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  1. jaw

    East to West

    haha becuase of the people you worked with? locals? or just the general distance etc?
  2. jaw

    East to West

    Loved every moment I stayed at the Crossroads Ecomotel - was really surpsied at the size of the king room and well furnished too for $120 a night
  3. So I finially picked up and drove the boxster back home to WA. 4000 kms, 4 states, and a few stone chips But nothing too major. All in all the roads were much better than I could have expected. 10 hours driving a day, mostly on straight but fast roads - it was the sections of roadworks that did the damage really. Day one to Outback NSW Day two: Set off in tbhe morning to Adelaide via brief stint in Victoria. Ended up pushing on to Port Augusta where I found a real nice, friendly motel for the night, they even told me to park the car by their bedroom / cctv to keep an eye on it Daye 3: to Eucla Had a bit of fun with the go-pro and some mounts Signs like this were common, lots of long, open, unfenced straights - wildlife spotted included a death adder, 4 huge eagles (I'm talking pick up kangaroo carcass-big), two hungry wild dogs, one kangaroo hiding in the bushes and what was either an emu or a roo in a bomber jacket Dav 4: 1300 kms back to home, took advantage of an extra unexpected 45 min time gain as you go out of central And the aftermath good excuse for a scrubdown and ceramic coat. I cant get over how much bigger the Boxster sits than the 996....
  4. Hey guys, I'm toying with driving through from Sydney to Perth so am I'm just trying to cover the last few bits 1) Wondered if there will be any lasting effects of running 91 for the trip? I'm hoping I'll find better but not holding out due to the remote locations etc. Any advise re octane booster? Have been told it can just destroy the cats so to avoid using them 2) Does anyone have or know of where to source a car bra on short notice? Masking tape has been suggestioned but I'm paranoid it will damage the clear coat etc. :D ta
  5. Hey all, So a couple of times I've had "PSM Failure, drive with caution" pop up. So far it seems that the culprits can be: 1) steering angle sensor 2) wheel/brake sensors 3) battery 4) abs system pump etc 5) cabling that runs over the steering rack I'm trying to work out if there are any characteristics that point to any particular failure? Car is relatively low kns it's happened on three occasions 1) can't remember the specifics, I Think after pulling away 2) hard acceleration whilst over taking 3) pulling away out of a survo. On the second occasion, I could feel one of the brakes being applied I think (light juddering as I sped up). Don't have access to a scanner - but conveniently am looking to buy one. Apparently there's a kit for the wiring? Stuck miles out of the way so having a porsche tech have a look isn't an option either for the near future All occasions it's cured by stopping and restarting. i'd like to try and narrow it down - car is under stat warranty but being intermittent unless I Can really narrow down the cause I can't see it getting resolved Cheers
  6. hey guys, here's probably the best place for this. Long story short it's always been an ambition to do some sort of regular racing - work has completely permitted me but next year I'm planning for a lot more down time.. But I'm not sure what options are out there so thought I'd ask? Probably in WA or NSW depending on where I end up. I'm not 100% sure what I'd run yet. I have a supra that I Was building for the track but I like the idea of a 944 or an early boxster. Any steer would be great, it's been years since I got on the track and am having serious withdrawals!
  7. So at the moment I drive 300kms to work every monday and back on a friday. I always go past Mt Panorama on a Monday morning (rest break in bathurst) and wondered if it's actually worth a visit when it's open? I'm normally there around 6 am, but read there's a 60kph limit - is it actually worth a visit? Cheers
  8. sca ones are a tight fit on the 996 - and on the jeep they caused a flat so just be cautious when jacking
  9. Singleton for me I've fallen in love with this thing
  10. Cheers Yes deffo agree on the value for money! I still have the modded 996 too which I love but considering I had sold it for almost as much as this 981 its a bit mad (buyer's finance fell through so I took it as a sign and kept her!) The 911 does things very differently but like for like it's nice having something that's convertible and has most of the thrills! Enjoying it so much more than the 718 I took out. I was really keen on a 2011 Spyder but the age was against me so went for something newer, which is a shame as the spyders just look sensational! Collection day yesterday I can't wait to take her on a long run this weekend. I'm in NSW not Vic unfortunately (although not ruling out a road trip at some point!)
  11. So not too long ago, I took a base spec 981 Cayman for a waltz through the twisties. Fell in love but thought it just missed something. Since then I took a 981 boxster S on a similar route and fell in love. Handled just as well with that awesome flat 6 sound that I loved my 911 for. Brakes were sensational, the open-air road roar of the flat six fills in what was missing from the 718. So after a bit of mucking about I've just put a deposit on this and universe willing I'll pick it up this week / next week:
  12. Ryobi or similar cheap shop vac and a Hoover head kit from supercheap does the trick for me. The adaptore get to any crevice and the ‘turbo head’ actually does a good job of agitating fabrics to get sand etc out

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