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  1. No I am in Adelaide so a member of DOCSA . if you are interested let me know . I have quite a few Sports myself they are great bikes
  2. All the above mentioned is the reason I would love to drive one . Remember the straight at PI starts at turn 11 that will always test the size of your plums
  3. That’s a morning fun for breakfast. Where do head to for dinner
  4. You convinced me Rick great meeting you . I did clean it when I got home
  5. They are nice but limited and great for a quick drive from home and back . I really wish we had roads like the high country in Victoria where you can plan a weekend away and drive some stunning roads
  6. . The ADELAIDE Hills are fine but there are sooooo many better roads to drive in Australia. They are great for a city drive perspective but a weekend away there is nothing
  7. I did notice the low km touring white car has been sold that was on car sales . It was priced in the 200 k range . Someone got a nice car
  8. That is what she said . I said I would buy her a car and really likes the Targa I agree . I got to be honest I have never liked red cars but the combination of the interior and exterior on your car works so well . I’m sure it won’t last long
  9. I’m in the same boat . I need to sell some stuff to buy some stuff. If I had sold some stuff I would buy your stuff . I just showed my wife your car she loves it .
  10. Nice . Reminds me I need to get some of these the candles my wife burns smell like some god awful flower scent
  11. The wife loves it .I did sneak the race bike in when she went away was not happy on her return

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