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  1. Twin turbo that sucker 😂 ( hey, it's not my money )
  2. You could always do what I did many years ago. When my old 911 frunk gas struts gave up the ghost I got a broom handle, painted it black and stuck a random Porsche part number sticker and emblem on it. You'd be amazed at how many people ( and people who should know better ) asked me if it was an original part 😀 Should do that with the door stoppers 😂
  3. I can't believe you drove it during the day. Wouldn't been seen dead in that. Good onya for rescuing it.
  4. In a Porsche 924 with the sunroof off. Oops, we are talking about something else 😁
  5. That's a good price and if I had the room ( and no missus 😂 ) I'd buy it tomorrow.
  6. OMFG she is a spitting image of my 14 year old daughter. If my daughter ever ends up posing like like she will never ever have a boyfriend while I'm around ( unless he comes with the latest model Porsche of course 😂).
  7. Bugga, I've been looking for a decent 1st model ZXR750 for ages but everytime they came up I was too late now they are too expensive.
  8. Keep it that way. We don't want you breeding. Just kidding Lee. Couldn't help myself
  9. Classic Raven. Vegemite on the exhaust manifold also shows you have assholes for friends as well 😂
  10. There is some talk about this car on another forum and it could be a massive can of worms with err, lets just say some creative ways of getting around VIN numbers.
  11. and taking up 2 spaces. How to get some lowlife key your car.
  12. I wonder if they are directions/instructions tattooed on her leg.
  13. Airbags? We don't need no stinking airbags.
  14. Hey Hugh, don't laugh that actually works. Back in 1984 I was travelling from Brisbane to Adelaide in my 911E and when I filled up at Cobar there was a guy hitch hiking to Peterborough in SA. It was a stinking hot day and I took pity on him so I said jump in. Now remember back in those days there were bugger all police and cars on that road between Cobar and Broken Hill ( now it's like peak hour traffic ), Anyway I said to this bloke you better not try anything stupid or you will get us both killed and he said why and I said you will find out in about 30 seconds. I got to the town limits and floored it and got up to about 180 then backed off to 160 and sat on that speed all the way to Broken Hill. The guy had this terrified look and white knuckles from hanging on for dear life the whole way 😂 Hardly spoke a word as well and I think he got the message loud and clear 😂
  15. Lee and me ( i ? ) know a couple of blokes who could well err, you know, have a quiet word with him. In all seriousness do what Niko said. I have a 14 year old daughter and that sort of stuff worries the shit out of me especially as I don't know if I would as forgiving in that situation.

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