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  1. @poli84 mine had the original stereo replaced by a double DIN too. Wish the previous owner had kept the original as I’m tempted to change it back now.
  2. Not their service... just how they value assets. 😂
  3. Interesting. When I got mine insured in October the market value varied by quite a lot also. Some insurers wouldn’t budge (and they were at the low end) and others lifted by 10k when I queried it. You would think that they of all groups would have a reasonable amount of consistency.
  4. Is it just me or has the market for 996s gone up a tad? I know there was always a range but when I was looking last year there seemed to be a lot more around the 40k mark. It seems to have increased.
  5. Morpheus

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Shameless self promotion! I am lucky to have two rockets.
  6. Morpheus

    Unley SA Cars and Coffee

    Thanks @Mttel! Will most likely be there, pending clash with kids sport..
  7. Morpheus

    996 tyres

    Thanks guys! @9fan you are 100% correct. I just looked at the age of the fronts and they are bloody six years old now... rears are younger but completely stuffed now. Will likely need four now. 😬 Couple of sprints between Victor Harbor and Aldinga in the heat has melted them to a slick.. Thanks for the options with tyres. Has anyone run a wider tyre on the 17s? The contis on the rear are the original 255/40 size.
  8. Morpheus

    996 tyres

    Hi all, Have been loving the 996. Really enjoying getting used to all her quirks and tricks. Even blasted down to the Fleurieu today in the heat - no concerns even with the air con on flat out. Despite it being a toy/good car I can really see the possibility of using her as a daily. I’m after opinions on tyres for the stock 17inch rims. The contis on the rears are nearly slicks - I am probably running too much pressure - and they are starting to squeal with only the slightest cornering. Long term is probably consider going to 18 inch wheels but for now I’m pretty happy with the stock 17s. I figure the tyres will probably be cheaper too, but happy to be advised if this is not the case.
  9. How did you do that @LeeM? I broke a toe 15 odd years ago during a cricket game - it still gives me grief! Unfortunately mine is on my clutch foot.
  10. It was a pretty good looking car (from afar)! I look forward to seeing another 996 cruise around the traps soon!
  11. I think this was for sale on Facebook recently.
  12. Understand @LeeM. It looks like an amazing car. Very competitive pricing too!
  13. Morpheus

    996 nearly

    Hi @JpDp, it went through CEVA. So a mix of train and trucks. I think 800 to get it shipped from WA to any door in SA.
  14. Morpheus

    996 nearly

    Thanks @Oggie. That’s what I thought. Presumably the previous owner wanted a tad more grip on the front.
  15. Morpheus

    996 nearly

    I’m near there but in the Mitcham area. Tyre question for 996 owners: were 225/45r17s standard for the fronts on a 1998 Carrera 2? They look a bit odd and from what I can see the stock size was 205s. The Contis are a bit old and squeal a bit ... and I haven’t even pushed it much.. really ?. Missed out on getting her to Cars and Coffee at Blackwood on Sunday but I did go for a bit of a blast around Belair in the afternoon. Really enjoying getting to know the quirks of the car.

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