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  1. Does anyone know how much does a reputable shop (eg Autohaus) charge yearly for storing Porsches over multiple years? Say 3-5-10 years.
  2. Why does it look so good on a 997 GT3, but every forum online seems to say 20 inch is not recommended for a 997 narrowbody?!
  3. Haven't heard back from Porsche Centre yet. Have written to them. Read up a few forums, sounds like 20 inch on 997 C2S isn't encouraged. I wish I could try them on before buying them 😕
  4. Thanks for that. Yup calling up Porsche Centre sounds like a good idea. Let me do that today.
  5. Okay, looked through willtheyfit.com. Can someone tell me if this numbers look okay to run the forged wheels on my 997 C2S narrowbody?
  6. But these are 315s on a 12” wide wheels The 305s are usually on 11.5” Carrera Sports wheels right? Any impact of staggering wheels on 997.1 C2S?
  7. Will this fit 997.1 C2S? I think the rears are too wide? Currently have 295s on them.
  8. Cool, thanka for the pointers
  9. I hear you and you make a great point. It is a matching numbers Aussie delivered car, so there is a bit of hesitation to change out the engine on my part. If the engine needed rework, I would have definitely considered rebuilding it as a higher displacement engine. I will take your feedback and keep a look out for a 3.2 or 3.6 engine out of later models
  10. What was the damage to your wallet (ballpark) for this upgrade? Would you recommend M&K for 3.0 engines as well?
  11. Yeah that is such a beauty. So tempting! Yes have spoken to Michael. Sadly he is in Brisbane and I am in Sydney, so apart from the car history that he already shared in a lot of detail, I can't get him to help with much else. Interesting comment about engine. I find it pretty sorted, roughly 205bhp, pulls strong and smooth and only done 50K kms since rebuild. What work do you suggest I do to it?
  12. Selling my Boxster and have had 2 buyers so far, both interesting - person 1 - shows up at my place and while walking towards the car asks me if I got the IMS bearing replaced. I tell him mine is a late (07) model and it’s not common to do preventative IMS bearing changes because it requires splitting the case. He goes, “nah mate, you should have done it. It’s $5K to do it, otherwise the engine will fail on you randomly. If I buy off you, I will replace it immediately, so $5K off the price is reasonable!”. It took all my patience to politely explain him whatever I know about IMS bearings on M96 engines. Afterwards he sits in the car with me and tells me he is from Northern Beaches 🤦‍♂️ and that’s when I ran for my mask. He wasn’t breaching any lockdown, they went into lockdown that evening, but it was already a known hotspot. person 2 - on the call asks me about the car. I tell him it’s always been serviced at Porsche specialist (PR Tech). That’s when he goes “that’s a shame some guy in North Sydney has been looking after the car”. I tell him it’s not “some guy”, it’s a reputable Porsche Specialist, and he goes “never heard of them. I have had many Porsches and I always take them to Porsche Centre Willoughby”. I politely tell him if he has an issue with the history of the car, he can choose not to proceed forward with the sale. He is still coming over this week, so let’s see how that goes!
  13. Drove up to Port Macquarie in my 911 from Sydney after finding my Subaru STI with a flat tyre on Boxing Day. We are 3 adults, parents are both aged 65+, so I was hesitant to take my 997 for 4+ hours drive each way. We had also planned a few touristy activities, so I was worried about the number of times parents would have to get in and out of the car. With most puncture repair shops closed and mobile ones asking ridiculous prices, we decided to see if 911 would be up for it. And we were pleasantly surprised. It was flawless to drive, sitting comfortably at 110kmph on the highway in sunshine, rain or thunderstorms. I do find the front end a bit light in the 911 compared to my Boxster and being a C2S it definitely lacked the sure footedness of my AWD Subaru. The steering felt a bit vague at times over puddle of water, but otherwise it was flawless. Parents did struggle a bit getting into the back seat, but they got a hang of it after a few attempts. The car also proved the famed practicality by hauling 3 duffle bags, 2 picnic chairs, mats, and random stuff in the frunk and the backseat. We did get a few amusing looks on the roads and while parents were getting in and out of the car. But who cares when I was getting to drive a 911 for 3 days on some amazing roads!
  14. True. But it was done by the previous owner so I didn’t see it on the operating table getting those wide flares fitted. I can’t place why I am hesitant to it. I love RWBs and enjoy watching Nakai San chop classic 911s. And so does Magnus Walker, who even has a “chop shop” filled with old 911s body panels. I would love owning those outlaws but don’t have the heart to do it myself 🤦‍♂️
  15. Yeah stunning, and owning something like this is the dream. But no way to get to this without cutting and chopping.
  16. Ah I see now. Never even noticed the lack of sill between these models. I do like the black contrast it brings with Arrow Blue. Between the impact bumper, door sills, side scripts and rear guards, there is a nice black that runs along the car. Gotta think this through before spending $ on a conversion. M
  17. Very nice! And gold is a nice look for the scripts and the wheel centres. What do you mean by deleting the sills trims? What does that entail?
  18. Amazing hack! Thanks for sharing. Quite surprised how well it’s turned out for the price and the effort you put in. Yeah I am coming to the same conclusion. IROC seems like an easy route. Just not sure if it will look better than it’s current looks and whether it’s worth the time/ effort. Yeah. I really do want a longhood. But maybe that needs to be a different car than trying to convert this into one. Chopping rear reflector is news to me and that effectively kills my longhood plans. IROC sounds like the best option here. Just need to be sure it’s worth the effort.
  19. Yeah I have looked into that as well. That would be much easier, but I find IROC bumpers too plain, lacking a bit of character. But that would complete the build and won’t require any cutting/ welding/ chopping bits.
  20. Thanks, but do these fit existing impact bumper fenders or do you need to cut them to fix these?
  21. Yes! Reversible is what I am aiming for, hence my hesitation to chop anything that makes it non reversible.
  22. Thanks. Yeah it’s pretty nice, which is why I have kept it as it is for the last 3 years. The mechanicals are pretty sorted too, so not much to do there as well. I guess it’s either a desire to own a longhood or the boredom from COVID that’s making me consider the backdating option. Thanks @LeeM will do!
  23. Hi all, I am considering backdating my 911 SC, which the previous owner has already done a few backdating bits to already. They wanted to make an IROC RSR out of it, but I am more keen on a longhood RSR version. I have researched and found a few workshops online that supply the required body kits - TRE motorsports - DP motorsports - Getty Design I know I will need a new set of front fenders, hood, front and rear bumpers, which seems fairly straightforward. I already have wide body rear panel and duck tail on my car. What I am unclear about is the hood. Most hoods seem to require cutting out and welding in a part of the panel to fit the latch. TRE motorsports seems to have a version that doesn’t require any chopping and welding. Has someone tried a backdate project without cutting out and welding stuff in for the hood? I have looked online and most examples (including our own @MFX home built required hacking and welding panels.

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