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  1. That particular car with the extended warranty was sold privately . My current car has new car warranty which was transferable . Sorry to add to the confusion
  2. Yeah Nah . I bought a car with Porsche extended warranty outside of the Porsche Dealer network it was fully transferable
  3. Agreed . No one wants to pay full price what ever that is . Cars priced well above the average just sit .
  4. Thanks . Yes teenagers is a road less travelled for us
  5. He already knows who is boss that has been made clear
  6. Thanks legs but I worked out pretty quickly that a beating he don’t need I don’t think it would make things better . He came across that he knows his life is shithouse
  7. Sounds like we are on the same page me thinks . Thanks
  8. No one has vented in a while WTF is going on Lee . My turn and it's a dilemma . Advice needed on a neighbor up the road . This guy is late 50,s big unit kinda weird looking bit simple but hangs around the railway crossing watching trains I guess . I walk to work everyday and pass him always give him the hairy eyeball look as I don't like him which I will get to and he knows it . My daughter who is 13 was out walking the dog two weeks ago she gets home shaken up a bit telling us the creepy guy up the road pulls up next to her in his van rolls down the window and starts talking to her . I find this concerning but let it go until yesterday where I actually spot him doing it to her again . Now the reason I don't like him is I saw him years ago doing the same thing to two other young girls . I confront him this morning telling him his a creep it's inappropriate etc etc . He gets all emotional hysterical angry all at the same time claiming he feels like he is going to have a heart attack and everyone hates him including me of course but assures me that he is a good person . He reminds a little of Baby Ruth from The Goonies could be totally nice guy just a half wit or just a creepy pervert ? I decide to befriend him instead which is not my usual style and even surprised myself . What would you do ?It is inappropriate to be pulling up trying to chat to teenage girls yeah ? Or am I over reacting ?
  9. Great ad . Let's hope he loses the 6KG . Go you fat bastard
  10. Race car upgrade is actually not much extra https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Scratched-Martini-Racing-Stripes-for-Porsche-Carrera-Cayman-Boxster/303172342681
  11. Don’t tell my 8 year old he thinks I have a race car

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