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  1. That is pretty much bang on with the spec and mod-approach if I had a bit more allowable funds in the bank and could fund my dream Porsche. Any pictures of the NSX to share?
  2. Exciting times ahead for you mate! What spec did you go with?
  3. If it's just a simple one colour sticker (ie: no gradients and simple outlines) programs can automatically rasterise it so you can go as big as you want without distortion, so resolution isn't a problem unless it's a crappy little thumbnail. Let us know how you get on!
  4. Get in touch with a graphics company. I used to do that sort of work in a past life, and as long as you had a clear picture of what you wanted reproduced, it was very quick and easy to replicate.
  5. Goon

    Exhaust mod

    Thanks for the feedback! Just as I expected, it’s not that much louder but it has more of an ‘attitude’. I’ll reach out to Autohaus next time the car goes in for a service.
  6. Goon

    Exhaust mod

    For those who have had the Carnewal exhaust done - I'm interested to hear your views. When I go to move the car on (not for a while yet!), could you get away with it sounding somewhat like a stock exhaust sound at idle and low revs, or is it instantly obvious that the car exhaust has been fettled with? I like the sound, but its hard to gauge the sound level in a through YouTube and how that translates to a real life scenario.
  7. Agree with all the sentiment here, I haven't been enjoying my cars so much these days. In the past it was more about enjoying the flow of the road and staying within the limits without being a d-head. Now I find myself hitting the brakes and glancing down at the speedo every time I see taillights parked on the side in the distance on a lonely country road. I've been out a few times with the Cayman S, but I haven't been able to feel comfortable or or enjoy the road I'm on without thinking "I don't want to end up on Highway Patrol". Say what you will about the draconian laws, but its pretty obvious from this thread alone, they are having an effect on the driver-enthusiast psyche which really is crushing the enthusiasm for cars and the desire to explore far flung towns outside of cities. Perhaps the 'slow car, fast road' approach has merit! I still enjoy the very odd trackday, but on track, I feel obliged to go a fair clip all the time, and the wear and tear, plus the costs adds up quick! Circling back to the original question. Your best option is either slow car-fast road, get the release out on track or pick your timings on quiet roads. All have significant trade offs. Or just hire a car and hit the 'Ring every couple of years.
  8. Silver 987.2 Cayman with a blacked out badging spotted on M1 this morning. Anyone here?
  9. Goon


    Glad you got it sorted. Sounds like a generic mechanic rather than a Porsche specialist working on the car?
  10. I think they also had a variety of older Porsches in the EV West garage in the first episode. From memory, it was a 912 and maybe a blue 356.
  11. Love it! I admit I was always a bit adverse to the 996 headlight styling, but lately, the 996.2 really does stand up nicely and has aged well. How do you find the roof in those targas?
  12. Much more purposeful and exotic looking than any variant of the 911. The 997 dash is an interesting approach - the 5 dial cluster probably dictated that.
  13. I’m not particularly enamoured with 996s for a myriad of reasons, but this one closes the gap and looks to be a well sorted Porsche and well priced! All the best with the sale!
  14. Yes, when the pressing the button it should light up and holding down the button will manually raise the spoiler.
  15. The great thing about Porsche is they are fantastic daily drivers, in fact there is a school of thought that its the lower KM ones and weekenders that get the most problems. The car is made to be enjoyed! Anything over 150,000km I would have a good amount set aside for the inevitable replacement of bushings, rubbers, parts, just due to being worn out (always a good safety measure to have one anyway!) Regarding PPI, depends where you are located. If you're around the Sydney North Shore, Autohaus Hamilton are a great mob, so is PR Tech on the northern beaches. That's the scope of my personal experience.

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