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  1. Could be $55-85K Carsales good to look at for actual selling prices. Depends on a lot of factors. Is it from a dry location? May be a hidden rust issue, or if dry it may be good. Also what's Mechanicals like, any engine work eg Top end rebuild, at 140,000Kms may need work, but if well serviced it may not, what's general mechanical condition? Has it got any records, history?
  2. I could handle having one of these too. They're an incredible drive, almost too perfect, and agree the earlier version is the pick. A mate of mine has one, we were at 'the farm' and after riding shotgun with him for a few hot laps I was lucky enough he tossed me the keys for a few solo Laps. That was a couple of years ago now, and I'm still smiling. It sounds incredible, is next level quick, and other worldly quick compared to my 928 which I had there. But funnily the popular vote on the day for best sounding V8 went to my humble 30yo 928. That gave me an even bigger smile ? The profile and overall layout of the AMG GT with front engine V8, transaxle etc, even the shape of the rear end, is very 928esque, I reckon if they redo the 928 this should be what we'd expect including twin turbo plant, with a modern 928 shape. Now that'd be nice to see.
  3. Yep Adam It was Ross. I got it in the April of 2013. He'd just spent another $10K on it with Bruce, and then dropped his selling price another 3K when I picked it up. He actually had a lot of phone enquiries to buy it for Parts which he couldn't bring himself to sell it for, then I came with cash and a promise to look after it. Deal done.? It's great fun to work on and even better to drive. You've got a great car Adam, I dare say very similar in terms of value.
  4. ? Maybe get some pro photos of it, get a series of posters, maybe get some good sales on the inter web! It's a standout car. Apologies 81SC for hijacking your post. Sounds like you've got a buyer for the posters. I would've bought me but was a bit late?
  5. As others have stated, anything where you can leverage 'other people's money to make money'. Sitting money in the bank will, well just sit there. My 2c - either buy outright or borrow to invest in affordable regional property along the east coast NSW or Qld. $50k would be a solid deposit and the rental income would easily cover the mortgage if you need to borrow to buy the property. Look for areas with a high rental occupancy. Some spots have very low entry prices houses around 300-400k and solid rental returns. Find a good agent and in some places you can get 8-9% return. I have return At 8% cheapish (250-400k) properties that have long term retiree and lower middle class worker rental income. For eg one house with 350pw rent from a long term tenant, in a $225K property, with 20 people a week enquiring at this one agent for similar small-medium size rental houses. The rental income has now accumulated enough to buy another house with less than $100K mortgage to cover the capital. A lot of regional coastal areas are high rental demographics with good rental return% vs capital outlay. Look for areas with either good employment, higher percentage of lower middle class workers (so tend to rent rather than buy), some on pensions, some on welfare, and a high level of retirees (a volume of which are cashing in and renting to enjoy spending their retirement savings and investments). Find a good accountant and a good real estate agent. The property values are stable, growing albeit slower than larger centres, but also more resistant to corrections, in these areas I've seen solid capital growth as well. Then once you get some equity, you can simply add properties to your portfolio if you stick to the same formula. Shares can be good as a balance to have a diversified investment strategy, but only if you time it well with reliable stocks at the right entry price in the market cycle. IMHO, now is not that time. Right now the share market now is higher risk for entry, most stocks and the indexes are at an all time high (over a 10 year span) so you're buying stock at the most (relatively) expensive price in the cycle for most reliable blue chip stocks (with reasonable 5-8% dividend returns), and global sharemarkets are probably due for a correction within 1-3 years. When in happens think GFC x 2 or worse. And as GC9911 stated Share investment is a gamble, don't bet what you're not willing to lose. It's not for the faint hearted or the inexperienced to get in now. Best of luck
  6. It's been a labour of love, most things I've done to the car has been want to do, rather than have to do, and the reward is definitely in the drive.
  7. Hey Brian this picture of your car is fit for a wall size print. Get one made, and I'd put it on my wall. Next to some girly calendars.
  8. Thanks guys! They all need some TLC, then just good servicing, and drive em. Can't go wrong. At the time I got it, it was just through some major overhaul at Buchannans over $35K spent on it. It had everything from engine top end, cam gears, injectors and intake, electrics, headlights, seat motors, sunroof motor, body seals, fuel system, injectors, susp, to auto trans, oil cooler, aircon and axles plus anything else that it needed in between. A lot of work. The seller was then in a personal position he needed to sell. It was a good buy at the price back then. I've put a bit of money into it too over the past 4 years: 928 Motorsport Radiator and mounts, all new water hoses, accessory belts, pulleys, upgraded discs and pads, new steering rack and mounts, timing belt water pump, new air box & intake hoses, front grill, washer pumps, all sensors, new MAF, TPS relays and thermostat switches, window and wiper switches, sunroof seals, wheel bearings, trans service, shift lever, anodised wheels, door latches and stops, exhaust, new cats, diff services, plugs and now front suspension rebuild underway. Have to say it's been enjoyable every bit of the way, the feeling of the high torque 5.0 V8 and the sound it puts out is intoxicating.
  9. Pretty easy,, just a couple of swears (more so from back pain). As long as you move the intake hoses, filter housing and a few vacuum hoses, plus have the right tool it's fairly straight forward. The factory tool is hard to beat. The spring enables you to guide it it and out of tight spots, the thin shaft works to clear the intake, and has a slide rod to easily turn it, and on a couple of plug holes where the overhang is tight, they cut out a small area of the intake so the shaft clears it snugly. On these holes it's unlikely a standard socket shaft and plug tool would fit. I've rigged one with a universal joint then taped it together, and can use with a ratchet handle on the more open holes for speed, but doesn't work on the ones underneath the overhang. The factory tool is simple and effective, well engineered for the job, and mine was in the tool kit when I bought the car. I'd say people maybe find it hard without the factory plug tool, it's a good investment for owners if it's not still with the car. Always a good practice to put some anti seize on the threads to ensure easy removal. I've also rigged a tube to a vacuum cleaner handle to pop in the holes and clean them before putting the new plug in. Now off to drive it a 100 kms, get some V8 sound fix, and get the shocks to settle back down. Not that I mind? Then sit and watch Bathurst. Cheers Paul
  10. Raining all day, so did a service on the 928. New Bosch plugs, new front pads and clean up callipers, anti squeal on discs, adjust front Springs, oil and filter, air filter, cleaned up brake air deflectors. Pics on Instagram: paulaussiepawsha
  11. Maybe they need highly efficient electric trucks to deliver the electric cars, all followed by a flotilla of mobile diesel generators and diesel tankers!! ?? #thefuturesobrightigottawearshades
  12. PTINS

    Walter's view??

    Maybe Elon will work out some novel way to use the batteries as Rocket Fuel, for his virgin (one way) flight to Mars! They seem to burn quite well in his cars! ???????
  13. PTINS

    Walter's view??

    Exactly Because they don't care and no one is up to challenging that point. Except maybe Walter. The political machine behind the move to electric cars only cares about the revenue diverted to electricity consumption, away from oil. Same for replacement batteries. Walters point on lack of raw materials will hopefully be the one thing that will limit electric cars to cities.

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