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  1. jaw

    "PSM Failure" warning

    Hey all, So a couple of times I've had "PSM Failure, drive with caution" pop up. So far it seems that the culprits can be: 1) steering angle sensor 2) wheel/brake sensors 3) battery 4) abs system pump etc 5) cabling that runs over the steering rack I'm trying to work out if there are any characteristics that point to any particular failure? Car is relatively low kns it's happened on three occasions 1) can't remember the specifics, I Think after pulling away 2) hard acceleration whilst over taking 3) pulling away out of a survo. On the second occasion, I could feel one of the brakes being applied I think (light juddering as I sped up). Don't have access to a scanner - but conveniently am looking to buy one. Apparently there's a kit for the wiring? Stuck miles out of the way so having a porsche tech have a look isn't an option either for the near future All occasions it's cured by stopping and restarting. i'd like to try and narrow it down - car is under stat warranty but being intermittent unless I Can really narrow down the cause I can't see it getting resolved Cheers
  2. jaw

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    My commute this morning
  3. hey guys, here's probably the best place for this. Long story short it's always been an ambition to do some sort of regular racing - work has completely permitted me but next year I'm planning for a lot more down time.. But I'm not sure what options are out there so thought I'd ask? Probably in WA or NSW depending on where I end up. I'm not 100% sure what I'd run yet. I have a supra that I Was building for the track but I like the idea of a 944 or an early boxster. Any steer would be great, it's been years since I got on the track and am having serious withdrawals!
  4. So at the moment I drive 300kms to work every monday and back on a friday. I always go past Mt Panorama on a Monday morning (rest break in bathurst) and wondered if it's actually worth a visit when it's open? I'm normally there around 6 am, but read there's a 60kph limit - is it actually worth a visit? Cheers
  5. jaw

    Butt Shot

    another 'hip' shot..
  6. jaw

    Car positioning jacks

    sca ones are a tight fit on the 996 - and on the jeep they caused a flat so just be cautious when jacking
  7. Singleton for me I've fallen in love with this thing
  8. jaw

    I've gone mid engine :D

    Cheers Yes deffo agree on the value for money! I still have the modded 996 too which I love but considering I had sold it for almost as much as this 981 its a bit mad (buyer's finance fell through so I took it as a sign and kept her!) The 911 does things very differently but like for like it's nice having something that's convertible and has most of the thrills! Enjoying it so much more than the 718 I took out. I was really keen on a 2011 Spyder but the age was against me so went for something newer, which is a shame as the spyders just look sensational! Collection day yesterday I can't wait to take her on a long run this weekend. I'm in NSW not Vic unfortunately (although not ruling out a road trip at some point!)
  9. jaw

    I've gone mid engine :D

    So not too long ago, I took a base spec 981 Cayman for a waltz through the twisties. Fell in love but thought it just missed something. Since then I took a 981 boxster S on a similar route and fell in love. Handled just as well with that awesome flat 6 sound that I loved my 911 for. Brakes were sensational, the open-air road roar of the flat six fills in what was missing from the 718. So after a bit of mucking about I've just put a deposit on this and universe willing I'll pick it up this week / next week:
  10. jaw

    Butt Shot

    new purchase :)
  11. jaw

    Vacuums - Interior clean etc

    Ryobi or similar cheap shop vac and a Hoover head kit from supercheap does the trick for me. The adaptore get to any crevice and the ‘turbo head’ actually does a good job of agitating fabrics to get sand etc out
  12. Even the reference to the Boxster getting embarrassed by hot hatches in lower form - around when it was launched the fastest hot Hatches where what, the Saxo GTS, golf gti, escort rs2000, gti-6, and the fastest probably being the GtiR? they’d hold their own but surely embarrassed is a stretch
  13. Thanks I imagine it will take a while for the right person to come across it, but I'm still in love with it though so certainly not complaining if that's the case!
  14. bitten hard found it difficult to put a price on without being able to find much similar on the market so it's a bit of a 'happy to keep it' price - but thought I'd test the water before I spend money on some GT2 seats as I'm lusting over a GT4 or Spyder pretty hard now! Think it will come down to whether it sells before I find a good pair of seats (and a yellow GT4 becomes available) or not
  15. jaw

    WTB 996 3 spoke steering wheel with airbag

    I'll have one for sale but it'l be a couple of months (as soon as the replacement arrives )