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  1. Goon


    Glad you got it sorted. Sounds like a generic mechanic rather than a Porsche specialist working on the car?
  2. I think they also had a variety of older Porsches in the EV West garage in the first episode. From memory, it was a 912 and maybe a blue 356.
  3. Love it! I admit I was always a bit adverse to the 996 headlight styling, but lately, the 996.2 really does stand up nicely and has aged well. How do you find the roof in those targas?
  4. Much more purposeful and exotic looking than any variant of the 911. The 997 dash is an interesting approach - the 5 dial cluster probably dictated that.
  5. I’m not particularly enamoured with 996s for a myriad of reasons, but this one closes the gap and looks to be a well sorted Porsche and well priced! All the best with the sale!
  6. Yes, when the pressing the button it should light up and holding down the button will manually raise the spoiler.
  7. The great thing about Porsche is they are fantastic daily drivers, in fact there is a school of thought that its the lower KM ones and weekenders that get the most problems. The car is made to be enjoyed! Anything over 150,000km I would have a good amount set aside for the inevitable replacement of bushings, rubbers, parts, just due to being worn out (always a good safety measure to have one anyway!) Regarding PPI, depends where you are located. If you're around the Sydney North Shore, Autohaus Hamilton are a great mob, so is PR Tech on the northern beaches. That's the scope of my personal experience.
  8. Way to venture into the deep in on your first Porsche! Redbook is an inaccurate way to estimate a cars value, especially when it comes to sports cars. Values for cars like Porsches vary wildly depending on the colour spec/trim/drive/transmission. Speaking in regards to 911s as a whole - the majority of the lower priced ones are usually first gen automatic and in conservative colours (silver, grey, black or variation thereof) usually more popular with lawyer-types, whilst the more expensive ones are usually end-of-the line ones with more exciting combinations, and appeal to the Porsche-nuts who will want the deviated stitching, the loud colour with the bells and whistle options, and as such they command more. Work out your budget, find something that speaks to you, get a PPI and go for it! In terms of what to look for - as long as the KMs aren't ridiculously high, you should be more concerned about an example that has a good service history, the fact that you're buying an relatively recent enthusiast Porsche usually means that most of them will have a good documented service history, just be wary of the identifiable known issues (I can't speak for the 997 as 987s are more my bag). Research is king, good luck!
  9. Where did you nab yours from mate? I've spoken to my indy Porsche mechanic, and he backed both H&R and Eibach, and said they were quite equal, so you can't really go wrong choosing one over the other. Did/does anyone advise upgrading any other components/bushings "while they're there"?
  10. Goon

    987 OEM Mats

    Failing that, you can always call a wreckers and ask them for some 987 (maybe even 997?) mats. I imagine they would have a few lying around.
  11. Goon

    Boxster key fob

    Ebay replacement is your best bet. Transfer the internals yourself, just a bit of mucking around getting the transponder chip out!
  12. Goon


    Great! Thanks for providing that clarity!
  13. Goon


    Sounds great - What was the importation process? Did you have to pay tax at the border? If so, did you have to reach out to a custom agent to clear it?
  14. Black 987 Cayman in Mosman a couple of days ago - I usually go out of my way to acknowledge other Caymans/911s, but in this instance I was in my own little world and by the time I looked up I saw he beat me to the wave as he drove past. Also spotted the Autohaus Group 4 beasting along Military Road one night last week - unashamedly eye catching!
  15. Goon


    Keep us posted regarding the importation process for this - I was engaged with Gerd for one of his Carnewal exhausts, but wasn't sure how the whole import taxes work at the border as the product is north of the $1k mark

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