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  1. Neun 11

    Tyre options to suit 10/11" rims

    Yes, apologies. 15x10 or 11.rears. Street use.
  2. I'd like reccommendations if choosing to run an 10/11" wide rim. Anybody here had much trouble sourcing tyres to suit? And, any hassles doing so. And yes, running wide body.
  3. Neun 11

    Best Engine oil for refurbed 3.0

    Very informative and helpful. I've just had my engine rebuilt ( pretty much stock ) and my spanner an recommended hpr 20/60. Thanks again for all feedback.
  4. Neun 11

    Low oil pressure in air-cooled 3.0i

    Yes Mike, pistons, internal oil cooler and external front mounted oil cooler. Most of the build labourous fortunately.
  5. Neun 11

    Low oil pressure in air-cooled 3.0i

    Update, complete engine rebuild. New oil cooler/s, should have it back in a couple of weeks..... Why a complete rebuild? The result of a poor attempt the first time by whoever sold the engine to Neil. Not blaming anyone but myself.... Just getting it done.
  6. I can't see David Bowden ever parting with the Moffat P4. It holds a very special place in the family.... Dan, Chris and the rest of the brood used to get dropped off to school in that car..... Special indeed!
  7. Neun 11

    Low oil pressure in air-cooled 3.0i

    Update, Unfortunately, Engine is undergoing a rebuild. The result of a very ordinary { i,m being too kind here } rebuild previously. It is in good hands with an engine guy who comes recommended. ive been promised a great engine, that should outlast me. Build time is around six weeks, so, with that, and then getting engine refitted by my mechanic, fingers crossed its back with me just around Christmas.
  8. Neun 11

    Low oil pressure in air-cooled 3.0i

    Thanks for everybody's assistance. But looks like issue could be internal. Back to the workshop it goes.....
  9. Neun 11

    Low oil pressure in air-cooled 3.0i

    Oil viscosity is a 20W/50 blend as recommended for early 911,s.
  10. Neun 11

    Low oil pressure in air-cooled 3.0i

    Hello, and no. Motor was rebuilt prior to purchase, with little or no kms added prior to sale. Cars oil pressure eventually rose over time, as for temperature, he didn't seemed at all concerned with temp. I had to add proper throttle bodies and other components. Car is ready to go to dyno, but tuner just making sure that everything remains accurate. Troubleshooting. Worse case scenario, I may source an auto sparkie while he has it, just make sure there is no issue with the gauges.
  11. Neun 11

    Low oil pressure in air-cooled 3.0i

    Many thanks, on my recommendation, I asked him to let the car idle for longer. It was some 28 mins or so before pressure increased to a more acceptable level. He used both manual gauge, and the cars gauge, BOTH shared the same reading. As I am new to the PC scene, I am told that once warm, pressure will adjust accordingly with revs, yes??
  12. My 911 refurbished 30.i is in the hands of a tuner, but can't put it on the Dyno because of low oil pressure. My question, how long does it take ( normally ) for an air-cooled 76 911 to reach full temperature???
  13. Met the owner, and had a blast in the car. Goes very well....
  14. Maybe the ad title should have read.. "infamous 930" comes IN many parts!!!!
  15. Neun 11

    All things insurance

    Been a long time customer with Shannon's. Agreed value, only $12 per / M more than my old bogan Commodore I also had with them. I guess, policies will differ for many individual circumstances. And, despite most of us being relatively happy with our cover, we can only hope that our insurers are there for us when & if we ever need them!