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  1. Hi to all. I was hoping that this event would provide me with a chance to meet some fellow PFA members as a new comer. Unfortunately, I have had a few health scares over the last week, which put me into Hospital to have an angiogram and then a further invasive investigation on my heart. I was only discharged from Hospital yesterday and while the outcome has been good, with no major surgery required it has left my body battered and bruised. Therefore I won't be able to attend the hill climb event this weekend. I wish everyone a great day and hope to catchup at the next SMT. Regards John C
  2. Mark I spotted one recently for sale on gumtree.
  3. Quasi Thanks for the reply. When I get the chance I'm going to pull the bearing out and see if any of the local bearing places have a replacement. I'll also checkout ebay as you suggest for a replacement compressor
  4. I have a noisy bearing on the ac compressor on my 996 that I want to replace without replacing the whole ac compressor. The compressor is a japanese denso model. Does anyone know where to purchase just the bearing?
  5. Smokey Try website www.autoatlanta.com They have lots of info with drawings and diagrams
  6. I bought my 2000 996 about 2 years ago. I spent about 18 months looking at lots of cars before finally settled on one. Be prepared to buy from anywhere in Australia. Some of the best advise I obtained on cars I was interested in came from the mechanics who serviced them. If possible find out from the owner who their mechanic is and ring them for a chat. Definitely have a PPI done, this can be undertaken by an independent porsche specialist. 996 are nearly 20 years old so be prepared to pay for replacing the water pump, thermostat and hoses, if they haven't been recently replaced. Depending upon how the cars been driven a new clutch for a manual car might also need replacing. Good luck with your search, you won't regret buying one.
  7. I recently bought new coolant hoses from Pelican Parts. I have 4 hoses for sale that are the incorrect part for my car. The part number are: 996 106 723 05 996 106 724 06 996 106 727 06 996 106 728 06 If any one is interested in purchasing make an offer.I have attached the Pelican Parts price list. Parts are in Victoria. Porsche Hoses_20181125.pdf
  8. Woka, I recently replaced the water pump, thermostat and about 80% of the rubber coolant hoses on my 2000 996. If your handy with tools it is all do able, just allow plenty of time to ensure everything is correctly done. I took my car off the road for 2 weeks, while I did a little bit each night after work. Pelican parts has lots of info on the procedure and I've attached another guide I found on the internet. It's possible to drain the whole cooling system even the radiators by disconnecting enough of the cooling hoses.If your car still has the original hoses, then removing them can be a real pain as the rubber hoses have bonded with time to the metal coolant pipes, many of the pipes I had to cut off to remove, for me this wasn't an issue as I was replacing the pipes. I changed the coolant on my car to Nulon RED available from Supercheap Auto. Some youtube vids show using a sealant to the water pump, thermostat gasket but this is not necessary and I have had no leaks using just a new gasket. The trick is to ensure that the metal surfaces are very clean. Scrap away all the old sealant, I used a ScotchBrite to give a final clean. The original hose clamps should be replaced, I adopted stainless steel screw clamps. The bolts to the water pump are not all the same length, 2 off the bolts are longer, take care to number them when removed, so you know which are the longer bolts. I replaced them all with new bolts. Let me know if you need any other advice. Hope it goes smoothly. John 996 water pump replacement procedure.pdf
  9. I recently changed the 6 speed transmission fluid in my 996. After reading all the information available I went with Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus 75W-90 Product Data sheet claims suitable for Porsche. Available from Autobarn and Repco in 1 litre bottles. I found the gear changes are smooth using this fluid. SYNTRAX UNIVERSAL PLUS 75W-90_467192_2013-12.pdf
  10. Thanks for the replies Ill checkout all these products
  11. Hi Has anyone changed the coolant on a 996C2 I just got a price from Porsche of $30 per litre for their coolant concentrate. With a capacity of around 20 litres the cost would be around $300. Are there any cheaper options? The current coolant in the car I think is the original coolant and is a yellow colour. Is there a problem with mixing alternaive coolants and is a flush of the system required? Any advice would be appreciated. John
  12. Thanks everyone for all the advice. I'll check out Pelican Parts I don't have a hoist, I just put the car on stands whenever doing any work underneath. Break pads are only 50% worn so I can leave them for the moment.
  13. P-Kay, No prob, i'll check it out. For my info, what make of suspension did you install and are you happy with the performance?
  14. P-Kay, Thanks for the reply. This is one of my projects to do over winter. Any idea how tight the top nut will be, is it possible to undo with a socket and wrench?

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