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  1. I'm after some second hand bits people might have kicking around RH Door Striker with spacers and bolts door hinges exterior door handles Also after a pair of deckled hinges and bolts Thanks for looking
  2. cracking deal....shame I'm not in a position to stick it in my shell!!! GLWS
  3. Thanks Mate, Sent another Pm on these
  4. Been chasing these for awhile Ryan. Tony is overseas and hasn’t checked in here for many months...
  5. Dropped to 50k, open to offers. Just finished the engine work, purrs like a kitten. I believe this is such good value for the money. All major engine seals/gaskets replaced, new plugs, rsr seals on the rocker shafts, turbo rocker covers, new clutch cable, tuned up and ready for a new owner to drive and enjoy. its hard to see where you could get an equivalent car with this much work done, for the same money. Imagine a rhd car fully resprayed, retrimmed, and mechanically sorted. It certainly wouldn’t be anything near $50k. ok I’m biased, it’s my car....
  6. Price drop to $52,000. Wanna start my Iroc build, so this has to go. Engine and gearbox go back in next week. This is an awesome car for this money imho!
  7. Just a quick update. as there were a couple of niggling oil leaks, that I found frustrating, the engine is currently out with new gaskets being installed in the chain boxes, the cam towers being resealed, rsr seals on the rocker shafts, and the heads being tightened. The clutch will be inspected and anything that needs replacing will be done, with a new clutch cable installed. The wevo shifter will also be put in. This should make for trouble free motoring for the new owner. I expect this to be completed by the end of January.
  8. Further Price drop to $47000 Its time for my lovely little 76 Targa to go to a new custodian. Its just undergone a "Mini Resto", a bit of a "while you're are in there", so what was going to be a quick repaint back to the original GP White, turned into a much much bigger job. So.... New Paint, two replacement rust free front guards, a replacement bonnet and a part re-skin to the LH door, along with all known rust being removed. Almost all rubbers have been replaced with genuine Porsche parts. Sills have been done in the past. Replaced lobster red leather interior with red tartan. Recent mechanical service, with valves adjusted and new plugs. Starts straight away every time. Not a matching numbers engine, shows 80,000 km's on the odometer. Given its a Japanese car originally, this may well be true. I have no way of verifying. New dank muffler with headers, and no heater. This is by no means a concourse can, but it is a very tidy drivers car. I would have no issues jumping into it tomorrow and driving to Melbourne from the Gold Coast I am open to offers, I have a new project that beckons!!!

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