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  1. Hi There, Something different. This is one of my favorite roads in the world. I've tried it in a Corvette, Challengers, Mustangs and most recently a C2S. Hope you like it. Cheers, Marcus.
  2. Hi There, Another great video with arguably one of the best Porsche on a beautiful mountain road. Cheers, Marcus.
  3. Hi There, A few laps in the Cayman 718 GTS. I got as much of a buzz from this car as I did the GT3 RS. Recommended. Cheers, Marcus.
  4. Hi There, Another great video. Go to 1m15s to avoid the direct advertising, unless of course, you would like to see that! Cheers, Marcus.
  5. Hi All, This is one of my favorites - a few years back, but very good nonetheless. Cheers, Marcus.
  6. Hi There, Anyone know where the cheapest place to buy the Sport Spoiler Lip is in Australia or overseas (OEM p/n 991-505-525-01-1E0)? Suncoast does them for $185USD, but I cannot find a way to ship. Cheapest shipped (for one from Pelican parts) is around $500AUD, which is close to what I think the dealer part cost is. Thanks, Marcus.
  7. This is a video of my laps in a GT3RS at Exotics racing in the US. They have a track in Las Vegas but also at the Auto Club Speedway near Fontana, Los Angeles. They have the latest GT3 and also Cayman GTS 718 (which is a great handing car). You can rent the cars by the lap. I've tried pretty much everything over the years. I keep coming back the Porsche GT3 and GT3RS. I normally do 12 laps in the Cayman to warm up, 12 in the GT3 and then 7 in the GT3RS. It will no doubt seem pretty slow, but it is a great laugh. .
  8. Hi All, I joined some time back but haven't really posted. I bought my first Porsche in 2017, which I still have. It is a 2014 991.1 911 Carrera S. I think it is an amazing car. I've been lucky enough to drive other 991's at length, including 991.2 GTS and GTS4's in Germany (Avis rent them in Baden Baden relatively cost effectively) as well as GT3's and GT3 RS's on track (Exotic Racing in Las Vegas and Los Angeles). The pure GT cars on track are amazing (latest GT3RS is other-worldly for me) but I really think that you can get the true 911 experience even from the Carrera S. I love it and look forward to contributing more actively to the forums. Cheers, Marcus.
  9. Its been quite a while since the original post, but I wanted to advise a good news story. I bought my 2014 991.1 Carrera S in January 2017. Immediately after I purchased it from PCSS when testing it out on the Putty Road I had a COV fault which was replaced under warranty. I had an oil change service in Jan 2018. Other than one set of tyres this month, it has cost me nothing in the 21,000 kms I have driven it. I was going to p/x for another one but I decided to keep it, give it a major service (planned week after next) and extend the warranty in June 2020 for peace of mind. Its been one the most reliable cars I have ever owned.
  10. Thanks - In the end, I rang around and Tempe's price for P-Zeros was much lower than anywhere else at $319 front N1s and $409 rear N0s, so I went with them.
  11. I've got a 2014 991 Carrera S with 295 and 245s. It came from PCSS with new PZero N0 on the rear and N1 on the front. I've got more than 20K out of them and they still have a little life left. Couple of questions: Best place in Sydney to buy tyres? (I usually use Tempe tyres) Any issue with mixing N0 and N1? Thanks in advance. Marcus.
  12. I loved this video from the guys at EVO. I am Sydney based now, but I know these kind of roads in the UK well.

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