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  1. Just use the palm of your hand it’s all my mum ever used ..... just make sure you wash it afterwards
  2. I know of two cars mid to high 3's that have been withdrawn
  3. Yep they missed out on their edumacation somewhere .
  4. Just starting watching Tiger King on Netflix . It will make you feel good about yourself
  5. Same . I have seen this car and if I was in the market it would be mine
  6. A new member to the family . Kids have been bugging me for a dog and couldn’t think of a better time for them . Pick her up in three weeks
  7. Don't listen to the internet experts is your best approach . Try having kids who can't be kids and you have to navigate that on top of everything else its not easy . Most of us are in the same boat . In most of your post you always mention these economic climate etc etc so it is obvious you think about this a lot . Take a break from forums it will be better for your mental health surround yourself with positive thinking people . Call me anytime I can see light at the end of this dim tunnel .
  8. Stop reading my mind . I just want everyone to be safe at this stage
  9. That would be because our borders close today . Same Niko . Everyone I know in the danger zone are taking it very seriously . Must have something to do with who you surround yourself with ………..at a safe distance of course
  10. Things to do to take your mind off the virus and remind you there is still a life out there . Taking the kids surfing this weekend . What virus
  11. Found a great solution to the Corona Virus . It’s called wine taste surprisingly good . Why are people not stocking up on it ?

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