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  1. Is this the jade green Boxster that you mentioned? It used to be parked next to my house but can't find it at its spot anymore.
  2. New video with Harris Monkey! God the GT3 looks awesome, and the color is stunning! Is it Arrow Blue?
  3. It's still with the dealer, he likes to drive his car for a year or two before selling them. I wish I had gone for it too, but ended up with a C2S and a Boxster S, so no regrets!
  4. 992 GT3 marketing push has started!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bBZSJ5ollc (Carfection) https://www.edmunds.com/car-news/breaking-this-is-our-very-fast-first-ride-in-the-2021-porsche-911-gt3.html https://www.motor1.com/reviews/456344/2021-porsche-911-gt3-prototype-first-ride/ https://www.motortrend.com/cars/porsche/911/2022/2022-porsche-911-gt3-first-ride-review-photos/
  5. 34K KMs, 3 owner from new, MY08 C2S manual with sportschrono in midnight blue! Drives, and even smells like a new car!
  6. Collected it today and can't stop grinning ear to ear since picking it up! 4 years, 1000s of hours on CS, countless rejections and heartbreaks later finally found the perfect 911 of my dreams!
  7. Yeah, I get a bit offended when people compare MX-5 to Boxsters. IMHO Boxsters are one of the best driver's cars out there.
  8. Yes. They might claim he has done oil changes himself, but unless they show you a dated log of oil changes, take it with a pinch of salt.
  9. $42K would be for a car with much higher mileage. I feel $49K is fair for a .1S with 30K KMs.
  10. The cheapest Boxster S 981 Manual I have seen this year is $83K. The car sold in a day. Right now the cheapest listed is $90K. So no, $50K isn't 981 territory, especially for an S and a manual. Anyway, below is the price range that I have seen for manual cars. Price within range dependent on mileage + service history + options 987.1 Boxster (2.7): $35 - $37K 987.1 Boxster S (3.2): $37 - $40K 987.1 Boxster S (3.4): $42 - $50K 987.2 Boxster (2.9): $50 - 60K
  11. Thought this was a Sydney car? Anyway, it clearly hasn't been serviced for 6 years, and has been driven 6K KMs during that period. I don't know if on premise PPI would be thorough enough to highlight any issues. Is this the Black Boxster S? If yes, it's been on sale for ages. No wonder it hasn't sold yet.
  12. Oh wow. No oil change for 6 years? I would at least get a PPI done and check for bore score etc.
  13. Yes, that was owned by an ex pilot in Cairns. The car was bought by Alex, who is a dealer in Sydney https://www.instagram.com/p/CCLOegglO4w/?igshid=10lq2n9xji3ah
  14. Yes I am from Sydney and I will remember to ping you if I am in your neck of the woods.

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