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  1. Pity it's yellow . I actually really like this car https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-porsche-911-gt3-991-manual-my18/SSE-AD-6129844/?Cr=8
  2. The last owner really had it set too low it was wAy too harsh it now has som suspension that works ..... call me crazy
  3. Took the old girl in to have the height raised a little . Had it raised an inch and it has made so much difference to the ride .
  4. Yes great bikes . I have had many but no 74 models . The sport for me are the best riding bikes
  5. Tips I have had a few of these sports and to have one that is so original is very special . IMO the prettiest of bevel Ducati’s and very collectibles. The SS of the next year are selling 200 K plus these will follow
  6. I know there are bike guys here . This is a very special bike for sale . 1973 Ducati 750 Sport totally original never been painted never been restored very original not many remain like this anywhere in the world . Just over $10,000 miles start first kick magnificent bike to ride or just look at and add to a collection . $65,000
  7. Yes now your talking . I don’t need a car in a hurry . Anyone with a crystal ball that says I should wait a while before purchasing in case they drop in price a little
  8. I am also interested to know if the 991.1 RS had the same engine issues as the GT3 I will be looking for a new car and my budget can either get me into a 991.1 RS or a 991.2 GT3 Anyone know ?
  9. Thanks . I will look forward to a new car but really going to miss the old one . To me the 997 GT 3 is the best looking out of all the GT cars
  10. You will still see it out in The Adelaide hills yes silver
  11. Service , brake fluids new set of tyres wheel align new front spoiler lip . I could have just sold in on as was and buyer would have been happy enough but things that needs to be done to make it lPrimo
  12. 991.2 Sorry should have been more specific
  13. 4.0 GT 3 I think . I will wait just a little and see if prices move at all if not I will jump right in . It's only money
  14. Hard to see what is mint and cheap from images . I have just sold my 08 997 GT3 with under 30,000 km on it and it has cost me just over $4000 to get it ready for it's new owner . I can imagine the hidden surprises that need to be addressed on something that appears cheap .
  15. I waste money on buying stuff Thats my two cents worth .... it’s all I got now

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