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  1. I am in the process of getting our imported 968 through the VASS compliance and registered in time for Luftwasser. Its a LHD car we brought with us as part of our move from Denmark, and the car passed the compliance requirements except for the headlights which needs to be changed to RHD. New headlights have been ordered, but there is a 10 day delivery time from Europe, and the engineer cannot sign off the VASS document until the headlights have been changed. So I know this is an unusual request and chances are slim, but should there be a 968 owner who will lend me his headlights for a day or two, just for the VASS re-inspection, so I can get the paperwork and registration progressed and hopefully make it to Luftwasser.. Thanks in advance..
  2. Outstanding work Mike..! I love your attention to detail and obsession with cleanliness.. Some of those engine pics are pure porsche porn.. ๐Ÿ˜Ž I am sure this kind of work is not cheap, but I am also sure that a part of the expenses will also be added to the value of car.. Plus the added pride and ownership value of course.. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Just out of curiousity, what is your normal turn around time on an engine rebuild like this, without the delayed shipping time etc.?
  3. Excellent thank you.. Lots of valuable information there.. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Even though I am a bit surprised of the inconsistency not only between companies, but also within the same company for what seems like very similar circumstances.. Better start calling around and pray.. ๐Ÿ™
  4. I am quite new to the Porsche world in Australia, (I am from Denmark but my wife is Aussie) as we have just relocated back to Melbourne from Copenhagen. Two of our classic cars are coming with us and I am looking for the best place to insure them.. So any recommendations for insurance companies who can provide knowledge, great service and competitive prices on classic/special cars insurance will be much appreciated.. Thanks, Alex
  5. I saw this very car back in February at the big Stuttgart Classic car show and shot a few pics.. A cool feature is how the cruise control stalk is now used to adjust boost settings.. Oh, how I would like to nick the engine and install in my own 968.. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Wow... You have TWO 968 Turbo's..!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ I am not jealous at all... Noooo, not one little bit what so ever.. ๐Ÿ˜œ You sir, have an exquisite taste in Porsches..!
  7. Thanks so much for the warm welcome and all the kind words.. ๐Ÿ˜€ I can only agree with the statement that the 968 is a very underrated and unappreciated Porsche car, even though I am obviously biased. But to highlight how much I personally rate the 968, I actually prefer the handling, driving dynamics and the way I interact with it over our other Porsche car, the 964 Turbo. In the sounds, power and looks department the 964 wins hands down, but when I sit behind the wheel the 968 really feels just like an extension of my body and she can boogie with the best of them.. ๐Ÿ˜Ž In the below pic I am leading a group of Porsches from our local Copenhagen Porsche Club on a Sunday morning drive - which I organise 4-5 times a year - and while we do drive leisurely on the straights, I let the 968 pick up her skirts and show what she can do on the twisty back roads. The red 991 GT3 you see behind my car is driven by a guy who races a 230 bhp BMW Superbike in the european championship, and he always like to drive right behind me on our Sunday drives. On a couple of occasions after some extended driving he has overheated his rear tires making the rear end wiggle and slide out of the turns in order to keep up with the 968, all because of the 968's outstanding balance, grip and feedback which makes it so easy to carry tremendous speed into and through the corners and getting on the gas again before everyone else.. ๐Ÿ˜Ž And the 968 is also the perfect everyday car I can do grocery shopping in or in this instance picking up some garden additions from the nursery.. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at pics and reading on the forum about all the Australien Porsche cars, especially the transaxle variety and it seems like the appreciation of these cars is much higher in Aus than here in Europe..? I am also a big fan of independant Porsche shops like Fitzgerald Racing with their 968 Turbo RS cars, Buchanan Automotive and all the incredible cool work they do with the transaxle Porsches and it just seems like there is lots of cool classic Porsches and Porsche owners in Australia.. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Best regards - Alex
  8. Hi everyone Not many 968's in Aus it seems, only in the very last post did I see a pic of one. So I thought I would rectify that a bit, even though neither me or the car are in Aus at the moment. I am from Denmark where I currently live with my Australian wife, but we spend 4-6 weeks every summer in Melbourne and I like to keep up on the Australian Porsche scene. Last summer we also bought a house in Melbourne as we are planning to relocate there within a foreseeable future. We have two classic Porsche cars, and I am very much contemplating whether to bring them with us to Aus, just bring one and store the other in DK or if its better to sell them.. Anyway, since both myself and the 968 might be in Aus within a year or so, I thought it might be okay to post a couple of pics here.. ๐Ÿ™‚ So here she is.. A 1992 968 with 126.000 kms in midnight blue with black interior. Manual with 220 limited slip, sunroof delete, sports seats and matching color spoiler. I have upgraded it with 18" TechArt wheels, M030 anti roll bars and adjustable Koni suspension. Cat delete, airbox modification and Promax chip. Its originally from Italy but was imported to Denmark in 2014, and its next home might be Aus.. ๐Ÿ™‚ She runs like a dream and handles even better.. I absolutely LOVE driving this beauty and its just SOOOOO satisfying to push hard in the twisty bits.. ๐Ÿ™‚ A few reflections from a local car meet.. Here she is at the 2018 Le Mans Classic parked up with as many siblings as I have ever seen in one location.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Did a top end refresh last winter and got a bit carried away with cleaning and tarting things up.. ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Thanks again Mike, that's nice and simple, and will give me a much better idea of the value.. After some quick math in my head (well, not so quick then) it seems like it could be worth the effort bringing at least the 964 Turbo with us, and perhaps even the 968 as well, even though it means driving the car/s on club permit only for the first couple of years.. Regards - Alex.
  10. Thanks Mike, that is very helpful post and a great place to start.. I will for sure give Gerry a call after NY to hear how its all done and how much its gonna cost. The dealbreaker I guess is how much he will value my 964 Turbo at, so the combined GST, duty and LCT doesn't get to crazy.. How much is a LHD import Porsche worth compared to a similar Australian car.? Regards, Alex.
  11. Thanks for posting up that link, and as you point out it seems that GST and luxury car tax still aplies. So I guess the big question is, what value will they put on my 964 Turbo and how is it done.? Best regards - Alex.
  12. Well, that would be fantastic its that's the case.. I know I would still have to comply with the LHD/30 year regulations for VIC, but knowing we can bring our P-cars (or at least one of them) to Aus without risking some hefty luxury car taxes would certainly make the decision easier.. Can anyone shed any more lights on this.? Best regards - Alex. Hello Mark, Thanks for the invitation, even though it just makes me wish I had our Porsches here even more so I can attend in my own car.. But an option to meet a bunch of local Porsches and their owners would certainly be great too. I am not sure if I can convince Mrs D to get up that early for a Porsche meet, but I might just come on my own. I am located in Ashburton so it shouldn't take more than half an hour or so to get there I think.. In our local "Urban Porsche Club" Copenhagen, I am also the one organizing SMT's (even though its on a Saturday) in the country side outside Cph, going through some of the most winding and scenic roads there is. Usually for a 4 hour drive including lunch somewhere in the middle. Its a great way to get excercise the cars and to socialise at the same time.. Best regards - Alex.
  13. Thanks again for your very helpful replies.. So if I understand it correctly, I can bring the car into Aus, register it here in VIC on a club registration with limited driving until 2021 when the car is 30 years old, and then get a full registration on it.. So now I just need an idea about who is doing the evaluation and how much I can expect my LHD 964 Turbo will be valued at.. Any estimates on that.? Regards and merry christmas.. Alex
  14. Thanks for all the informative replies.. So it seems like it might be doable.. I will for sure use a shipping agent in Aus who has experience in importing cars to ensure all the paperwork gets done right, and the shipping costs I am also aware of. I read in another thread somewhere, that there seems to be a 30 year rule for VIC in order to get a LHD car registered, it is however possible to get some kind of car club registration which allows LHD cars under the age of 30 to be imported and registered.? So does anyone knows how it works for importing cars that are post-ยด89 and LHD.? If its not possible in VIC, would it be possible to register the car in another state instead.? Regarding the luxury car tax bracket, I am guessing the 964 Turbo might fall into that, but as TurboT mentioned, its about getting as low a valuation as possible.. Who makes the valuation and can anyone give me an idea about how much my LHD import 964 Turbo is worth in Aus.? Or more accurately, how much luxury car tax will my "dodgy import Porsche" end up costing me.? I am full aware its impossible to give an exact figure, but just some kind of ball park numbers would be great.. Thanks for the warm welcome.. I am holidaying right now here in Melbourne with Mrs D, and I must say the thought of taking either of our Porsche girls out for a drive around the Vic country side in this fantastic summer weather is a very attractive proposition and motivation.. So I think its worth all the trouble when the time comes to relocate.. Regards - Alex.
  15. Hello everyone, I am a new member here, even though I am not living in Aus, not yet at least. I am Danish and living in Denmark with my Aussie wife, but we are looking into relocating to Melbourne sometime in 2018. We currently own two Porsche cars, a 968 from 1992 with some nice options and done just over 100k km, and the other one a 964 Turbo from 1991 with some tasty engine and suspension upgrades. We love both cars dearly and would love to bring them with us when we move to Aus. But is this even possible, both legally and financially, and if so what is involved and how much are we possibly looking at in terms of import duties, VAT etc.? If anyone has any experience or knowledge about bringing older cars into Aus, I would love to hear about it..? Here is a couple of pics of the cars in question.. Matching colour, both wearing midnight blue..

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