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  1. jaw

    Vacuums - Interior clean etc

    Ryobi or similar cheap shop vac and a Hoover head kit from supercheap does the trick for me. The adaptore get to any crevice and the ‘turbo head’ actually does a good job of agitating fabrics to get sand etc out
  2. Even the reference to the Boxster getting embarrassed by hot hatches in lower form - around when it was launched the fastest hot Hatches where what, the Saxo GTS, golf gti, escort rs2000, gti-6, and the fastest probably being the GtiR? they’d hold their own but surely embarrassed is a stretch
  3. Thanks I imagine it will take a while for the right person to come across it, but I'm still in love with it though so certainly not complaining if that's the case!
  4. bitten hard found it difficult to put a price on without being able to find much similar on the market so it's a bit of a 'happy to keep it' price - but thought I'd test the water before I spend money on some GT2 seats as I'm lusting over a GT4 or Spyder pretty hard now! Think it will come down to whether it sells before I find a good pair of seats (and a yellow GT4 becomes available) or not
  5. jaw

    WTB 996 3 spoke steering wheel with airbag

    I'll have one for sale but it'l be a couple of months (as soon as the replacement arrives )
  6. jaw


    Cheers all me too, have only pieced together bits and peices! It was owned/bought by a lady over on the Gold Coast originally, who optioned it with the suede headliner, three spoke wheel, X51, optional alloys, carbon shifter and handbrake, original price was over $200k Have been told that the Gemballa parts came from Sydney, they were chasing it up but never got back to me.. Previously owned by a guy who apparently was pretty OCD about it. Won a Course d'elegance apparently in 2005, not been able to find out when or where or what for. Yep got it in one, I'm in Perth, Ha will keep an eye out and be sure to say hey!
  7. jaw

    Good drives out of Sydney?

    I sure did Thanks for recommending putty all, what a bit of road! Saw a Police cruiser perched on an elevated layby seemingly more to deter people than anything Some of the bikers through there on sports tourers were making impressive (read: insane) progress through the twisties! Nice, flowing bends, I didn't go too far north as was running low on kms. As much as I'm still not sold on the 4 pot, The way it puts down the speed and how composed it is in the corners is remarkable. It still makes a nice sound but without a lot of depth, but its an amazing package. Ended up staying in Katoomba and then doing the scenic drive followed by heading up to putty and looping around. Although one of the gems of the trip had to be this downhill section by Hawksbury. ''80'' but a nice albeit short combination of bends and hairpins with good visibility to really enjoy. Not very long so had to go up and down a couple of times before heading onwards to Putty.
  8. jaw

    Good drives out of Sydney?

    Made it to Katoomba so will do a little exploring in the morning slow 80kmh drive up but it got progressively more windy which was nice, got here by dark so didn't want anything too arduous. Pleasantly surprised with the 718 Cayman so far, looks stunning at turns heads, but am still unconvinced. It has a nice tone and picks up pace well but you're still constantly aware it's a 4 pot The PDK is mind shatteringly quick and it handles beautifully, but the first thing I miss is the raw snarl from the flat six in the 911. Instead you get a tinny (at low revs) 4 pot that really has to be poked to be heard.Build quality is top shelf
  9. jaw

    Vacuums - Interior clean etc

    I use a shop vac (long hose so good for accessing the car); and an adaptor kit, simple one from supercheap does the job. Also frequently use a bissell carpet cleaner which does a super job of lifting stainds, dirt and grime which is also small and v portable
  10. jaw

    Good drives out of Sydney?

    Is Gosford worth a Visit? Thinking of staying either there and checking out the museum in the morning, or staying in Katoomba and hitting the road in the morning
  11. jaw

    Good drives out of Sydney?

    haha - it's remedial therapy!
  12. jaw

    Good drives out of Sydney?

    haha fair point Thanks for the awesome suggestions guys! Turns out I'm ill this weekend so have been banished from flying back to Perth for the weekend due to having a new born which sucks - so am going to grab the car Tomorrow instead silver linings. Looks like headed up to Wollombi will be a good shout then having the morning to enjoy the road on Sunday. Annoyingly don't have my gopro or camera with me to take some snaps as I wasn't planning it but not complaining, more time to just enjoy the drive. Can't wait to go exploring, generally I've been stuck carless and living / working in the city during the week and not having time to take the 911 out on the weekend so will be a welcome relief!
  13. Hey guys So I'm in Sydney unexpectedly for a day without work over Easter and wondered if there were any scenic, preferably twisty and camera free drives? (not that I'm chasing silly speeds, just one less thing to worry about with double demerits!) I'll have a Cayman for the day to put it through its paces, so a nice scenic cruise, a monsterous burger and a nice hotel for the night seems like the perfect mix! Thinking I'll leave around 4pm on the Sunday to get back for around the same time, so perhaps 2-3 hours drive on the Sunday, an early start and a cruise on Monday and then leave wherever I end up around mid day for a cruise home via a nice stop off or two, some photo ops would be good to put up on my website which is needing some love. I'm a Perth Lad so I've barely driven in Sydney so open to local knowledge! Cheers
  14. jaw


    Thought I'd drop by and say hi Wanted a 996 for years, just loved something about them since I was young! A couple of years ago I actually went to buy a Dodge Viper, and the sale fell through - ended up spotting a 996 in the corner, drove it back to back with a Maserati Grandsport and bought it on the sport. It really hit the spot but couldn't put my finger on why having driven a few C2 996's and 997 previously. Bought it regardless and started finding some goodies. Turns out it had the X51 pack, as well as a few nice options such as suede headiner, aero front bar and three spoke steering wheel. It had a few Gemballa mods including Speedline rims, suspension (it's pretty low now but the handling and turn in feels razor sharp), spoiler, skirts, exhaust and remap. Haven't bothered getting it on a dyno, as interesting as it would be, it never fails to put a smile on my face and I don't want to end up bolting turbos on chasing horsepower. It pulls relentlessly though and sounds absolutely immense between the fabspeed intake and gemballa exhaust. Very tempted by a GT4 two years later but instead think I'm going to put some money into some GT2 seats, harnesses, wheel and maybe some 997 mirrors and a GT3 Carbon bonnet and just carry on loving it snippet of the exhaust And the rear end.. Anyway enough rambling.. Hi