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  1. Smussato

    Swap muffler

    Where are you based mate :)
  2. Finally tackled the engine sound proofing job today. Turned out great! Bought some of this and stuck it in first (http://www.carbuilders.com.au/peel-stick-heat-shield~845). Then placed the Porsche OEM light sound proofing foam on the top. Used the template of the OEM foam to cut out the aluminium heat shield and match them up. Then slid the foam into place and sprayed an adhesive to stick it to the heat shield! So clean Cut the noise down considerably in the cabin!
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone! The feedback has been very helpful. In response to one assumption: b) the hardening on the spindles is gone , ie that's not surface rust. not therefore sure the struts can be saved/redone, others will chime in. big savings if ok. The brown stuff all over it is grease from the bearing. Should I still replace the entire strut?
  4. Thanks Julian, I’m acting under the assumption that the supporting gear is all fine. Just the strut/shocks need replacing as the seizing has been very recent. Or do the photos tell you otherwise?
  5. Thank you for the detailed reply! The car is a 1981 Targa SC.
  6. Hey everyone! I'm having a little problem with my suspension. Right now, the suspension just feels off. It feels really tight like it has no give. The drivers side front shock stays down after its hit a bump and won't come up till I lift the car up by the body myself. I'm not sure what I have on the car either, it's hard to see past the overspray on them, but I believe they are bilsteins sport (front / green - rear / yellow). This is not a track car, ideally I want it to be comfortable. My questions for you guys are: What do I have? What should/can I do with what I have (replace with x, rebuild at x)? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for putting all those photos up. I got there a bit late around 8 am and most people has left >< I did wonder what that guy was getting written up for though. I’ll definitely make it to the next one on time
  8. Welcome! I haven't been here long but I'll throw in my 2 cents :)! I like it so much already! You need to buy it so we can take photos of our cars together! Well from my few months of ownership now all I can say is have it driven down to Don at DHM and get him to do a pre inspection for 450 ish bucks. He was very straight forward and told me exactly what he thought of it. If that's not enough info then post the issues on here and everyone can help you value it
  9. It took me about 8 hours But I sanded everything back, sprayed them all with a few coats of paint. The 3 manuals I had didn't match up to the orientation of the pedal cluster in my RHD Targa at all... so I put it back from memory and a few photos I took before hand. If you were just pulling them out, chucking new bushings in then I'd say 4-5 hours.
  10. Replaced all the bushings in my pedal assembly and repainted everything (what a job haha). Photos of the old bushings (some weren't even right, the rest were eaten...) Pedal assembly before: After:
  11. Hey mate, unsure if this fits but would a Monty m22 work? I’ve got one for sale
  12. Have you guys noticed any handling effects when changing the front wheel size? For example 7/7.5/8/8.5? Just wondering how wide to go without altering the original intent of the 7" wheel set up. Thanks!
  13. I literally just gave that a go but used a beetroot can with a worm clamp! haha the drone disappeared and everything was a lot less eventful... Idle noise wasn't reduced that significantly though... I'll take some noise measurements next chance I get.
  14. Looks like you're right As per your recommendation I sent Monty and email. His reply was that it was his M22. In response to it being capped, he said: The left and right sides meet and mix in the middle, then split . If you cap one side , not all the muffler is getting used, but all the gases will extract on one side. It will work, but the left and right side will not be balanced. Regards, Monty Monty Manufacturing Pty Ltd Email: sales@montymufflers.com Mobile: 0427 814 824 Therefore my next step will be buying one of these (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3-76mm-Mannal-Electric-Exhaust-Catback-Downpipe-E-Cut-Out-Valve-System/152928459599?epid=25015833235&hash=item239b3f1b4f:g:ZPYAAOSwMgZamQfF) and placing it on the drivers side pipe for early morning/late night drives out of my area Thanks for your help guys! Out of curiosity though - has anyone else done something like this on theirs?

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