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  1. So my poor old 996 is currently at my mechanic's workshop in Bayswater, where apparently it's not looking healthy for the engine ðŸ˜Ŧ. From what I've been told, it's dropped an intake valve in cylinder 6, maybe done the piston rings in the same cylinder. Here's an opportunity for someone mechanically minded, able to overhaul an engine, or has a spare engine they want to swap into a car. Otherwise if no takers I'll bring it home and part it out in bits, or maybe stick an electric conversion in it one day in the future! Currently located in Bayswater Vic. Send me a PM if interested. 1999 Porsche 911 (996) tiptronic cabriolet, 258,853km. Black body and roof, charcoal wheels. In my ownership since February 2018 at 246,498km. If sold, sold with no registration. Obsessive enthusiast owner (me). Pages and pages recorded on excel spreadsheet and receipts/photos available for just about every part, some procedures have been put on my blog at dtmtune.com. Oil changes every 5000km during my ownership. Log books available Not under any finance, will supply VIN number for your PPSR report. 2 keys and books. Great external condition, 9/10. Interior 7/10, some wear as expected from a 22 year old car, minor marks on some interior panels, and wear on right side of drivers bolster. Some minor marks on 3 wheels. Driver's side door latch not keeping window dropped on closure; a common problem. Car comes with an aftermarket replacement door latch new in box, not installed. Was driving brilliantly until cylinder 6 issue. Pirelli P-Zero tyres with good tread and even wear. Maintenance and repair history during my ownership Maintenance/repair history 2018 April: Repaired rear left window regulator 2018 July: New Crank Position Sensor, alternator/starter Y cable, drive belt, alternator regulator 2018 September: Replaced centre console hinge 2020 May: New thermostat, new water pump, complete coolant flush and vacuum refill 2020 June: Removed front bumper for complete cleanout of radiators and AC condensors 2020 August: Complete removal and refurbishment of hydraulic cylinders for roof. Replaced boot strut. 2020 September: Replaced handbrake switch 2020 October: Paint correction + sealant 2020 December: Replaced broken rivet for roof cable, replaced roof drains and cleared all drains. 2021 February-August: Installed upgraded 997 oil pressure relief valve and spring. Replaced fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, fuel filter. Refurbished throttle body and idle air control valve. Replaced all spark plug tubes and installed new Bosch sparkplugs.
  2. Good to hear the potentiometer is now reconnected, that'll go some way to fixing the issue as it dictates the operation of many other parts of the roof mechanism The flaps not turning is a common fault. You may need to grab a long allen key and turn the hex nut located in the little circular flap where the hardtop inserts to, just a half or full turn, in order to reset it a little. There's also a microswitch thingy in the side flap that sometimes needs to be bent a tiny bit. Also lubricate the vertical screw thing with some silicone spray. The front locking mechanism - the hook in the roof? You may want to remove the little plastic flap that covers the hook, and check the gearing mechanism in it to make sure it's not stripped first before looking for other issues
  3. Have a look at my blog post when I was fixing my 996 roof- http://www.dtmtune.com/2020/08/porsche-911-996-and-997-convertible.html Looks like you've done a very similar procedure to mine. When refilling the hydraulic fluid, it does take 3-4 goes at topping up the reservoir to get it all through the lines and cylinders as mentioned above. You may need to lift the roof manually and hold it up while you check and keep topping up the reservoir to maximum. If there's not enough fluid in the system, it won't move the roof quick enough to avoid it hitting the clamshell. Also, have you made sure the pin engaging the potentiometer on the left cylinder is engaged properly?
  4. Specifically what isn't working? There's numerous failure points but you can narrow things down a little. Plus should move this topic to watercooled 911s for more visibility
  5. I should quit my day job and move into fixing 996 roofs if I can charge 4-7k for a couple hours work. Check out my blog on fixing my roof - http://www.dtmtune.com/2020/08/porsche-911-996-and-997-convertible.html
  6. I've had my 996 up on jackstands for 6 months over winter to do a lot of maintenance, repairs, refurbishment etc - only to find out cylinder 6 has a stuck valve. While I'm deciding whether to have it repaired or sell as-is, there's a bunch of parts I bought for the car which are now available. Prefer pickup in Melbourne - within 5km of Box Hill North, or pickup from my essential workplaces in Niddrie and Croydon South. Can ship smaller things for postage fee delpending on location These parts were bought for my 1999 996 cabriolet tiptronic. May fit other models, part numbers are provided, up to you to check suitability for your application 1) Pair of black front seats from a 2001 996 (I think). Bought secondhand, never installed it in my car. Small mark on driver's headrest, and crease in passenger side left bolster. $SOLD 2) Crank position sensor, Bosch 0 261 210 204. Installed for a few months, but car was never driven. Bought new from sparesbox. $110 3) Starter motor, Bosch 0 001 123 052. Installed for a few months, but car was never driven. Bought new from sparesbox. $300 4) Alternator, Bosch 0 124 515 042. Installed for a few months, but car was never driven. Bought new from sparesbox. $500 5) Camshaft position sensor, Bosch 0 232 103 022. New, never installed. $110 [Possibly will add more parts, depending whether I keep or sell the car - Beru 997 coilpacks, engine mounts, nonsmoker centre console, double DIN fascia, cabriolet wind deflector, floor mats] And if anyone's looking for a 996 project for mid 20s, send me a PM.
  7. yes, no reply or update yet. Is there anyone else in charge of approving financial memberships? Otherwise I might as well list my parts on ebay, marketplace etc but I was hoping to do it here first - but I can't because financial membership status hasn't been updated after 2 weeks 😒
  8. Any chance someone could follow up on membership which I've paid for 2 weeks ago? Got a bunch of parts that I'm looking to advertise. Have PMd a few admins with no replies.
  9. How often are accounts updated? Paid membership fee maybe a week ago, got some 996/986 parts to sell 😎
  10. New Z - I've put a deposit for a yellow one, but thinking I might change to blue... hard decision, both look amazing! Wife is already upset, saying I've already got too many cars I never drive... but you know the saying, happy husband, happy.... something? This is gonna be the last of the breed, twin turbo true manual JDM sportscar, absolutely cannot wait for it! Might use Victoria's never ending lockdown as a good time to strip the head off and get the 996 back on the road - will start this weekend!
  11. Most likely diagnosis so far I think Have scoped the bores and they all look good, will probably drop the sump and check underneath to be 100% sure. Man in a garage is excellent! Depending on quotes I get for head work (lol) I'd be satisfied doing that. Car isn't worth investing $xx,xxx to get it mint, if it needed that much engine work I'd cut my losses and sell it as is. Just gonna have to ring around a few places in Melbourne and see what further damage that will be. Done and done - check out #6 - obvious stuck open valve marks on piston head. Cylinder walls all good though and no munched metal debris that I could see. I've got a Z on the way next year ðŸĪŠ , so can bench the 996 for however long I can put up with it taking up room in my garage
  12. Scoped the engine, there's good news and not so good. Good - no bore scoring. Not so good - shiny spot in cylinder 6 piston head, looks like a valve is stuck! No debris visible in cylinder thankfully, was shut down instantly when I heard the noise - I even have it on video. This explains why 5 & 6 plugs were running rich, to compensate for 6. Now need to decide what to do. Do I keep the 996, eventually find the time and motivation to lower/remove the engine, pull bank 2 head off, send it for repair, then put it all back together? I reckon I could do everything but retiming the head when reassembling, would get a pro in for that. Keep it on jackstands, procrastinate, sell it as a "barn find" in 10 years for $100k? Advertise it with fully disclosed issues and wait for all the timewasting snowflakes to start crying IMS!! FRIED EGGS!!! and offering me $82.50 for the car? Anyway, going to join as a financial member here now and start selling off a bunch of other parts I'd accumulated for this car 😂
  13. Bit fed up with this car... one step forwards, 5 steps back. Did spark plug tubes, new bosch plugs, new Beru updated coils. Started instantly & ran brilliantly.... for about 3 minutes, then stalled. Back to the usual chunky start and stalling. Stuck in a new fuel filter cos why not. Fuel quantity and pressure is fine. Tested coil connections - no problem at all 6 with pin 2 grounded and pin 3 +12V with key in. After letting it sit for a week... tried starting it yesterday and hearing a pretty deathly loud knock/slap 🙄 Today got the mufflers off and coils/spark plugs out - wondering why 4 & 5 are carbon fouled while the rest look fine? Literally 0km driven and maybe 10 starts out of these plugs. Possibly related to the liquid in the intake plenum in the above post. Tomorrow is some borescoping with my $5 scope (don't know how well that will work) and a compression test. If that goes poorly, partout time and setting fire to the rest of it! 😜 If compression is good... might have to call an actual qualified mechanic in for a look as I'm reaching the limits of what I can do methinks.
  14. This rabbit hole gets deeper - from a totally cold start, starts no problem and idles at 1000rpm for 3 minutes PERFECTLY. Then it starts backfiring, vibrating, dropping idle and almost stalling. Usually stalls after 4 minutes. Restarting immediately after this causes same issues. Thought I'd swap in a new starter motor while checking the Y cable (which I replaced in 2018) and checking vacuum lines. So, removed airbox, dropped drive belt, removed alternator, throttle body and plenum. After pulling the plenum, found a bit of oil in bank 2 (right side) while bank 1 was clean. Looks a bit more orange then most oils I've ever used, a little concerned there might be a bit of coolant mixed in there! Researching further, maybe I have a weird AOS problem? I kinda hope so, as it's a lot easier/cheaper than a cracked head problem... I had a look at the AOS as best I could, could see a little dried coolant leaking from the top of it, and no idea when it was last changed. So, since I just keep throwing parts at this old thing I was planning to buy a new AOS and connections and change it out. Any suggestions or comments? http://www.dtmtune.com/2021/05/still-working-our-way-through-problems.html
  15. Would it work for general diagnostics on an early 996.1? My car has been resting for a few months while I've been trying to diagnose some weird eletrical glitches, and my basic OBD reader doesn't interpret all the porsche reading

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