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  1. I had a similar issue and opted for a Covercraft Noah cover that's tailor made for your make. It's got great options (whale/duck tail, different mirrors etc) that are easy to config through their website and was pretty reasonably priced I thought (<$500 and they have specials): https://www.covercraft.com/au/en/covercrafter I went with Noah fabric because its strong against weather but inside it's a soft cotton like fabric.
  2. Edited the thread as I have finally tracked down the engine number with the help of a very kind PCNSW member! If you know where it is, please do let me know.
  3. Finally replaced the shifter coupling bushings with some brass ones from Pelican:
  4. I think the only people who find buying parts from the US worth it are those who travel there regularly anyway. Or perhaps for some rare 2nd hand parts.
  5. Looks like a classic bushing issue on the shift coupling. Thanks to Autohaus Hamilton for the tip.
  6. Thanks Jeff! Your YouTube channel is a real inspiration for me, your breadth of skills is amazing. I've worked at YouTube (Google Sydney) for the last ~9 years so have followed you with interest.
  7. Cross post from my blog The Porsche 911 Sportomatic Brake Pad (Part#: 905-423-511-00) is a NLA item. Not even Pelican Parts can help me, and on forums second hand ones are selling for anywhere from US$90-175. That’s a lot of money for what should be a <$20 piece of rubber. So I had a try at 3D printing one myself in Form2 flexible resin: Side by side comparison of old, heavily worn pad and new printed pad. Note that this was my first go at the model and so I didn't bother rounding corners or printing at high resolution: Then finally the fitted product! Only needed minor trimming with a stanley knife: In total I calculate it cost around $12 of resin (~50mL). Not a bad alternative! Now I just need to see how it wears over time. Keen to try printing other NLA Porsche parts in the future. There are some on Thingiverse, but not as many as I would have expected. Keen to hear any feedback or thoughts!
  8. Hi Sportomatic experts! I have a 4 speed 1975 sporto transmission that I daily drive in traffic and love. Recently however it's been doing 2 annoying things semi-regularly and I am wondering what the root cause of either/both is: When shifting down from D2 to D1, it will go into the D1 position smoothly but actually stays in D2. Subsequently pushing back into D2 feels clunky. R is tricky to get into, need to almost put it forward into P to shift over. Otherwise D2, D3 etc. all shift very nicely. Thanks! Scott
  9. Getting a "network issue" on sign-in over the last ~week. Works OK on the website, just seems to be a Tapatalk specific issue.
  10. The Luft shop just got the profile logo tee back in stock (it was gone by the time I got to the queue on the day): https://shop.luftgekuhlt.com/collections/apparel/products/luft-profile-logo-tee Is anyone else interested in buying anything from the Luft shop and sharing shipping costs? Or flying back from the US anytime soon? ?
  11. Belle of the ball? Hmmm... The one I was most excited to see was this 72 RSR because it had inspired me from this 2013 YouTube video. I think the 962CR was the most amazing car, never even knew it existed. Favourite car was this one, but of course this is a very personal and subjective choice:
  12. Agree with all above. Somehow need to find a meeting point at/before the event that we're really clear on. On the day I had no mobile data so had trouble finding people. On a tangential topic, what are some of the Instagram accounts for the cars shown? Some I know: Owner of the white Singer "6MXT": https://www.instagram.com/maxige78/?hl=en Rod Emery: https://www.instagram.com/rodemory/?hl=en Singer: https://www.instagram.com/singervehicledesign/?hl=en
  13. Found a Made In Australia part on this amazing 1 mile 962CR. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  14. Good to see a few of you here! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  15. Lots of great stuff at Petersen Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  16. That's a very nice toy and great pics. I'm flying out of Tokyo, see you soon. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  17. Very cool, looks you visited Period Correct too? I'm doing Petersen on Saturday during the day, with a 4:30pm vault tour. Then doing a Dodgers game that night. I'll be wearing a green RS 2.7 t-shirt at Luft :-) I'm staying at the Marriott Torrance if anyone else is around.
  18. Which ones did you end up buying so I don't make the same mistake for my 74 911 Coupe? Thanks!
  19. Loving this thread! So talented and love the garage.
  20. Hey everyone, I've also booked my tickets for Luftgekühlt 5! I won't be flying till the Sat morning then out Sunday night. Quick stopover on the way to JFK. Look forward to seeing you all there. Really wish the Singer visit was the Saturday not the Friday... :-( Scott
  21. Did they sign the roadworthy piece or do you need to go get a pink slip (like I had to)?
  22. Sorry to be specific, if the engine number you provide: Is matching: they will confirm matching and put on the certificate Is NOT matching: nothing gets told or put on the certificate Did you have the matching number already or did they just provide it?
  23. For a few years now Porsche won't give out engine numbers due to reports of fraud. I guess counterfeit re-stamping of engines. QLD/NSW roads won't let you lookup by chassis number. I have to go into a branch and make a case to the officer. That's Plan B. When it was on ACT roads it had already had the engine change, so it's 5+ years ago that it was done.

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