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  1. Delivered on the 18th December 1974 to SVM Lindfield NSW, this Australian delivered 1974 (MY75) Porsche 911 sunroof coupe was a very nice Christmas present at the time. Everyone knows Porsches look best in green, and this original and rare Ice Green Metallic was a 2 year only colour (250/Y8Y8 silbergründiamant 1974-1975) and 2 year only matching numbers gearbox - a 4 speed sportomatic. The included Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) from Porsche states delivery options as: 009= Sportomatic 559= Air Conditioning 650= Sunroof Mechanically this car is fantastic - transmission is light touch, cold start is great, engine has the 2.7L torque in the light body, suspension is original Koni and was recently adjusted by East Coast Suspension, no creaks or rattles anywhere, and very few oil drips (far less than my other air cooleds - never seen one that doesn't drip sometimes). The engine had a top end rebuild just prior to my ownership. I know sportomatics have their detractors, but personally I feel it slips into gear like a modern manual - no fishing and grinding around in a 915 gearbox - and there are still 4 gears to shift through if you desire some rev control. Under the last 6 years of my ownership I have had it annually serviced at Autohaus Hamilton and never had issues. I have replaced a number of items with an emphasis on factory restoration - the most significant being a full body, bare metal, glass out respray in late 2021 in the original Glasurit 55 metallic with clear coat like it was done in the factory. On the guards and wheel wells in particular, the Wurth stone guard was removed and reapplied so there are zero stone chips anywhere. Also replaced the ivory headliner at this time. I have a thick folder of receipts from Pelican, SMC etc. that detail a large number of seals (sunroof, trunk etc), trunk carpets, engine decals etc were restored to original. Very original features: Paint colour, all panels, chrome trim, glass, rear grille etc. Black leatherette interior (incl seats, carpets, Becker Mexico radio) Transmission Toolkit and bag, jack, spare wheel What's not original: Engine was replaced with a low mileage 1977 US spec 7R 2.7L 911S engine that has 165hp (vs 150hp original) RS rear guards (subtle) Momo Protipo steering wheel (original = ugly) Side mirror (correct RHS only but should be chrome AU only golf club model = ugly) Logbooks only go back 10 years, but I have traced ownership back to 1977 (I have original price list, AU delivery numbers - 1of 19, manual, COA, GIPA request for ownership history etc) If I was keeping it, what would I change: I have a replacement electric antenna, but the radio signal is without it going up so haven't worried Change pedal bushings Still undecided about a Porsche script down the side, but it's not original so... Asking $140,000. Located Sydney north shore. Scott: 0421337868
  2. It is, but they also make a RHD version. Just OOS currently. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265069012682
  3. Did you end up selling this ducktail?
  4. Also after a set please!
  5. Is anyone here familiar with this car? 1969 Porsche 911 S Manual. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1969-porsche-911-s-manual/SSE-AD-6559463
  6. Thoughts on any credibility to this? Any originality looks to be very deeply buried: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1973-porsche-911-carrera-manual/SSE-AD-6976311 I remember it last sold maybe 3 years ago?
  7. Pretty close to this one: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164303881279
  8. Hi all, My rear seat cushions were the original horse hair style pads, which have disintegrated as others have seen: http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/682249-rear-seat-pads.html Has anyone found a suitable replacement? Part numbers are 91152205102 (left) and 911 522 052 02 (right). Thanks, Scott
  9. Thanks for the tip Brett, sold on FB Marketplace!
  10. Selling a pair of comfort 911 seats from 1974-1976. Originally and still backed with black leatherette (vinyl), the front has been recovered with fabric. The fabric and leatherette are both in very good condition with no rips or holes. Mechanisms work very well. Cushion is a little soft on driver right side but overall decent, you can easily swap the cushion bases with the passenger seat. Includes seat rails but no allen bolts. Pickup from Sydney. Asking $500.

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