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  1. “The price is negotiable but no lower offers please.” So... as a buyer you can negotiate a higher price??!
  2. At the risk of asking a stupid question, which is the obvious one? Are you just referring to the asking price or does one have a significant ‘history’? Thanks
  3. Yes. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it had had 2 owners and an engine rebuild. Sold for around $225
  4. Symsy (which my phone just autocorrected to “sunstroke”), you are an enabler!!
  5. Would you still get a pre-purchase inspection through a Porsche dealer if buying one of these cars from an independent dealer? There is one at Autohaus Hamilton which looks pretty good - I don’t know Autohaus at all, but understand they have a good reputation. And what do people think of that car? (Black 997.2 GT3). Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies. Is anyone aware of a good mechanic in the Brisbane area?
  7. Dear All, I am keen on getting myself a GT3 at some point, hopefully soon. I am looking at 997's, ideally .2. These cars are now 7-8 years old and most have no official Porsche warranty. 1. Is it possible to reactivate a Porsche warranty once the original one has expired if there has been any time after the original one finished? I realise they are very particular about the vehicles and will not warranty a car if it has any modifications but would be interested to see if this is an option 2. Do people use any other companies for warranties? 3. Do most people run these cars without a warranty and, if so, how reliable are they (very vague question, I realise!), since engine / gearbox problems are likely to be extremely expensive. Many thanks for your help Just to add, it will be mostly for road use, with the occasional track day. Thanks
  8. Does anyone have any inside knowledge of the black 997.2 2010 GT3 for sale at Autohaus Hamilton? Apologies if I sound like a broken record but there has already been some useful information provided on other cars for sale on this thread. Many thanks
  9. Does anyone know the black 997.2 on the carsales site - it looks stunning. The price is a little ambitious at $279990 mind...
  10. But why put a GT3RS sticker on the back??
  11. Are there any known issues with this car? It looks pretty good superficially. Maybe the km’s are putting people off??
  12. Red 991 manual GTS, 2014, ceramic brakes. Listed at $279,900. Thank you!
  13. First post here so please be gentle... Does anyone know anything about this car? Manual 991GTS https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/photogallery?Id=OAG-AD-15741518&Index=0 I like the spec (apart from the brakes probably being OTT for my requirements) but the price seems very inflated. Are people paying this sort of money for these cars? I’ve driven a PDK version which was very good but I think a manual would suit me much better. I would have thought somewhere along the lines of $220k would be more realistic but maybe I am way off. I suspect the person who traded it wouldn’t have received much above $200k. Any help is gratefully received

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