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  1. Yep, was the head unit. I bought an adapter from ebay that would allow connection of RCAs to the Nokia amp, hooked up a spare ancient kenwood unit and bingo - no more humming. I did like the stock look, but the new/old unit has bluetooth and USB at least.
  2. So for about a month now, when I turn on my radio (CDR22) there's a constant low humming from the speakers. Stays there with FM or CD, doesn't change with faders, doesn't change with revs. Goes away entirely if the stereo is off. I suspected a bad ground somewhere, so I pulled the CDR22 out and checked the amp - nothing much that I could detect. Of course it doesn't use standard RCA connectors so it's a little hard to narrow down which one is at fault. Don't suppose this has happened to anyone else? Or is there anyone in Melbourne who's upgraded their car and might have a spare head and/or amp that I can temporarily swap in to try and diagnose the source of the problem? I've got about 4 old head units and same amount of aftermarket amps in the shed I could install, but I kind of like the old school aesthetic of the oem unit.
  3. Thanks everyone for helpful tips! Yep, as recommended used a 5mm hex and ratchet, came out easily. Took photos, still managed to install the bracket with the variocam cable trapped behind it. Swore, removed and reinstalled it properly. Checked fuses - all seemed good. I've got an autel, didn't record any new codes when the car wouldn't start. Didn't even think to try a realtime monitoring of RPM - very good tip that one though. Brand new battery 2 months ago, and regularly on a ctek. Multimeter read over 12.6 Maybe my ears are bad, I can never hear the fuel pump priming in this car (I hear is in my other cars though!) No movement of tach - that was one of the main symptoms that made me suspect CPS. Anyway, did a DIY writeup in case anyone else needs some pointers - thanks again guys tim
  4. So my 996 refused to start about a month ago. No codes (apart from pre-existing codes), no fuses blown, and no movement of the tacho when cranking over the engine. I figure a bad CPS is the culprit so decided to replace it. Took me about 2 hours, mainly trying to stop the dog getting in the way and making notes to myself so I wouldn't f#@% up the process. Hope this helps anyone with the same problem I had. *Tried to upload a whole lot of pics but there's a size limit - for a full DIY guide see my blog http://www.dtmtune.com/2018/07/porsche-911-996-cps-crankshaft-position.html * Anyway, you've jacked up the rear left of the car, removed rear left wheel and found the CPS here. Clean up the bolt first to make sure you get a clean connection, and use a 5mm hex on a long extension socket to remove the bolt holding the CPS in. Follow the cable up and the other end is attached firmly to a bracket with a 10mm bolt. Unbolt this, unclip the harness and transfer the bracket to your new CPS. Reinstallation is the reverse. I was able to start my car immediately after this process (phew!), however I still have a hot start problem - the next project is starter-alternator cable replacement. Video of my DIY is here:
  5. Good advice on checking fuses - will do that before I break out the toolbox! Other tips also good too, thanks Will try and take a whole bunch of photos etc and write it up in the diy forum.
  6. Hi guys Had my 996 hibernating in the garage for about a month now as it refuses to start. First problem was low voltage while driving and not starting when hot - (already collected parts to replace the starter/alternator cable, alternator regulator, drive belt etc) but then it just won't start at all from cold. After a bit of research I reckon it would be the crank position sensor, so had a wait a while for one to arrive from overseas. Has anyone replaced the CPS themselves on a 996? Been searching for a good DIY guide but can't find one - from what I've read, jack up the car, remove rear (left?) wheel, unbolt a 5mm hex holding in the CPS and unclip harness, then install new one.
  7. If theres plans to do a job like this, im keen to join in - my 996.1 has the same problem. Already ordered and received a new starter/alternator cable and an alternator regulator, just havent figured out when ill get it done, too time poor! ?
  8. So my new-to-me 996 cabriolet busted a rear left window about a month after buying it. Motor seemed to work OK as it made plenty of noise, but could hear a chewed up cable. The previous owner gave me a bunch of receipts and he paid a porsche specialist $1600 to replace a regulator on the other side of the car 6 months ago - I figured that's plenty of petrol money I could save by repairing it myself. Followed a tech article published here which was excellent for instructions: https://www.renntech.org/forums/topic/41648-how-to-remove-rear-window-regulator-996-cab/. Print out the diagrams and step by step instructions as they'll save you hours! I won't relist it all here, just go to that link for the step by step instructions. I needed a couple of hours to get the old window regulator out - taking my time, plus i'm not as young as i used to be. Have a full set of tools, sockets, torx bits, and a wooden block minimum an inch thick to get the window regulator out. This pic shows the cable with lots of slack, it's come right off the pulley, and when the motor is removed the cable is all chewed up. Bought a replacement kit from eBay usa which had everything required to replace this cable. Note that the top pulley has a metal bearing through it - if you want to replace this pulley the old bearing needs to be angle grinded off, and a vise press or similar to press the new bearing in. Didn't have those tools, so my mechanic put it all together for me for $40. The new cable is under a lot of tension and pretty difficult to get on! Replacement cable is on - nice and new, lots of tension. Do a test refit and plug in the control cable to make sure the range of motion is correct before reinstalling everything. Reinstalling everything is much quicker than removing. Enjoy your working rear window and $$$ saved by DIY!
  9. So, after driving my new-to-me 2004 cayenne turbo for 3 weeks, it had to be flatbed trucked home today after suffering sudden, massive coolant loss while driving to work. Honestly, not really a surprise since it's a known common problems to V8 cayennes. Just not prepared for it to happen right now - I'd just ordered a borescope to check for plastic coolant pipes too! Anyway, while I could order the parts, wait weeks for them to arrive then spend a weekend covered in grease trying to fit them, it would be great if I can get any recommendations for workshops in Melbourne that 1) have the replacement coolant pipes in stock and 2) can give a rough quote on their installation. I figure I'd replace the coolant Ts to the turbos too if getting the work done, and any other recommended things while the car is undergoing this work. So, recommendations for Melb independent workshops that can look after a 955 cayenne?
  10. erm yep... so a month after picking up the 911, I've traded my daily in for a cayenne turbo, so now every day is P car day Every third day is "visit the petrol station to refill one of the P cars" day. And every fifth day is "discover something else broken on a P car" day. Today was the rear left quarter window in the 911 that doesn't want to roll up
  11. Hi guys - been in the car game for years (mostly JDM turbos from the early 2000s) and just picked up a 996.1 c2 cabriolet for a bit of weekend fun. In amazing condition for an old car! Black on black with charcoal turbo wheels. It needs a little bit of work - it doesn't like starting when hot. After sitting for an hour it then starts with a low idle. Did a bit of research - battery/alternator reading is 14 on cold start and slowly drops down to about 12.5 when hot, it might be the alternator/starter cable needing replacement. Will investigate further when I retrieve my multimeter. Where do most people get spare parts from? Anyway, looking forward to coming on a few cruises with the vic group. Already thinking of another P car for a daily driver now!

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