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  1. I have the fancy carbon option they are also electric adjusted for height but non folding My last car had folding carbon buckets it’s not something you really miss .
  2. I had been chatting to this guy recently regarding a MV Augusta . He sent me this photo .Very cool
  3. Had a friend go to the zoo today it only had a dog in it . It was a Shitzu
  4. Horse walks into a bar . Barman says why the long face ?
  5. No doubt and thanks for the observation. I ride as well but would have left my bike home that day . No one is hating the world . Relax digger Get back on track .lol
  6. Yes . Came upon a bunch of them last Sunday in the fog . Could hardly see the idiots should have stayed down on the flat land drinking coffee
  7. That is good buying . Being a UK import would hardly be a concern
  8. Lots of great recommendations . I see your in Murray Bridge you can try Tony Oconner at Eldorado . His motorcycle seats are second to none and I am sure he can help you out with your seat . His at Mount Barker 0400 707 767
  9. Being a recent purchaser of a 991.2 Gt3 my thought process was ........buy the car that suits my budget as fast as I can and a price I can live with . I looked into waiting for a 992 but that is still some time off and a new car is really not my bag .I imagine I am not the only one
  10. That six months is a long time . I have been hearing that for some time . Things are moving again chaps . Well done . Great buying that car
  11. The market seemed to dictate the prices . Cars above 200 K don't sell the ones below do . In the three years I have been looking at this market there have been next to FA cars in the .1 sell above 200 K
  12. Love everything about that car . This one hit the market and was gone within a few days . Priced sharply at 65K https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1981-porsche-911-sc-manual/SSE-AD-6694317/?Cr=12

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