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  1. I am sure that RS had a $300,000 price tag on it on Saturday when I saw it .
  2. Saw a white 991 GT3 RS in Richmond’s on Saturday for $300,000 higher km for a 16 model car 33,000 but still a nice car
  3. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2018-Porsche-911-GT2-RS-991-Auto-MY18/352596286455?hash=item5218605bf7:g:DSwAAOSwxy5caNTn:rk:12:pf:0 GT2 RS Anyone ? Not much warranty on them ?
  4. wilson59

    Traffic Congestion/Management

    No different anywhere else . Money does not make you entitled
  5. wilson59

    Traffic Congestion/Management

    Reality is school drop off slow down to 10km/h so kids can get out so mum can get to work on time . I don't know anyone that fits that stereotype. I walk to work to keep my inner grumpy old man at bay .
  6. wilson59


    Exactly. That was my only experience with a demolition company was going to ring the company and report him but considering how loose he was it was better just to move on . Obvoiusly not happy to fix my fence
  7. wilson59


    Bad luck Lee . We had a demolition next door and had our fence damaged took a good six months to have the panels replaced . Other than threatening legal action nothing would have happened . Their guy comes to replace the panels on a Saturday morning and then proceeds to take a dump in the middle of the block just pulls his pants down and does a shit . Not a care in the world and we make eye contact while he is having a Saturday morning crap in the middle of the vacant block . He freaked me out hope it’s not the same company .
  8. I helped out a Nigerian Prince once that was ousted by his family ( his dad was a prick ) apparently . I leant him access to all my accounts to deposit money with the promise to keeping all the interest that the millions of dollars would earn . Really nice bloke
  9. I don’t have much to see mate . Shedpest is the guy with all the bikes
  10. The bike I had ran a twin disk Scarab set up same as your bike which are rare . Most likely could be same bike. I bet I sold it for more than you did in 92 .
  11. I actually had one as well might have been your old bike ?
  12. Took this one out on the weekend . Forgot how much fun these old bangers are
  13. wilson59

    964 Market Watch

    This car to me looks well priced at being a very good car to bring to Australia . I have never driven a 964 auto are they OK ? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/porsche/auction-1948913075.htm?rsqid=7a046dd4f015432fa56fe947291e8246
  14. Nu Zuland cars are soo cheap . Anything seem to be wrong with this other than being in New Zealand which I believe is part of Australia anyway . https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/porsche/auction-1932135710.htm?rsqid=33e14e1c4a734054b65a732d5c13cbf5

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