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  1. Full affiliation: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-2007/sse-ad-6433633/
  2. Thanks for all the compliments on the car and the good wishes. Now on carsales: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-gt3-997-manual-my08/SSE-AD-6433633/?Cr=1
  3. Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. I'm not doubting that it's the same car - I just recall (possibly incorrectly) being told it's had some track time, whereas I inferred from the carsales it had not (by the phrase "unraced").Not that there's anything wrong with track time, and I do not know the car and may well be mint. Very impressive markup though! Thanks for update on the white one.
  4. Interesting...I had spoken to Richmonds at the time about the car. My impression was a little different to that presently conveyed, but perhaps take my view with a grain of salt, as I do have a vested interest here! Also inteesting is that the white ex-Gulsons car that was briefly adverteised by AH has not re-appeared. See black $210k at Mona Vale sold. Anyone here?
  5. Hi Guys, Posting here to provide first opportunity to members. Details: Pedigree service history by Porsche specialists Very Highly optioned (see below) Porsche Factory Warranty available (up to 2 years)* Cargraphic Front Lift Kit 69,xxx kms. Priced at $189,900. Please call for further details Cheers, Stuart (0411400220) Options: CMF: PCM Package in Black FL: Full Leather P23: PCM including Navigation P74: Bi-Xenon Lighting System XMZ: Rear C/Console in Leather XTV: Door Finishers Leather 482: Tyre Pressure Monitor 490: Sound Package Plus 498: Deletion of Model Designation 640: Sports Chrono Package * Warranty subject to Porsche inspection
  6. Extended warranty - I was referring to a 13 year old 997.1 GT3
  7. Edgy / Lucky Phil - thanks for your thoughts. I have used CTS in past , and was very happy with their service, but that was when I was sure they had known buyers for my car (and indeed it sold immediately).. I tend to agree that in this environment, there's little value add. Nick - when using CTS (and I'm sure Autohaus and others too), my understanding is that they acquire the car and resell it (once they have the buyer). At least that's what happened in my deal, ie the buyer's contract (which I saw a redacted copy of) was with CTS, not me. Porsche confirmed this morning that warranty is not tranferable if sold by a non Porsche dealer.
  8. Hi guys, Just interested in thoughts here. I am thinking of relisting my car for sale, but I am also contemplating the consignment route. If I were to sell privately, I can offer up to 2 years factory warranty - but this is not possible for consignment. What is more comfortable from a purchaser's perspective - buying from a reputable dealer (eg Autohaus, CTS) or buying privately with a two year factory warranty? Regards, Stuart
  9. I'm guessing this was the one for sale at Gulsons in Canberra a couple of months back - last advertised at $187,990. Will await the photos.
  10. Set of 4 Matching Fuchs (15 * 6, Flat) All date stamped 1/73 Restored by Harvey Weidman (in 2003) Very good condition - minor marks / imperfections consistent with some use over 16 years since refurbishment $5,900
  11. Just giving this one a bump before advertising more broadly...

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