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  1. Too late for the OP but anyone looking for a nice days drive from Sydney should look to the south at Kangaroo Valley (lunch) via the Royal National Park and Macquarie Pass (pie shop at the top) returning via Mt Cambewarra and Jamberoo. Best done early to avoid cyclists although most of them are in the RNP.
  2. Hi David, small world eh Yes, I'm a little surprised myself but may well change my mind when back in Aus in the middle of summer! Nathan
  3. Thanks guys, looking forward to Friday!!!
  4. Hi all, Currently living in London but originally from Sydney and the 'Gong. I've had a 987.2 Boxster 2.9ltr manual for the last two and a half years but recently sold that and am due to pick up a 987.2 Boxster S Black Edition this Friday in Scotland. We've done plenty of touring in the 2.9 including the Alps (Swiss, Italian and Austrian), Scottish Highlands, Wales and Northern Ireland and have also done trackdays at Spa and Silverstone. I have totally enjoyed the 2.9, and would have loved to keep it given some of the history, but am looking to maximise the value for when we eventually return to Australia. The Black Edition comes heavily optioned with PASM, PSE, PDK, PDLS, Sport Chrono, Bose, Spyder alloys... I think the only thing it doesn't have is PCCB I will post some shots of the Black once I pick it up which, incidentally, is on a Boxster meet in Scotland with around 20 other cars and their owners. Just hoping the snow stops... In the meantime, here are a couple of the 2.9: Yorkshire Dales: Sustenpass, Switzerland. Stelvio Pass, Italy: Previous car history includes multiple RenaultSport Clio's and a Lotus Elise with a Honda conversion (still mine but in storage). Cheers Nath

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