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  1. Neun 11

    All things insurance

    Been a long time customer with Shannon's. Agreed value, only $12 per / M more than my old bogan Commodore I also had with them. I guess, policies will differ for many individual circumstances. And, despite most of us being relatively happy with our cover, we can only hope that our insurers are there for us when & if we ever need them!
  2. Neun 11

    Shannons insurance

    Now, as a long term client with Shannon's, despite having no documents, non matching numbers on my recently purchased 911, ( backdate ) they didn't flinch when asked what I paid, they were only too happy to insure for the purchase price. Don't see any reason to change at this stage.
  3. Been on the market for quite some time now... Very tidy unit.
  4. OK, sorry, has been backdated before I purchased it back in March. Prior to that, when it came from Japan, in a very sad state. And presented as a slant nose. ( non factory ). I will update when I have more info. Thanks once again!
  5. Having the original? Engine # and chassis, I am trying to find out history BEFORE Japan. Selling dealer, first owner etc. Bought a re- production 76 S owners / maintenence manual from the states so I can document the cars life during the period I have it. Many thanks for your assistance & replies.
  6. Trying to find some history for my 911. Came to Oz several years ago, ex Japan, as a slant nose, [ Non factory }76S Engine # that came out of car here...6360035 2.7 ? Chassis # 9116300013 Its a start, if you don,t ask.......
  7. Hmmm, Despite the race car history, and, seemingly a few minor blemishes. A refreshed engine / gearbox, and providing the body remains solid, this would be good buying, Yes?
  8. Neun 11


    Hello and welcome. I made an enquiry about this car, but sold before I got a chance to look at it. { my loss } Enjoy what is a great car. And welcome to Porsche ownership!
  9. Has been for sale for quite a while. Gorgeous color. But overpriced imo.
  10. Neun 11

    A Movie about a Movie about LeMans

    Bought this DVD a couple of weeks back, got a lot of detail. Enjoyed it.
  11. Neun 11

    Remember Peter Brock

    Yep, a fan for almost 4 decades. Sold my VL Brocky to enter the Porsche market. Met him on many occasion over a 16 year period. always had time for a chat, and made you feel special while doing so.
  12. Neun 11

    Shannons insurance

    Been a long time Shannons client for almost 16 years. Whilst I never had to claim, I have found they know their stuff. Premiums have come down over time. And when quoting my 911, despite being modified, had no trouble agreed value. And a small monthly increase compared to my previous ride.
  13. Neun 11

    Club plates

    Club rego in Qld, not that difficult. Joined PC/Qld, They emailed me a letter quoting car/financial membership / number, Vin # Etc.....just had to attach to my paperwork, Rego t/fer, Personalised plate t/fer etc.
  14. Love this, it was my inspiration to drive a 911 back to Brisbane. i was looking at buying in W.A. Sadly, wasn,t meant to be.