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  1. @Jason A thanks, if i can find a manual car which is well kept (likely a little higher in the mileage as i am holding myself to a budget) then its top of the list. 996T Manual 997.2 PDK (W/SC, sports wheel w/paddles, etc etc) 997.2 Manual 996T Tipper 997.1 Manual Hartech rebuild / CSR build w/ ducktail, etc etc @MARTY Either can I, plan to bring it back with me so it can enjoy some sunshine!
  2. Car sold and gone to its new home, still in Melbourne. Now onto hunting for my new uk car ... 996 turbo or 997.2 seem to be the contenders.
  3. Car is on hold and will update to sold once handed over.
  4. In more good news the car passed rwc first time without issue. He noted the car was in good condition. So now if you want your new 911 by xmas it can be done!
  5. Happy to say just a reflection, that part of the car is all good!
  6. Wow that is a serious hit, it is possible to do a front end replacement on one of these as the built is sections. Basically windscreen forward can be removed (split spot welds etc etc) and a new front end put on (new or off a boxster possibly), not a cheap or easy job. Doubt it would be worth it for a 996 CAB, would probably make the 10K back in parts though engine / box / etc.
  7. No stress, thought there might be something in alignment i a missing that has not been picked up. Keen to sell by Christmas, so make me an offer. And save me from the endless scammer / carsales / gumtree messages! Cheers, Taffy
  8. Sorry 9er could you expand what your looking at? The car is carrying 2 small scratches on the rear bumper. RHS just above the crease in the middle of the bumper. LHS on the front edge of the bumper. You cannot see them in the photos and i know where they are. Thanks, Taffy
  9. Listing on other sites at higher price, rather to sell to someone who knows what a 911 is, so negotiable to PFA members. thanks, Taffy
  10. Thanks @romeodelta I believe I have seen you around. Yep that would be me, always use that BP.
  11. Well the major update is that i narrowed the issue down to the LHS flap motor being slow and not moving full up or down to make microswitches work fast enough. Replaced that and bingo the roof works! Minor issue in that the hook is trying to close before it hits the windscreen, but a quick pull forward by hand and its fine so will see what the issue might be.
  12. My name is JellyBean and I am a 1999 Porsche 911 of the 996 generation and I am looking for a new good home. I am well behaved and don’t break down, I don’t leave oil messes and I love daily driving duties. But also have a little bit of wild in my as any 911 should, I enjoy windy roads and using my rear engine weight to have a blast. I started life in Queensland, which may be why I was ordered as a convertible in the rare Jade Ocean colour with tan interior, I have extended leather and a tiptronic transmission to make life a little more cruiser. In 2017 I was purchased by my current owner who lives down the south end of the country and made that run down in a weekend without missing a beat! My seats are so good that my new owner got out of the car after that drive and was ready to do it again straight away! In my life in Queensland I did suffer an engine failure at about 30,000km, so have a new engine with an updated IMS bearing identified by TD Automotive. I have also had a front end bump, which sees me having some repairs but these were noted as “very good repair with all Porsche parts” as part of that same inspection. Since coming down my new owner has: · Replaced suspension bump stops front · Replaced missing rubber bushes around the car · Replaced various grommets in the wheel arches · Engine oil/filter · Transmission oil/filter · Pollen filter · Air intake filter · Replaced inner drive shaft boots · Replaced pads and disks all around · Replaced fuel cap solenoid as it was nosy · Replaced indicator stalks to fix non cancelling issue · Replaced spark plugs x 6 · Replaced RHS spark plug tubes · Replaced RHS rear clam hinge · Replaced LHS convertible flap · Replaced rear clam latch cover · Fixed broken tensioner inside convertible top · Replaced the space saver spare · Replaced convertible latch hook cover · Replaced arm rest storage bin hinge · New rear tyres · Upgraded seats to have 2 stage heating function · Upgraded head unit to android (Bluetooth, USB input, off navigation option, etc) If you want to see more, please check out my build thread on this forum. I am used 2-3 times a week in daily driving duties and never miss a beat! But that has resulted in a few car park scratches/door dints. 1 on the RHS front fender, 1 on the LHS side door and one on the rear bumper RHS. While none are significant or take away from my gorgeous colour and shape I am being honest in my condition. I do throw a code on my transmission to do with a solenoid, it is a known issue with the ZF gearboxes in the early boxsters / 911s which can fixed by replacing 1 solenoid which is not a big deal. It causes no issues in operation and if read various forums some Porsche and independents choose to leave until they next do the transmission fluid as you need to remove the transmission sump to get at it. I am an honest, 150,000km 1999 Porsche 911 which is appreciating in value but in a position to be used without fear in daily duties and also for weekend runs into the hills, to the country and along the coast. Being a convertible with hardtop I offer the best of both worlds, interested give my current owner a call as I am only being sold as they have a job overseas next year. Sold with books inc pre 2017 service history in Queensland. Since then owner servicing who is a serious car enthusiast and engineer. Price: $34,000 inc VIC RWC - listed here first for a few days before going on general car sales sites. Vic Rego until June 2020! Contact: Taffy, 0409 48O 6O9 Location is Point Cook Please no time wasters, I am pretty busy at the moment trying to get everything sorted for the move. I won’t be accepting paypal, also want to meet buyers in person, sorry if your currently posted on an oil rig and want to send a tow truck to collect. My photos: My owner tells me I am getting a photoshoot this weekend and will post more then!

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