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  1. I had an older model Homelink mirror from about 8 years ago in my Cayman which I installed myself. It still worked with rolling codes but from memory it operated on different frequencies to the newer Homelink. The Liftaway will not work on the old Homelink. On the old unit, at least, perhaps like in the 996, there are different ways of programming different remotes according to the brand.
  2. Homelink works with rolling codes
  3. Dave986, and others, you may have already sorted this problem out, but I will tell you how I solved the problem. I have a Tesla Model 3 Performance, a fantastic car, with built in Homelink working at 433MHz. My old garage door has two pins on the controller and a newer door some terminals under the cover. They are the same terminals/pins as you would connect to a hardwired remote button. I bought this cheap device, and connected a 12V DC plug pack to it. The other normally open terminals I connected to the garage doors. It can control two doors. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ATA-PTX4-Compatible-Add-on-Garage-Gate-Receiver-Stand-Alone-433-92-MHz/252381285033?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I purchased a Liftaway remote, Part number 30242, from Bunnings. I linked the remote to the new add on receiver. It is a rolling code device. After that I had to get the Tesla's Homelink unit to link to the remote. The receiver was at the front of the car but it would not pick up the Liftway remote. I borrowed one of my wife's metal mixing bowls from the kitchen and used that as an antenna behind the remote, aimed at the front of the car. I had wasted half an hour before that trying to get it work and then in the space of 30 seconds it was done.
  4. AAAC

    PDK Reset

    I thought that I would share this information with fellow 987.2 PDK owners. At various stages my Cayman has been less than smooth in the throttle action and gear shifts. It used to clunk, in particular when slowing down. Resetting the gearbox and throttle body made a huge difference to the refinement of the gearbox. PDK FACTORY RESET PROCEDURE 1. Turn on engine, turn off A/C and any other systems like PCM. Let the engine run for three minutes or more. 2. Turn on A/C and wait another 3 minutes with the engine still running. 3. Turn off engine, remove key, exit, close and lock the car and wait one minute. 4. Restart Car and PDK is now reset to factory default THROTTLE BODY RESET Turn the ignition to the ‘on’ position but the engine not started, for one minute. Then cycle the ignition off and back on again. Leave it on for 30 seconds. The throttle body can be heard resetting. After this turn it back off and start the car.
  5. I used a genuine Philips H7 HID kit from Autobarn in my 987 Cayman. That was 8 years ago. They work perfectly. They are not blinding to oncoming vehicles and have nice sharp cutoffs, but it is worthwhile having your headlights professionally adjusted(even with the standard HID/halogen bulbs). The Philips bulbs are not overly bright. I placed Philips H8 LED bulbs in my fog lights, leaving the original internal shield in place. They do not glare excessively but I cannot vouch for other LED bulbs/housings. A mechanic used Durametric to change my car settings to HID, which enabled the fog lights as DRL lights. People talk about the lack of headlight washers and auto-levelling when changing to HID bulbs but there are new vehicles on Australian roads that are standard with HID bulbs but no auto-levelling or washers. I think the light output has to be less than 1800 or 2000 lumens. In any case, have the headlights correctly adjusted.
  6. KTEC did the coding on my 987.2 Cayman. The fog light and LED strip behave like a DRL. My car has halogen lights and it was coded to xenon to bring about the change. I changed the fog lights. The xenon cars already have LED ‘fog’ lamps that are used as DRL. The coding does not turn on the instrument lighting. I am away from my car for a while but from memory I think that the cluster has a light sensor on it. If you cover this you might get the desired effect. Failing that, try covering the light sensor in the centre of the dash at the base of the windscreen.
  7. I had this installed by PC Perth soon after purchasing my 987.2 Cayman PDK. It does not have PASM. The car was transformed. It should have been like this from the factory. It has Sport and Sport Plus buttons that change throttle response, shift firmness, shift points and the stability control parameters. The rev limiter changes from ‘soft’ to ‘hard’. It was worth every cent.
  8. To my knowledge these devices do not have a scientific basis and it is unlikely that they work.
  9. I installed LED lights in my Cayman's interior and luggage areas about 3 years ago. They were CREE units in cool white. They compliment the black interior. A cheap and effective modification. An added bonus is that the plastic light housings and lenses do not become hot.
  10. AAAC

    987 05 Boxster

    Congratulations. There are some enjoyable drives near Perth. I had fun going down the Zig Zags, albeit slowly due to loose stones and cyclists and then driving along Mundaring Weir Road. You can get some ideas from this link as well: http://www.motowhere.com/listpaths/country/14/region/6/city/1323
  11. I changed all of my interior and trunk lights to LEDs. They compliment the black interior and are brighter. The housings remain cool unlike with the original globes. With spares they cost $14. A cheap upgrade.
  12. Like most things in life you get what you pay for, bearing in mind the 'law of diminishing returns' often applies. Unfortunately my Cayman's OEM battery only lasted 18 months and was replaced under warranty. I imagine that apart from the battery quality, the capacity is going to affect longevity.
  13. You are correct in that the ADR rules specify headlight cleaning and self-levelling. I have two vehicles with factory fitted HID lamps. One has self-levelling air suspension and not self-levelling headlights. The vehicle does not adjust itself to every change of attitude, for example when accelerating. I doubt that my other vehicle without air suspension adjusts its headlights instantly to changes in attitude. Any car going over the crest of a hill is going to point its lights up. Self-levelling features are not very responsive to the vehicles tilt on the earth, only changes that occur in suspension component angles. Driving uphill and over a crest will not make the factory fitted HID units point steeply into the ground otherwise the driver may end up off the road and around a tree. I intend to keep my headlights clean, as I always do. I do not place heavy loads in the rear of my Cayman to make it drive nose up. Many modifications mentioned in car forums are illegal, strictly speaking, but not always detrimental.
  14. Halogen headlights do not come with cleaning and self-levelling functions from the factory.

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