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  1. Thanks all. i bought the sika 221 today and ran it up into the gaps.. stood up well and easily covered the gap. will run some Schutz over it tomorrow
  2. Hi I am about to re do the underbody sealer in th rear wheel well and am wondering what “sealer” was used the bridge the gap between the outer rear fender/wing and the main internal body panel as it meets the rear window and moves towards the roof? The picture shows the outside of the area and the area underneath is where I am talking about. The “sealer” needs to bridge a gap of about 30mm I do remember pulling out some very hard stuff but I don’t think this was seam sealer or body Schutz? Any recommendations please ? Thanks mike
  3. Hi @privatepang could you please send me some pics . Am guessing no rust? Thanks Mike
  4. Thanks everyone. @Mike D'Silva - there are some pretty cheap prices on rock auto across the board .. They look like 70s prices!! have you bought anything from them and were the shipping prices ok? Thanks again Mike
  5. Hi Looking for recommendations on where to buy full wheel bearing kits for 1976 911 both front and rear? Is it best online from overseas or any companies in Aus? Thanks Mike
  6. Hi i notice I have some chips underneath of the car where the schutz has been removed( knocks , chips rust etc) leaving the metal work exposed and the surface rusted. What is the best way to fix and blend these areas with new schutz? The areas around these spots is super tuff and won’t remove easily guessing wire wheel grease remover Por 15 or KBS then schutz - Wurth and “blow” in with compressed air( read this somewhere that gives factory look?) then paint Thanks for your help Mike
  7. Thanks All. I will see if I can get the pistons out and see where to from there. I think they have been sitting for quite some time so this might be a challenge. Thanks Mike
  8. Thanks LeeM I have also been told to give power brakes a go. Otherwise it’s a another DIY project or Buiks. Thanks Mike
  9. Hi just got a quote back to rebuild my brakes. This was just a rebuild price but did include paint. ?They are 76’s cast. $350 per corner. anyone know of someone else in ADELAIDE? Thanks Mike
  10. Thanks Hugh 81sc appreciate the feedback
  11. Hi All I am trying to understand what the difference is between lhd and rhd headlight setups. I have read that some UK models have a lever at the back to change the angle so they can drive on the euro roads. Are all the assembly buckets the same lhd/rhd and just the actual globe setup is different? So I could buy a repo headlight assembly from the US and by the globe assembly locally or how is anyone else doing this? I need the H4 setup but original setups are $1200+ I hear any other options? Or I just buy an older original set? From the UK as I don’t see them in oz? Thanks and much appreciate the feedback
  12. Hi Can you fit lhd headlight assemblies to a rhd car? The lever that narrows the beam is this acceptable for Australia authorities Or can the headlights be swapped over ? Lh side to the rh side? Or can you physically change the reflector? As the globes are the same? Or is only original rhd setup allowed? Thanks
  13. Thanks LeeM , appreciate your help if I read this correctly, then I can import a car that needs a resto (as it may/will not pass due to rust or other issues)into Australia and as long as it is returned to original , as per factory or factory options, then once this is completed I can then get it complied... similar rules for club rego here in SA?.. i have a car already on club reg but not euro. Thanks again Mike
  14. Hi Just looking at some original pre 89 Porsche’s OS, What are the limitations on importing a pre 89 car that has rust and needs to be restored? Can it be done? I am also guessing that it would be smart to replace pads and clutch(asbestos) if not already done as I hear this is causing some issues?... if rusty Guessing it can’t be complied at this point? And Is it a matter of having the rust fixed and then getting it complied at a later date ? is there any engineering certifications required before it is complied or does this take place in the compliance of the car? Also with what Is proposed by th Gov. with the new importation of “hot rod” cars does this allow cars that have been mildly or heavily modified( is there any guidelines on this?) to now be imported (later 2018 or early 2019?)... or have I read the proposed import laws incorrectly? Thanks for your help Mike

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