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  1. Installed the Luft badge I bought off @pocketscience love how it looks!
  2. YouTube algorithm just recommended this gem "this is a film about Porsches, both who drive them & build them - both crazy about Porsches!"
  3. I think @911virgin is asking about Targa Sporto price, not the 930s
  4. This is great info. Much appreciated. The seller is open to keeping the plates on until I get to Sydney and I will mail it back to them once I get home. Thank you.
  5. Yes the cars are registered. Will speak to the seller about the standard plates, Thanks! Yes been doing that. NSW says they recognise UVP given by other states, but also say you can get UVP in NSW for journeys starting in other states. I guess it will be easy to call and clarify with Service NSW. Services TAS doesn't have any mention of permit stickers, and they are also willing to issue a permit over email, so was wondering if & how they would issue permit stickers.
  6. Question on driving up the cars from Tassie to Sydney. I believe the sellers will return the number plates to Services Tasmania, and I will need to get a 28 day temporary registration that allows me to drive them interstate. Does anyone know if the cars will have any number plates at all? I find it a bit difficult to imagine I would be driving TAS - NSW distance without a number plate. Won't the cops pull me over?
  7. Booked my flight and ferry tickets last night. The prices are rock bottom and car transport is free on the Spirit, so hoping Covid in Melbs stays under control next 2 weeks. Yeah, hoping they are easy on time and wallet to refresh. Will keep the forum posted!
  8. Yes, I am proceeding with them! They need some work, but should be a good project. VIC lockdown has thrown a spanner in the works though. Still debating whether to freight them or wait a week or two longer and drive them up with a mate.
  9. Yes, pretty much what I expected from my chats with Phil. White needs some body work and a fresh coat, and Black needs a better paint job. White probably also needs a top end rebuild and addressing of other electrical and cosmetic issues. Black seems well sorted mechanically.
  10. Ha yes, small world! Thanks. Getting PPIs done on the car this week, so hopefully will have the information I need.
  11. Ha, found this thread coincidentally. I just put down a deposit on those 2 930s over the weekend. Didn't realise they were up for auction 2 years ago as well. Still trying to find more about the cars. @NBTBRV8 do you know much about them and can you share what you do know?
  12. I put down deposit on these two 930 Turbos in Tasmania. Anyone know these cars? - White one - 1978 matching numbers, factory RHD, tourist delivery in Europe and brought to Australia. Tassie car most of its life. - Black one - 1988 matching numbers, factory RHD, full documentation from new, black with red interior, UK delivery, imported to Australia in early 2000s, spent life in Sydney and seller bought it to Tassie for the last few years Seller was a lovely honest gentleman who mentioned he was part of the Porsche club in Tasmania over the years.
  13. I don't know why I teared up towards the end. It will be a sad day when ICE engines die & electricity takes over
  14. Thanks. It wasn't the 10K mileage car. Don't want to turn off any prospective buyer for that car.

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