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  1. Do you think it’s time this company need to consider a name change as well ? https://www.clevelandrange.com/Products/Steamers
  2. Agreed . I just don’t get the difference in pricing between a car with 7000 km to 17000 km it seems to be a huge gap to a car that in reality is just as good as each other . I deleted my response in previous quotes as find discussing pricing on speculation just pointless .
  3. Totally different info I got from my guy yesterday. My way of thinking is I would never get out of my current car for that sort of change over can’t see the value . You will most likely be buying a car with much high km that is currently on offer for that price . Not that would be an issue . I think a car with 20,000 km plus is still a low km car just insane what GT3 buyers seem to think is high km these days
  4. Agreed and the reason I want a PDK car . I like the security of not having over revs and I can’t change gears quick enough
  5. I think $220,000 and below is the magic numbers for these cars to sell by the look of the market

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