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  1. Borescope, oil analysis and leak down test would give you some clues. I'm just curious, that's all. Old lady might have lost all her points from being a lead foot.
  2. I'm keen to know what effect, if any, the little old lady who previously owned it & drove it to the shops and church had on it.
  3. Thanks @Fraz, I can honestly say "living the dream" without being sarcastic. 😂
  4. Thanks guys, just took the missus for a short drive, she's impressed. @LeeM, @Rick V, @TINGY996
  5. Guilty your honour, just picked it up this morning from the Ceva agent, was brought up on the race transporter for the standard service price. Love the colour and the wheels, was more than I wanted to pay for a 996 but its only on 65,800Km, had IMS retrofit, new clutch, flywheel and RMS 12,000Km ago Major service just completed and new tyres. Its pouring with rain atm so might have to wait til tomorrow to take it for a decent drive. So glad I didn't settle for a Tip. Wanted a Pcar for so long, have to keep pinching myself.
  6. He's owned it for 2 years and its done about 6000Km Its still on the market. The noise is a new one and unfortunately he's not going to budge much on price ($2K), given he's had it on the market since October, he's obviously going to stick close to his asking price. I think its worth about $48-49, given a 03 manual sold the other day by a dealer in GC for $55K. I always thought the gap between tip and manual was much more than that. I really want a manual but I think I'll still be happy with a tip. Also, as I'll be driving back to Cairns, I've just heard the Bruce Hwy is really bad from Mackay north.
  7. I'm looking at a 996 who's owner lives at the end of a badly corrugated dirt road about 1km. I know some 2wd cars tend to rattle themselves to pieces, has anyone had any experience with a Porsche on dirt roads?
  8. The seller just sent me details of the original delivery documents and receipts quoting the current engine number and they are the same. You must be thinking of a different car, because the seller assures me he knows nothing about a replacement engine or rebuilt trans. 
  9. Spoke with the seller, he didn't mention the engine or the gearbox.
  10. If its not too much trouble, I would appreciate it if you could look at it. I'm not sure when I can down there to view it myself. Things I'm most concerned about: Is the engine noisy, blowing any smoke. Does it drive straight, doesn't pull to one side under braking Are the panel gaps all uniform Any signs of an accident.
  11. Anyone had a look at this one yet? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-porsche-911-carrera-996-auto-my02/SSE-AD-5703032/?_ga=2.136129009.1142530100.1551176279-480234408.1548541776 Seller seems keen to off load it. Location is a bit out of the way.
  12. Response to the question from Collectable Classics from their Facebook page, "Has the IMS bearing been replaced?". " If you are asking has the IMS bearing been replaced well no is the answer as this is a 98 model. There is a class action in regards to this that affected cars built between 2000- 2005. The 98 models from our own research had a different set up and were not affected". I'm sure there are 996 owners who would beg to differ.
  13. Anyone had a look at this? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-2003/OAG-AD-16400058/?Cr=9

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