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  1. Have this in my 997.2, best money ever spent on it. Truely transforms the car.
  2. I have seen Greg’s work first hand on rebuilds and he knows his stuff on the m96/7s. Even doing the bore increase to a car here in the UK does not stack up $ wise for me. Good luck with the build, a fresh engine is always a nice thing to have.
  3. 997.2 in manual are rare cars, but I don’t follow the AU market close enough to name specs. $17k is about right from my calcs to import, other cost is running it for the 12-18 months. I have a work issued car, so est I would be up for $500pcm to run into the continent a few times. You can retrofit sports chrono, just not the clock part.
  4. There is this coming up for auction: https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1973-porsche-911-carrera-27-rs I am in Glasgow and thinking of doing the same thing, 997.2 C2S Manual and looked at a couple of CAT cars. CAT D you may be ok, CAT C/S would be a no go (anything sills or structural i am told will get it sent back or crushed). As noted import + CAT D you better be in it to keep it and not for the flip, but a CAT D car can be a bargin here and i am planning on keeping so would consider it if it checked out and a bargin price. The exchange rate is going the right direction but car prices here are not, no supply = higher prices.... I bounce between a 997.1 on the cheap and modifying (ie CSR), 996tt and a 997.2 and all end up a similar budget to what your talking. You can also get some 991 cars at that price, though you are at the bottom of the pool. The big attraction was that i could get it and blast around europe and bring it back as the car i did all of these things in but COVID is rapidly closing that idea down. Good luck! Cheers, Taffy
  5. And prices are not changing at the moment. In near total lock down and cannot even buy bargain cars!
  6. Hey Tim, removal was using a hacksaw to cut the rubber and then into the mount until I could crack it and push it out. See pelicans guide. In was a pig, made a pusher using plate, tube and high tensile all thread... get the correct tool as it took me all day of getting different packers from around the workshop to get it to sit. I had to support the transmission off it’s mounts in the car to get clearance. All this was on a hoist, no way would I try it would the right tools on the ground. 996.2 Mercedes box looks way easier. Bolt on mount. Doing again, would buy the tool and then look at selling it after. Taffy
  7. Watching the UK market, as it’s a few weeks along from Aus, in the lower end in the past few weeks as intended to buy just as this all kicked off. all in pounds 991.1 higher mile cars dipped below 40k, we are talking 80k miles or more. 996.2 turbo manuals have slipped about 5k, they were on a high so not surprised. Low mileage cars still sky high. 997.2 a bit all over the place. But overall would say slightly lower. audi r8 (v8 version) feel like they are in free fall, below 28k now... BMW I8 dropped a few k Nissan GTR prices seem low but was not really looking at them waiting for a 5k manual cayman as a track toy, still at 10k+ but again not really watching apart from the occasional glance at a GT4 or Boxster Spyder. The numbers of cars being listed has really slowed up. Dealers are offering contactless sales and delivery or storage options (not sure I would be keen on that if they go belly up, rather it sitting in the street for 6 months).
  8. 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic 3.8 [997.2] Manual Petrol grey Manual if someone wants to give me $600k I will drive through Europe for 2 years to ensure its run in 🤣. Agree, love the look but price is mental considering what else you could get.
  9. @Jason A thanks, if i can find a manual car which is well kept (likely a little higher in the mileage as i am holding myself to a budget) then its top of the list. 996T Manual 997.2 PDK (W/SC, sports wheel w/paddles, etc etc) 997.2 Manual 996T Tipper 997.1 Manual Hartech rebuild / CSR build w/ ducktail, etc etc @MARTY Either can I, plan to bring it back with me so it can enjoy some sunshine!
  10. Car sold and gone to its new home, still in Melbourne. Now onto hunting for my new uk car ... 996 turbo or 997.2 seem to be the contenders.
  11. Car is on hold and will update to sold once handed over.
  12. In more good news the car passed rwc first time without issue. He noted the car was in good condition. So now if you want your new 911 by xmas it can be done!
  13. Happy to say just a reflection, that part of the car is all good!
  14. Wow that is a serious hit, it is possible to do a front end replacement on one of these as the built is sections. Basically windscreen forward can be removed (split spot welds etc etc) and a new front end put on (new or off a boxster possibly), not a cheap or easy job. Doubt it would be worth it for a 996 CAB, would probably make the 10K back in parts though engine / box / etc.
  15. No stress, thought there might be something in alignment i a missing that has not been picked up. Keen to sell by Christmas, so make me an offer. And save me from the endless scammer / carsales / gumtree messages! Cheers, Taffy

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