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  1. Mike, tuned last week. 188 HP @ 6600rpm. I'm happy with that, considering it's a no-frills standard rebuild.
  2. And, it seems to be an awfully long wheelbase.... Anyone else have that impression? Regardless of "fact or fiction"
  3. Despite the seats ( easily changed ) if he's keen to move on. I would like to think a reasonable offer would have someone drive away. If not alot of money needed to make her better. Can be a nice little entry level car to PC ownership.
  4. Yes, encountered a bloke like this before i bought Neils car......They walk amongst us unfortunately!
  5. yeah sure, I will post figures when she,s all sorted.
  6. Thank you, but credit to young Neil, did a great job getting it together with the resources he had. It just needed to be finished off.
  7. No 9fan, original 2.u swapped for a fuel injected 3.0.
  8. Here as she presents currently. Back from the engine builder. Drives & sounds as she should. Running up the miles before final tune.
  9. After many months, I finally have the car back. Full engine rebuild. And now, running as she should. Enjoying running up the K, s before final stage of tune. And yes, this is the ex Neil Lewis 911.
  10. Yes, apologies. 15x10 or 11.rears. Street use.
  11. I'd like reccommendations if choosing to run an 10/11" wide rim. Anybody here had much trouble sourcing tyres to suit? And, any hassles doing so. And yes, running wide body.
  12. Very informative and helpful. I've just had my engine rebuilt ( pretty much stock ) and my spanner an recommended hpr 20/60. Thanks again for all feedback.
  13. Yes Mike, pistons, internal oil cooler and external front mounted oil cooler. Most of the build labourous fortunately.
  14. Update, complete engine rebuild. New oil cooler/s, should have it back in a couple of weeks..... Why a complete rebuild? The result of a poor attempt the first time by whoever sold the engine to Neil. Not blaming anyone but myself.... Just getting it done.
  15. I can't see David Bowden ever parting with the Moffat P4. It holds a very special place in the family.... Dan, Chris and the rest of the brood used to get dropped off to school in that car..... Special indeed!

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