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  1. Better off going in with the attitude that the car will drop in value have a number you can live with you will actually enjoy it more .
  2. Got a mate on holidays in Tassie just spotted this .
  3. I don’t hang onto anything most likely one of my biggest issues and something I need to work on
  4. Have to agree with you Lee . The one that might be harder in my search for Homologation bikes might be this one . This took years
  5. I have a mint Yamaha OWO1 Australian Delivered FZR750R for sale . Only 500 made worldwide rare bike 1989 Homolagation bike https://www.bikesales.com.au/bikes/yamaha/fzr750r-ow01/
  6. I think that is a compliment
  7. Rick you guys are awesome what a great three days . We most definitely had the best bunch of blokes nothing betting than punching Porsches through the Adelaide hills . I think I won the last stage . Lol Saw this bloke there in the Lamborghini
  8. Isn’t that what he did talk to a salesperson? Sorry can’t help myself . I think I better leave .
  9. I been telling off my kids too much for playing Fortnite and Instagram . I will shut up now
  10. Settle . It's just funny keep rubbing your crystal ball. I liked The Graphite Blue car
  11. LOL .You have 512 post and about 500 of them speculating on 991 sales
  12. Like this one https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-porsche-911-gt3-991-auto-my18/OAG-AD-19551779/?Cr=4

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