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  1. Very nice @Peter John ! Love the 98! Did the original radio come with the car? Mine has a double DIN unit with a reverse camera. I am kinda thinking of going back to the original look (but I’d have to source one). The camera is kinda useful though
  2. Can attest to this. Also, wheel alignment- mine were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out... Love the plates @daveyoul !
  3. Sad to hear the reason he’s selling. It looked pretty good in the flesh. The body kit and wheels look great on it. I thought the 99 model had the three spoke steering wheel?
  4. This one is currently parked with a for sale sign on it near the McDonalds at Victor Harbor. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-Porsche-911-Carrera-4-996-Manual-AWD/SSE-AD-5989721
  5. I spotted a black circa 1998 996 Coupe turning South onto Main North Road near Scotty’s Motel yesterday afternoon. I waved (was in my blue 996) as I get excited every time I see a car like mine 😂. Anyone here?
  6. Interesting @LeeM. I saw it at about 745 this morning. It must live around that area. Great to see it on the road.
  7. Yeah @PDean that was was up for sale about 12 months (or longer) ago. From memory it was up for for over 60k too.
  8. Spotted a nice black GT2RS at the junction of Main North Road and Regency Road (turned off off and scooted West down the latter) this morning. Awesome looking and sounding car!
  9. Seeing as I missed driving over the weekend (and the past few weeks), today I drove her... to work. Because I can.
  10. Got around to changing the oil. My god... I reckon over ten litres came out and it looked pretty dark. Not good, given I had only put something like 1000 kilometres on it. 😳😳😳 Anyway has some nice 5w-40 Penrite in her now! https://www.instagram.com/p/ButFK06Dtmv/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=77kn93gsp33r
  11. Well done @daveyoul !! Just enjoy it mate! They are fantastic cars. As @LeeM noted earlier I have recently gone with Nankang NS2R semi slicks and am really enjoying the grip (1000% over the old continentals I had, but there’s a longer story also). Unfortunately I have the stock 17inch rims so I can’t help with what would fit your rims. Congrats in your purchase and hope you get to drive it as much as you can - heat here in Adelaide has left mine in the garage for most of the week (GTI’s aircon is much better, and auto with the Clipsal traffic.....)
  12. I think it is. I remember the same spiel about the high kms and winery in Margaret River. Pretty sure a new member bought this car and mentioned he had to redo the motor.

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