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  1. Absolutely fantastic day, exceeded all expectations and every person we spoke to was super friendly and keen to talk about their cars and the ones they had at home. Met a fellow named Chris with a space in his garage who shared it with our spectator cars ,to keep them out of the hot sun. Congratulations and thanks to the organisers and drivers for a memorable day. Gary
  2. rangiegaz

    Tyres now

    I run Michys but both my left tyres (front and back ) are worn much more than the rights. They are worn very evenly right across ,but as stated vastly more than the others . Any thoughts ?
  3. I've owned a few from '73 to '96 and love them. Don't have one now because I found they lacked a bit of power to tow a big van .Do have a 930 though and don't think either are too bad on fuel (driven sensibly, which is sometimes hard with a 930 ). When I'm finished with touring in a van I will have another Rangie in a heartbeat, "love em",
  4. The big problem I see, is the rate at which 930's etc. are appreciating. The cover needs to be adjusted multiple times a year. I've watched them go from $70k to $200k+ in the space of 18 months. I don't know if the insurer is all that keen on changing the policy so often, (or is that just my perception during the phone calls ?).
  5. Don't worry . Intermittent connection on pos.
  6. Righto Have connected all wires as shown and checked same. Showing 12v at terminal ,all earths connected and indicating good earth, showing impulse when wheels are turning .speedo tested and working on bench for 45 mins. BUT still no joy . Any ideas apart from give to expert, because I hate to be beaten. there must be a simple explanation that I haven't been able to twig.
  7. You bloody Ripper!!! Thats the info I wanted, so if it doesn't work, GOOD BYE CRUEL WORLD, I'M OFF THE RIALTO TOWER.
  8. Helps a bit, but hard to see all colours of wires. All brown ones seem to have red stripe like impulse sender wires. Do you think there are three wires going to gold connector (two earths and one impulse) then other impulse and earth to earth terminal.? Wires to lights , pos. and impulse wires no prob. ,but can't tell what others are or where they come from. Thanks for input.
  9. Had it checked out, and as I said the bloke had it running on the bench for twenty mins. no prob. Tested it myself with power to it and all good. Convinced it must be the wiring somehow but can't find right combination,
  10. I'm having trouble with my speedo and about to jump out of a high rise. The speedo checks out well on bench and has power and earth . The impulse sender tests ok . Followed connection diagram ,but still no go. Was working intermittently then stopped (like loose wire) ,but nothing shows up. Have two lots of brown pairs of wires ,one red and black pos. ,one green and the two impulse wires. From what I understand one of the impulse wires is connected to earth and the A terminal is for cruise and is not used on mine. Any suggestions gratefully received. 1982 930.
  11. THanks for the help. Will cancel appt. at auto elec. Note to self When bypassing ceramic fuse for fuel pump with blade type,make sure all wires are reconnected to new fuse !
  12. My electric windows,clock,ac fan,side mirrors and hazard lights all stopped working at same time. Any ideas ?

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