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  1. Love it, have a look at some pics I just posted of another boxster spyder
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    Boxster Spyder

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    993 at the Bolte Bridge at Sunrise
  9. nbauto

    Porsches by the Bay 16th-2068

    The first PFA hosted Porsches by the Bay event
  10. Hi all just wondering if anyone has an exhaust clamp lying around they’d like to sell as I am in desperate need of one. Thanks Part number 99611110902
  11. Thanks! I follow you on instagram, How are you liking the 5D4? I use its little brother the 6D2 and love it
  12. Went for a nice dusk drive with a mate to take some pics on Monday night Photoshopped the number plate too as this is my next purchase
  13. Why not, they make a great first car!! ?

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