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  1. No unfortunately not. I sold my 73 2000 to buy an Exige. They are beautiful cars. Thanks! It's got to go through roadworthy soon. Hopefully I'm still smiling after that.......
  2. Hey All, I've just entered the Porsche fold with my first P car. It's the realisation of a childhood dream and a very different car to what I'm used to (I have had Alfa 105s, a clubman then Lotus Elise, Exige and Elan). It's a UK delivered late 86 3.2 in guards red. Looking forward to learning more about the old girl and using the thing! https://www.dropbox.com/s/afh94ulxh4s0tmm/20180304_165702.jpg?dl=0

PFA [Porsche Forum Australia]

This is an online platform for like-minded Porsche fans/fanatics/tragics to come together to read, chat and share.

It is also a platform to arrange and participate in off-line social meet-ups, events and drives.

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