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  1. I have done 8000 k since taking delivery in September andI’m keen for some group drives, especially mid week
  2. Thanks for your replies guys. I was thinking the same thing, easy and gentle for the first day or 1000 km or so and then gradually increasing Rpm and throttle opening over the next day or two, culminating in 9000rpm and full throttle on one of my fave roads through the Noosa Hinterland.
  3. Awesome looking car. I am lucky enough to be collecting my 991.2 GT3 first week of October and I am also confused about the run in process. I am driving from Melbourne to Noosa the day after taking delivery, taking as many mountain roads that head vaguely north as I can find, it will be a 4000k return trip so I can do as the manual says but if it isn’t necessary it will be much more fun! Who did your clear wrap and are you happy with it Itsujack? I have mine booked in with Grafico.

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