%3A5-oAAOSwmllgiNyg&fbclid=IwAR3uZvs6OmF80LzUzuVwPs4ISiYy159Iy5i0vbrHk0NolxzVPQvaKava6Mw Interesting how the speedo is in kph but the fuel says mpg however the speedo does look like it has a kph sticker over the top of it. but why oh why do people let cars get to this state. Worth all of $5k.
  7. Couldn't think of anything more boring looking at 20 different models of the same brand but they all look the same. Bit like Japanese sports bikes, only difference is the colour scheme And sorry there is no way you are going to get me to wear a leather jacket with tassles or pay $100 for a t-shirt with a HD logo on it 😂 At least I ride my bike further than the local cafe.
  8. Couldn't agree more Lee. Been there and done that on those same roads in the 70's and had the same things happen. Don't want to put a like on your post. Didn't seem appropriate. Not soft, just not stupid.
  9. Here we go again. Another Porsche owner doing stupid things and giving every other Porsche owner a bad name. Today, driving north on Tapleys Hill Rd ( Adelaide ) going past the airport and I look in the mirror and spy a red 924 in the lane to the left of me. I thought to myself well you don't see a 924 everyday these days. Then I heard the turbo spool up, remember he's way behind me, that's how loud it was and I knew he was about to give it the berries because his lane was about to merge into mine. I thought twice about backing off but I thought no as I would be no better than him so and thankfully I braked to give him room because if I didn't he would have sideswiped me and a terrible accident probably involving several cars would have occurred. There was a lot of traffic and I was so close to where his lane ended, technically I shouldn't have braked as he was still a good 3-4 cars behind me. But wait there's more, he then procedes to weave in and out of traffic ( this is an 80kph zone ) and I could still hear the turbo. Got him all of nowhere because I caught up with him at the traffic lights. Not sure if he noticed my erect middle digit as I went by. Anyway if you are the owner of a red 924 Porsche ( non turbo model ) with an aftermarket turbo fitted with the rego XHH800 and you are reading this........................ YOU ARE A F@#KING WANKER, A BLOODY IDIOT AND C@#TS LIKE YOU SHOULD BE OUTED FOR THE F@#KWIT THAT YOU ARE. Now I was no angel when I was young and did some pretty stupid things in my cars but never in peak hour traffic. BTW my daughter took some video of you. If you know who owns this car tell him he was caught out and doesn't deserve to be driving a Porsche of any kind. Rant over
  10. At least she wont be late for her wedding 😁 or Geez only been married 5 minutes and she has already run off with his car.
  11. One of my all time favourite shows. PC, woke idiots would be frothing at the mouth if that was on TV now.
  12. Nah true story Lee. Remind me to tell you next time I see you. You will have a good laugh.

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