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  1. That's because they are the best P cars on the road and they're about 724% better in manual!!
  2. MrMud

    Dent / Dint repair in Melbourne

    Sorry Pokiou, Only just saw this question. Said it might cost $250 but finished at $120 because access was easy. Cheers
  3. MrMud


    Thanks 901er, I only just saw your response. I'm coming off a manual 981 Cayman S. That car was quick and had all the buttons. I am looking to go back in time and found your 944. I have traced three Sydney owners via the extensive paperwork. It seems very stock and clean. The minor cosmetic things I found were glove box a bit loose, ash tray lid a little loose and elbow console a little loose. As for driving, just a bit of a shudder going from 4 to 3. Did you have any particular issues with it. Paperwork seems to stop with a bloke called 'Cuthrie' or 'Cartwright' or something similiar. Brendan
  4. MrMud


    Hi Guys, Drove a white 944S2 today. Currently at Weltmeister. I understand you might have had some exposure to this vehicle. Are you up for a discussion? MrMud
  5. Hello 981KMan, Yes that was/is my car. I had a buyer, but decided to keep it. How are you going with the BMW?
  6. I have just noticed a few at around $140k+. A beautiful Carmine Red one just popped up a day or so ago. I also noticed the yellow manual sold for around $170. Amazing how much more desirable the manual is and how it can command the higher price tag.
  7. Just a quick endorsement (if allowed) for Anthony at Alchemy Cosmetic Car Repairs (Moorabbin). I had a very very small dint on the rear quarter of my Cayman. I had to look hard to see it, but I knew it was there. I noticed @Philbee had mentioned Anthony. I waited and watched last Friday has he performed his little miracle. Great guy, great conversation with him and another customer and very reasonable cost. Most grateful for his service and expertise.
  8. This is 60 seconds well spent. It made me wonder how many on the forum have model cars on their desk at work? Makes me wonder what happens when I turn the lights out at the end of the day!!
  9. Hi nytelfer, I hadn't noticed this vehicle. I love the interior. Reminds me a lot of yours. This might sound ridiculous, but I love white leather. Looks amazing but cannot image how much work it would be to keep clean. This has such a solid list of options. I can't imagine it being for sale for too long.
  10. MrMud

    What to do - Wheel Restoration

    Hi nbauto, As it turns out, I had an extensive conversation with the owner of Ace Alloys in very late December. In short he'd fix your issue for around $200 per rim. Web link attached http://www.acealloys.com.au From memory there is a place I'm Richmond (?) that is pretty good as well. Cheers MrMud
  11. MrMud

    Porsche 356 carrera Zagato coupe sanction II

    That’s what I was thinking.
  12. I'll post some pics but it already photographs pretty well although swirls are visible to the eye. Hopefully it pops. I did not know of that rim website. I had a peep but am fearful that I might become too tempted. I reckon the wife might notice the difference and...
  13. Hi David, That is going to some trouble and expense. Brighton will also sell me 4x with tyres at AU$15K. I think this is why you take what you get and just be grateful. BTW, I'm meeting some PFA guys at Point Ormond on Saturday for the drive down. If you aren't already there you could jump on the convoy.
  14. I see you have a dilemma re: your next car. My advice is loosen your attraction to the colour and wheels type but stay focussed on a manual (hopefully with PSE and PASM). As the data shows there are not a lot around and your dream version may not even exist. BTW - wouldn't you love to dive into the PCA stats a little deeper and see all the variables (colour, rims and options). You'd be able to screw right down on individualism. Back to your selection. As much as you like red, I reckon you'd fall in love with your Cayman regardless of colour. I badly wanted my car to have 20" Sport Techno rims but the bastard who first owned wasn't thinking of me when he made the order ! I'll take that a step further, you could always paint your rims and wrap your car. I'm inclined to make cosmetic changes but not tinker with hardware. Work on my car... I had an oil change last November. Window tint two weeks ago. Tomorrow its going in for paint correction / detail and having a ceramic coat applied. Still working on a place to put the phone. Think I'll be doing new rubber, rotors and discs in the next 6 months. Love it.