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  1. Sold all parts listed to a friend of a PFA member restoring a 911 SC which had a 964 fibreglass kit. Thank you PFA.
  2. Following a recent restoration of my car at Skunk Werks, I have a few spare parts that are no longer required and available for sale. Front bumper bar without headlight washers in very good condition (suit all 911’s 1974 - 1983) $400 Front lower valance to suit surface mounted fog lights (not included) in good condition except for 1 scrape (about 10cm) that requires a minor repair (suit all 911’s 1974 - 1983) $300 Front bumper extension inserts with bellows in very good condition (suit 911SC 1978 - 1983) $80 Rear bumper quarter extensions (left and right) in very good condition - left side has been paint stripped on the front (suit 911SC 1978 - 1983) $120 Available for collection in Melbourne or alternatively I can assist with interstate freight via Greyhound Freight or courier. Regards, Andrew
  3. Thank you for the suggestion, however I have a 930 300km speedo which I will sell to a friend with a 930 imported from the UK if I can find a good SC speedo.
  4. Looking to buy a 250km/h speedometer for my 911 SC. The original part number is 911 641 543 00 The attached photo is a sample of the required part taken from the internet. Let me know what you have available. Kind regards, Andrew
  5. My mate purchased the heat exchangers from 9er for the asking price. Thank you PFA.
  6. Resolved - I purchased a replacement set of 16 x 9” original Fuchs. Thank you PFA.
  7. Hello 9er, Thank you for the reply. I will PM you shortly. Regards, Andrew
  8. My mate has just purchased a 1989 930 cab (UK import) and is looking for a replacement exhaust. The current heat exchangers and muffler need to be replaced due to corrosion. He is open to replacement with good stock heat exchangers or stainless parts (preferred) if available. Please let me know what you have available. Regards, Andrew
  9. Hi Stan, thank you for your reply. According to a few posts on the Pelican Forum, there were some concerns with 9” Fuchs and that eventually they all suffer from cumulative metal fatigue. As I have just started looking, I will persist for a while looking for a single 16” x 9” replacement and may come back to you about some replica Fuchs. Regards, Andrew
  10. OK, thank you for the clarification. Early 964 looks the same but with different spline. This is the correct wheel for 1985 - 1989 Carrera 3.2’s (1984’s had the earlier 3 spoke wheel).
  11. I am selling a Porsche black leather 380mm steering wheel to suit a 1985 - 1989 911 3.2 Carrera. This is also the same wheel used on early 964 cars without an airbag (same wheel with different part number as far as I know). The original leather is in excellent condition having been in storage for about 15 years with occasional leather treatment. The horn pad is also great with no marks, damage and has all springs. I would describe this as an 8/10 condition. It has some very minor stitching wear above the horn pad (see photos). Inspection welcome. The part number is 911 347 084 08 (09 VERL). These are becoming harder to find in good original condition. Selling as I use a Momo wheel and also due to this being the incorrect wheel for my 911SC. Collection in Melbourne or can post if required. $400
  12. Searching for one original Fuchs 16 x 9 rim (ET = 15) or a replacement pair as I have just noticed a crack across one of the spokes in one of my wheels. The photos show the crack evident of both sides. I am based in Melbourne. Let me know what you have available. Regards, Andrew.

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