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  1. By the look of her hands she might be mutton dressed up as lamb πŸ˜‚ Note what appears to be a strategically placed opening at the rear. Yes i'am a dirty old man, just like the rest of you.
  2. Love the car too but boy she would get you into some trouble................................and I'm not talking about the car.
  3. Go to a VW wreckers, buy some old stuffed barrels and tappet covers, cut and weld together add some Porsche stickers to the tappet covers, buy some cheap velocity stacks and manifolds off ebay and you will have something that probably looks more real than that for $400-$500. Hmmmmmmmmm I can feel a new project coming on 😁
  4. Something you may want to think about buying chinese made steel products. I used to use a Made in England Flexitor suspension block for my motorcycle sidecar and never had an issue with them. Anyway the old one was getting a bit worn because of all the pounding on outback roads so I bought a new one from the same place I bought the old one from 10 years earlier and fitted that. I got as far as 50km's south of Mt Dare station and the sidecar wheel was nearly touching the sidecar body because the shaft had bent. Had to turn around and slowly ride back to Coober Pedy hoping it wouldn't snap. Flew home and got a trailer and drove back the next day to pick it up. Anyway I took the unit off and went back to the place I bought it from and showed him and he gave a new one free of charge but when I asked him why it bent and I never had a problem in the past he just said "made in china" with metal forged in china. Didn't have to say anymore. I knew exactly what he meant and he was almost embarrassed to be selling them. So if I can confirm that any thing made of metal was made in china I will NOT buy it. BTW the new block never went on. I made my own swingarm suspension using a shock not made in china.
  5. Fair dinkum, somebody stop the planet. I want to get off. You got that right Niko. Bunch of pussies both the club and anyone who is offended by what was a harmless joke by 2 consenting adults.
  6. Geez didn't see that coming.......................................NOT. The TikTok has been deleted because a few people complained (not here but on the TikTok page or whatever it's called).
  7. Now watch all the SJW's/feminists ( not saying on this forum but any forum ) comment on that video with horror. I will get in first and say "it's a joke people and his missus was a willing participant". PS: Please Mod, don't ban me for stating the obvious πŸ˜‚
  8. Noticed a black Lambo Murcielago on the back of a tow truck at Woodville Park this afternoon. Had black and gold custom plate but couldn't get a good look at the plate number.
  9. And that's all you got out of that pic???? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
  10. Lee, does your missus have a sister? My missus has a go at me for spending money on a six pack.
  11. I know that garage/workshop. You really need to stay away from there Lee. Your missus will find out one day and then she will know why the bank account suddenly emptied πŸ˜‚
  12. Geez will you guys stop it. I'm running out of likes and tissues πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  13. Hey Niko that girl in the first photo ( red top ) is a spitting image of my grand niece. I keep feeling dirty everytime I look at it 😁
  14. Loving your work Jeff. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks ( i'm 60 ). I'am learning so much from this build. Now as a person who has never attempted anything like what you are doing ( i've mainly worked on bikes over the years although I did restore my 911E ) I have a really. really dumb question for you. Do you think you have enough room for any movement of the engine and gearbox when you are giving it the berries? The only reason I ask is I have vivid memories of when I took a Lotus Espirit for a drive back in the early 80's and everytime I changed gear (when putting the boot into it) it felt like the engine was trying to eject itself out of the engine bay. Was very disconcerning. Anyway I guess you have already figured that out and if you have then I will send myself to the naughty corner (again) for doubting you 🀣

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