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  1. wilson59

    Wanted 996 Turbo

    It was humorous fella he had no idea who you were . You pulled your cock out . Jog on
  2. wilson59

    Wanted 996 Turbo

    He just rang me yes it's $200K and available . The owner is a lovely bloke and seems firm on his price . I like them but not that much
  3. wilson59

    Wanted 996 Turbo

    How much . I will flip you for it ..........That was my Kerry Packer moment "humor" .
  4. wilson59

    Wanted 996 Turbo

    Black on black 2004
  5. wilson59

    Wanted 996 Turbo

    Shark got caught in the net and drowned . Impulse is my middle name .
  6. wilson59

    Wanted 996 Turbo

    So he did not buy it ?
  7. Love a good Kombi https://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/1964-volkswagen-kombi-van/
  8. It’s quite a jump in price for the unloved bastard car
  9. On one of rides when these bikes were a lot less to buy
  10. Yep . I got accused of being ground zero on 900 Super Sports
  11. They are a $70,000 to $80,000 bike for the correct one . People put dumb prices on stuff You might find one bunny but not whole Fluffle . First problem with that bike is Brooke Henry restored it .

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