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  1. Thanks. Engine apart from what I mentioned is stock. Motronic has a 911Chips by Steve Wong. I have 3 iterations left for this chip but the AFR's are pretty good.
  2. Me too Pete! I get the better end of the bargain driving up the hill! Dying to see your build. By the way, the 993 Bischoff HE's and the 2/1 M&K worked out a treat. It's a bit loud at idle but no droning or resonating at all and almost unnoticeable at cruising speeds. Car seems stronger everywhere. Had it dynoed before leaving Sydney and the graph claims it's making 178RWP, about 8 more than it did with the standard exhaust. Their calculation of crank HP is 237. Overall I'm extremely happy with how it turned out, both mechanically and aesthetically. A couple of shitty pics... My girlfriend has just the soundtrack for that task. I may have to put it on repeat....
  3. Car has been registered under the historic scheme. I did have a good go at the gear shift linkage bushings even though I thought mine were not too bad. Holy crap! the shift rod bushing was nearly gone and what was left was the consistency of cottage cheese. I also replaced the ball cup bushing. It feels like a brand new car again and no play in the gear shift. Funny but there are a few bushings throughout the car that appear to be made of the same material and all were perished to the same level: -steering column bushing -throttle linkage bushings on transmission -gear shift linkage bushings. There's probably more throughout the car but I haven't found them yet. Maybe the pedal cluster?
  4. I did it myself, except for pressing in the trailing arm bushes. It's pretty straight forward and I had time on my side to have parts stripped/blasted then re-electroplated/painted/coated. It's a good opportunity to get acquainted with the suspension on these cars.
  5. A project that started about 6 years ago interrupted by various bike projects and meandering in all sorts of directions is nearing completion. The original plan was to go all out, ITB's, cams etc. etc. In the meantime, the value of these cars has gone silly, so this car being an original Aus delivered car, me 2nd owner 100,000k I decided to keep it pretty much stock with a few reversible enhancements. Leak down test and compression show a very healthy engine. So it basically got a detail, refresh, 35 year nip & tuck. I'm hoping to get it in the car tonight & fire it up by the weekend. EXCITED!!!
  6. I'm in the process or a semi-restoration. I used to do track days and ran the car with upgraded sway bars, lowered, Koni adjustable rear shocks, stock torsion bars, turbo tie rod ends, bump steer kit and strut brace. It handles great but still a bit low for the street and I need to be careful. I've decided not to put the car on the track anymore so I'm keeping the upgrades and replacing trailing arm & spring plate bushes, spring plate covers, and rear sway bar drop links. I'm not touching the front at this stage. It should be running again in a few weeks.
  7. Mike if you haven't put it back in the car yet could you do me a favour? I just rebuilt mine and reassembled but not sure I've got the orientation of the solenoid right before I repaint it. Any chance you could post a couple of pics of it for me?
  8. I just realized it won't work for me. I want t keep the rear valance stock. I hope to have it running again in the next 2-3 weeks so we'll see about the note.
  9. I like it Mike, but I'm just about to turn into an old c__t! I took the loud pipes off all my bikes, except for the Daytona.... My long awaited refresh/clean/detail is getting very close to reassembly. I have a sneaking suspicion that my 993 Bischoff's with M&K 2/1 will be a bit louder than that.
  10. Mine was pretty badly corroded. Had it vapour blasted at Autohaus and it cleaned up well but badly pitted. Because the fan is the hero of these cars, I spent quite a bit of time filling the pitting in both the fan & housing with J-B Weld. Lots of sanding finishing with wet & dry. It was quite a lot of work but came out a treat. Had it all Cerakoted and it looks better than new and will last a long time. Re-cad plated the pulley & Autohaus riveted it back on for me. Cerakote applicator: Demon Performance Coatings Contact: Ty Whiteman 625 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, NSW 2042 MOB: 0424 140 677 | E-mail: sales@demonperformancecoatings.com.au www.facebook.com/cerakotesydney Products offered: High Temp Coatings & Prismatic Powders
  11. Hi Syd long time! I too remember following you around EC & Wakefield but you kept disappearing! I have the same year/colour Carrera as yours but not modified other than sway bars & weight loss. Some years ago I was going to embark on a similar path to you but life and motorcycles got in the way and I now find myself thinking about preserving the old girl as you are. It has around 100k on it and is still pretty original. So all the interior is going back in and I'm half way through a restoration of the engine bay, engine hardware, tinware, heat backdate, rear suspension etc. 993 HE's going on and that's about it.....I'm hoping to have it done as my daughter's chariot for her wedding later in the year. I'd love to see your car again & check out what you've done. Cheers Phil

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