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  1. Taffy

    The right oil spec

    I have used Castrol edge 5w-40 without any issues so far.
  2. Need some help from someone with a Durametric Pro in Melbourne, need to test if it’s my car or the cable as the us company is not sure the issue and before for a new one I would like to confirm. Need 10 min to plug in your cable to my car, test a k2 line item or airbag. Then test roof connection. Don’t need to do any trouble shooting. Reason for pro is so that I don’t use a vin on one of the enthusiast version. please let me know if you can help me out? thanks Taffy
  3. Progress has not been great. Daniel helped me by letting me plug into his PIWIS (thanks again!) and it just kept spitting out the error about timeout not reached end position. But nothing to indicate what that was in reference too. We played around with some settings but didnt work. So back to resetting the POT and trying various things. To aid that i picked up a 2nd hand Durametric with the idea of being able to at least see what is going on even if it wont calibrate. Ran into an issue that it wont connect to anything on K2 of the OBD. K1 has the engine/gearbox while K2 is airbag, aircon, instruments, convertible top, etc. Talking Durametric i an told the issue is the airbag but confused as no live errors on the airbag off PIWIS. Will do the airbag delete resistor move and see it that helps. My other thought is that it is a switch in the top hook module as it stops just as the hook retracts. For reference durametric screens and the light on the plug each screen. If the plug stays green but it falls over then its the airbag, if it goes Red its the cable - slight issue when you are colour blind FYI... Can they make it 2 LEDs please. Starting up application with the plug in both the computer and car Application loaded and selecting car Reading ECU Reading gearbox And selecting airbag it looses sync In positive news i got the other car running in the garage, needs some work on the alignment as its all over the shop vs the 911. The wheel sticking up is an old kids 911 that i am going to fix up for my 5 month old to drive in the future. Parts appear to be rather hard to come by so it might be 'hot rod' 911 as opposed to stock.
  4. Thanks for the offer Dan, if dont mind would be worth a shot to check if it can be done or if anything else busted which i cannot find. Will send you a PM. Thanks for the confirmation Oggie, it didnt cycle before and the clam didnt work. After stuffing around with it in manual mode i am hoping that is the only issue. I actually like the hard top on it but if i get the soft top running might look at getting a wind deflector and try driving with the top down now and then.
  5. Quick update on Jelly Bean: Replaced the spark plug tubes, its pretty easy to get these out using a bolt with a washer on it and a flat head. Replaced the hinge on the rear clam, still does not work properly. Ended up getting these from the US as seem to struggle to find wrecking 996 Cabs in Aus. Engine oil changed, not that exciting Filter looks good, no metal! Gearbox oil and filter changed, a little more exciting The filler plug was tightened to an insane level!!! Filling is done by pumping into the transmission until it runs out... Picked up a scanner, does somethings but not all, rate it way above a cheap bluetooth module though. So will need to get a friendly porsche mechanic to try and re calibrate the top so that it can open and close fully. Not able to find anything else that does not function.
  6. Taffy


    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253682621553 hope that works, $550 inc postage. Also a LHS tail light for $80 for bidding. Nothing to do with me just came across them. good luck. any pics of the car? Taffy
  7. Taffy

    996 cabrio

    Hey Andres, sorry not sure which bracket, any chance of a photo?
  8. Works for me, want a Cayman and don’t want to get rid of the 996 to get it. Now to search gumtree for that $10k cayman! Be interesting to see if the 996 market cools as the housing prices do. Since I got mine about 12 months ago it’s probaby increased a little.
  9. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/northmead/cars-vans-utes/1998-porsche-911-coupe-auto-brilliant-condition/1195650872 Cheap @ $32K but also note: "This car was completely rebuilt in 2012 from a damaged Australian delivered 996 Porsche 911. The insurer paid out over $60,000 and the car was built to as brand new condition using many new parts and panels and has only travelled approx 15,000 kilometres."
  10. Why cut up a 996 top? Surely a zeintop would be better and cheaper in the long run if you want it to be different. I looked with interest but no front end... you could have some fun no interior full strip down look but the body panels would make it damn expensive. And cut out panels...
  11. So a lotto win given they are big according to all the posters I am seeing could net you Carrera GT, 918 and 959 on Monday with a few Carsales calls. Can I help you move them?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, put in Bosch spark plugs from Pelican but it had Beru. When I get the tubes will probably swap out again for a higher spec one. In good news the miss which had me panicked was a missed connection on a plug. But it did mean the car ran well until oil flooded the other plug and now it feels down on power but idle is smooth so will leave it until the tubes arrive.
  13. haha, very true. Given it was fine before i started and only playing up after hopefully its just that i didnt seat it or plug in properly. *Ordered 6 tubes and seals + a Foxwell NT520, will write up how well it works.
  14. Doing some more reading they note that they dont pull these pieces out due to the bigger issue being the seals for the CAM and that being plastic it will just smash up and come out the other end. Still not sure but given i ran it already i guess i am already down that path... Renn Tech thread This thread says: "He said they always replace the tubes because they crack or bits of plastic fall off when removing the tubes. He said not to worry if bits of plastic fall into the cam cover as it will not harm anything." And also backed up here: Pelican parts forum "Which pieces? Plastic in general is not something to be too terribly concerned about in the engine (as opposed to metal pieces). It will eventually make it's way to the sump probably after it's chopped up by the metal moving parts of the engine. I might not remove the cover to go looking for it because the cover may end up leaking afterwards, and it's in general a pretty difficult task to do with the engine in the car." "If you look at a photo of what is under the spark plug tubes, you have the cams and the lifters. I suppose in the worst case scenario, the piece of plastic can clog one of the oil passages, but the odds of that are probably not too high. I think it will work itself into the sump eventually. Removal of the cover in order to go find it is of course be the "correct" thing to do. But, that is not a terribly easy procedure, and then you will have to reseal the cam cover under the car. There's no gasket so you will have to clean out the entire seam and then reseal it. If you don't get it 100%, then the cam cover will leak oil. So you have to pick your poison..."
  15. Well after doing a little more work on the top it will move further to just short of closed and then just stops. Thinking it may be a calibration issue now. Ordered a syringe to refill the hydraulics and looking at (got outbid on one today :() getting a foxwell N510/520 to help understand what is going on. Moved onto the task of spark plug replacements but a major $$%#$% moment has come up. Left bank, tip remove the muffler else its a PITA to get at everything. Just removing the cover plate does not give you much room. But remove the muffler and it gives you some space, but the muffler mount remains a PITA for 1 cylinder. Noted it seemed to have a miss, assume its a loose plug. Forgot to come back to it when i did the right side to confirm. Right side, same thing remove the muffler and the mount is still a PITA. The %^$$%% issue... on the final rear plug tube it looks like this: Had a panic that i had a cracked head and a quick google told me its just the spark plug tubes, so all good... needed to put the car back in the garage and noted it still had the slight miss but seemed ok. Sitting at dinner it dawned on me that those tubes sit through the cam covers... if i had knocked out those parts they could be floating around jamming things... $%%$%$ Does not look like i will be able to pull out the tubes in 1 piece anyway so looks like it will need to be a cam off job, but my reading shows mixed messages in if i need a special look to stop the cams moving. The photo below shows a pretty simple tool being used to hold one end. Anyone here pulled the cam cover off a 996 / 986 and can confirm? This being a $10K engine i am a little nervous here, i dont even think twice on a BMW M44 pulling it apart but the damage is at worst $1K. So thinking i might look at getting an indie to do this and also re calibrate the top. Any suggestions in Melbourne?

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