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  1. Photos now updated on the Ad...
  2. Up For Sale is a 2008 997.1Cup Car. Originally a Porsche Cup GB car, and brought into Oz by Michael Almond. This car had an accident in Prod Sport NSW, and had RHR damage to the suspension pick up point. No rail damage, but both rear Qtr's and sills had cosmetic damage. The shell now has new rear Qtr's from Porsche, and sill panels. The suspension point has been repaired and geometry has been returned to factory spec's by a reputable Repairer (Bruce Lynton Body Shop). The Log Book is available.repainted, with no filler in the shell. There are a selection of parts available, and as you can imagine, pricing is hard to quantify without knowing what someone wants, ie bare shell, shell with rear lid and spoiler, etc etc etc. Easier just to have a chat on work it out. It's almost impossible to find a bare shell like this, and really its only useful for someone with a crashed car, or a shed load of accumulated parts. Let me know if there is any interest out there. I thought I had access to a crashed car to build it up, but unfortunately I couldn't get the deal done.
  3. For sale is a Gate shifter Kit for a 915 box. $700 ono This gives the more precise feel of a G50 box in a 915, and is a must have mod if racing with a 915. USD price was approx USD895. Here is the blurb from the Wevo site. https://www.wevo.com/Products/TransmissionProducts/WevoTransmissionProducts-Internal_915Gateshift.htm The WEVO GateShift kit is an ingenious kit of precision parts that create a gate system inside the 915 transmission. This kit enhances tactile sensations of gear selection and controls gear selection forces.The GateShift kit assists with "hand mapping" of the gear selection pattern and provides positive limits for each gear position.Unique 3-D design process, Rapid Prototyping and investment casting technology makes these parts technically viable in a way that never existed for Porsche during the design and production of the 915 transmission.The GateShift kit mimics the operation of the internal gate that offers such an improvement to the G50 series transmissions.The WEVO GateShift kit includes all parts, gaskets and hardware required to install the kit. Designed for all road and race 915 transmission equiped 911's.
  4. Hi James, Im on the Gold Coast
  5. Let me know what you have. Looking to do a build from a bare shell, so need lots!
  6. Listing this for a friend. This is a one owner car purchased from PCGC and has just 2,800km's on it. One of only 20 Carrera T's in Australia Sale Pending -, which I think makes it one of the cheapest currently for sale, and one of the very few Manual cars delivered. June 2018 Carrera T Jet Black Metallica Black Interior Manual 2,800k's Order specs's 712 Deletion of 911 Carrera T de IncludedPORSCHE Factory fitted options638 ParkAssist (front and rear)XPL Privacy glass (rear side windowQR5 Sport Chrono Package489 Multifunction and heated steering wheel581 Passenger footwell storage net 685 Rear seatsEKD Leather interior package9VL BOSE Surround Sound System I8L Porsche Communication Management PM me and I will provide Nick's details to discuss the car.
  7. I have some plates left over from my longhand rest that was sold off Perfect for the QLD longhooder 911. Awesome plates in perfect condition $500 obo
  8. I'm after some second hand bits people might have kicking around RH Door Striker with spacers and bolts door hinges exterior door handles Also after a pair of deckled hinges and bolts Thanks for looking
  9. cracking deal....shame I'm not in a position to stick it in my shell!!! GLWS

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