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  1. Two suggestions: 1) Packnsend - a quick estimate was about AUD95 2) Shopmate service, have it shipped locally in US and forwarded on at quite good rates. Good luck
  2. Why? Because there's no comparable Australian alternative...
  3. I think you may find CTS is embracing it. There's a couple of cars on there that I recognise, and the username seems familiar too. A lot of high end dealers in the states use Bringatrailer, well explained from this email from one of them: With travel challenges, one of the biggest changes we’ve seen is the reduction in showroom foot traffic, personal visits to see cars, and in-person decision making. This is where our expanded digital presentations, combined with premier online auction house Bring a Trailer, have become major forces in vintage and contemporary sports car sales. The online presentation platform, comments from a wide field of experts, and a community that professes their love of cars, makes for an ideal marketplace to promote and sell cars. While our sales on Bring a Trailer have been steady for a few years, 2020 saw a rapid increase in volume with BaT in part because of COVID restrictions, but also because this venue remains the industry leader in online auction sales and market penetration. I think it's great. Very pleasing to see some decent competition to carsales.
  4. . Yes, this came as a complete surprise - expecially as I had been in contact with my buyer most recently only a couple off weeks agao and he seemed very happy. On enquiry, he says he is a relunctant seller due to moving overseas. FWIW - I'm sure it's still a cracking car if anyone interested...
  5. Cool, that was quick. Didn't even have a chance to finish the Gumtree Ad!
  6. Tailored fit for Carrera 3.2 with whaletail Pretty sure it will fit other models quite well too Shown draped over a narrow body No longer needed as sold car Cost $600 Asking $275
  7. Congrats on sale Edgy. Pleased to see the revised plan worked out well for you.
  8. Congratulations Justin - it certainly is a beautiful car and hope it continues to be cherished. Looking forward to seeing what's next on the horizon for you. Likewise Luzzo - I've let two go over last two years...It is made a little more comfortable when you feel you sold to the right buyer...
  9. Agreed - I'm just not sure if this one (mine) is "average" or underpriced... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-gt3-997-manual-my08/SSE-AD-6433633/?Cr=0 Hope you find your RS seller! Thanks Edgy. Following this thread - my two cents worth after speaking with prospective buyers over the last 2-3 weeks is that most do not seem to heed the seasoned advice from the likes of yourself, Smysy, etc. From a start price of, let's say $170k, you can easily find yourself up for another $10-$15k to take care of a few items (eg dated tyres, clutch/RMS, major service, pads/rotors). But then, MOST IMPORTANTLY, are you buying a good car? If service items have been neglected how have the owners have cared for the vehicle in other respects. The result may well be that you find yourself in for $180-$185k and end up with a previously neglected car in average condition with poor history. The old adage - buy the best car you can afford..
  10. Full affiliation: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-2007/sse-ad-6433633/
  11. Thanks for all the compliments on the car and the good wishes. Now on carsales: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-gt3-997-manual-my08/SSE-AD-6433633/?Cr=1
  12. Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. I'm not doubting that it's the same car - I just recall (possibly incorrectly) being told it's had some track time, whereas I inferred from the carsales it had not (by the phrase "unraced").Not that there's anything wrong with track time, and I do not know the car and may well be mint. Very impressive markup though! Thanks for update on the white one.
  13. Interesting...I had spoken to Richmonds at the time about the car. My impression was a little different to that presently conveyed, but perhaps take my view with a grain of salt, as I do have a vested interest here! Also inteesting is that the white ex-Gulsons car that was briefly adverteised by AH has not re-appeared. See black $210k at Mona Vale sold. Anyone here?

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