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  1. Got around to changing the oil. My god... I reckon over ten litres came out and it looked pretty dark. Not good, given I had only put something like 1000 kilometres on it. 😳😳😳 Anyway has some nice 5w-40 Penrite in her now! https://www.instagram.com/p/ButFK06Dtmv/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=77kn93gsp33r
  2. Well done @daveyoul !! Just enjoy it mate! They are fantastic cars. As @LeeM noted earlier I have recently gone with Nankang NS2R semi slicks and am really enjoying the grip (1000% over the old continentals I had, but there’s a longer story also). Unfortunately I have the stock 17inch rims so I can’t help with what would fit your rims. Congrats in your purchase and hope you get to drive it as much as you can - heat here in Adelaide has left mine in the garage for most of the week (GTI’s aircon is much better, and auto with the Clipsal traffic.....)
  3. I think it is. I remember the same spiel about the high kms and winery in Margaret River. Pretty sure a new member bought this car and mentioned he had to redo the motor.
  4. Good find @Peter M . I was on their website yesterday and didn’t see the 6L special. Good price.
  5. @daveyoul hang in there mate! You never know what will pop up. If you are in the box seat, and are willing to take a punt, there will always be opportunities. Just make sure anyone doing work on it actually does it properly- learning the hard way on that now.
  6. Thanks guys. Sounds like I’ll have to drain it out this weekend. Just kicking myself I didn’t check it earlier...
  7. Morning all. Not looking to open a can of worms but keen to hear what oil you run in your car. Context to this is, like some other things I had expected were completed prior to delivery of my 996 C2, some short cuts were taken which I’m only now discovering. Have just looked back at the documents of work done to the car and can see the mechanic put in 5w30 engine oil, which to me does not sound right - I don’t even put that in my GTI... From what I can see the oil that SHOULD have been used is the 0w40 or 5w40 spec in the A40 list. Sound right?
  8. They sure are! That black one popped up literally a week after my 98 C2 manual got delivered- and I managed to get that for just short of 40 too. If I had been quicker I might have had one a lot earlier - I got pipped a few times because I wasn’t organised or hesitated. They don’t tend to last long but they are certainly around.
  9. @poli84 mine had the original stereo replaced by a double DIN too. Wish the previous owner had kept the original as I’m tempted to change it back now.
  10. Not their service... just how they value assets. 😂
  11. Interesting. When I got mine insured in October the market value varied by quite a lot also. Some insurers wouldn’t budge (and they were at the low end) and others lifted by 10k when I queried it. You would think that they of all groups would have a reasonable amount of consistency.
  12. Is it just me or has the market for 996s gone up a tad? I know there was always a range but when I was looking last year there seemed to be a lot more around the 40k mark. It seems to have increased.
  13. Shameless self promotion! I am lucky to have two rockets.
  14. Thanks @Mttel! Will most likely be there, pending clash with kids sport..

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