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  1. The 996.1 C4 has PSM. Haven’t had the opportunity to have a proper play on the track or skid pan yet, but under most conditions on the road you never know it is there.
  2. I reckon it is definitely worth a look. Before I got mine I had a few conversations with the seller and think it is probably a pretty honest car and a good option for someone who wants to get in and drive - if picked up at the right price. What is that price? I reckon $45 would be top dollar IMO. Completely agree with the sentiment regarding not worrying about too much of the details and just enjoying the ride and the fact that there’s a 911 in the garage waiting to get out there and drive... and the get out there and just do it!
  3. Not a huge fan of the ducktail - think I'd prefer a GT3 wing. Gotta love a C4 though 😆
  4. I think that's the difference between a true enthusiast, and a show pony / snob etc. An enthusiast will appreciate and enjoy all different types / marques / brands / styles... even if they aren't totally their cup of tea. For me, I'm not sure if I'll ever own a Holden / Ford, but can certainly appreciate them. Mate just bought a VF2 SSV Ute - and it's an awesome car. So bloody good! Trying to teach my young bloke (9yo, into cars and karting) that there are so many awesome cars - even if we might like (or not like) one, doesn't make it better or worse. Our Porsche is NOT a "better" car than anything else. We like it, enjoy it, and have fun with it - that makes it good for us, and we are grateful for it.
  5. @TINGY996 you're right. I knew owning a 996 was never going to be cheap, but wasn't expecting this much this soon! @GC9911 it wasn't quite that, but not much short. Still... Cheaper than losing the only key...
  6. I picked Ken up from the whisperer earlier this week. Following the inspection, and subsequent pricing 😱the following was done: Originally offending water pipe Expansion tank Couple of other hoses and a new thermostat Engine and transmission mounts Alternator pulley clutch, along with other serpentine belt, pulleys etc Tailshaft rubber All coils and plugs AOS RMS Clutch fork Few other seals Pollen filter Air filter Fuel filter And a new key I'm very grateful that they determined IMS and clutch etc could stay, as I'm going to have trouble sitting down for a few weeks as it is! The cause of the problem in the first place, was an ill-fitted expansion tank. It was rubbing on the coolant pipe as you can see in the picture below, and eventually the plastic wore a hole in the alloy pipe. You can just see the tiny pin prick (with prick being the operative word..) hole in the middle of the shiny part. This is the route that the pipe takes... helps to understand why the engine needed to come out! Ken felt pretty good to drive on the way home from the whisperer, but haven't really had a chance for a proper drive yet. If I'm honest, I'm a little apprehensive about finding another problem now - I'm sure that feeling will dissipate in direct relation to each km I travel, but the fear is real. Couldn't resist stealing this pic from the Facebook page of the whisperer. Ken in good company... Now, if only this rain would stop... time to get out and drive!
  7. So it was a fruitful afternoon at the whisperer. Viewed the offending alloy pipe and the pin hole that caused this mess in the first place. It seems as though whoever replaced the coolant tank installed it resting on top of the pipe, which has caused the wear and subsequent hole. Pipe replaced and new tank (correctly installed) should put that one to bed. So, to other business... Seems that clutch has little wear - no point replacing that Pressure plate - clean bill of health Flywheel - excellent condition #winning IMS - has been replaced at some point - going to inspect and remove seal to allow oil in. The whisperer advises not worth replacing. Water pump has a slight stain on it - they are going to price it and leave to me whether I bother. AOS and RMS - might as well do both while engine is out Coil packs are cracked - replace these and plugs They aren't concerned with the startup noises - not worth doing anything for now. Alternator clutch not working - to be replaced. This could be the cause of charge rate dropping as car gets warm. Alternator effectively working too hard and overheating. A few other hoses etc to be replace - starting to get old and bulge a little Might do rear suspension arms - will depend on price. Filters etc replaced, as well as engine mounts and gearbox mount. So, all in all, I'm pretty happy about that. Happy because the damage to hip pocket is limited, but also because there's a clear explanation for the issue in the first place. Whisperer will send me some prices tomorrow and I'll decide how many of the optionals we do now, and what get's left for 'ron. Looking forward to getting it back now - assuming it won't take too long for them to sort and get all back together.
  8. Just got a call from "the whisperer"... engine is out and transmission is split from it - heading down this afternoon to talk turkey about what needs to be done at the same time.
  9. Thanks @JWM, mine is in solitary confinement waiting for the part. Glad to hear the positive feedback.
  10. Yes, I've only been without mine for a week, and already looking forward to getting back behind the wheel. I haven't actually spoken to them since late last week - figure the parts were a 2 week trip from Germany, so I wouldn't bother them. You will probably see my car there somewhere - it is the filthy dirty black one looking sad! Hope you're feeling better!
  11. Haha...yeah nah. Have driven plenty of properly fast cars, yet keep coming back to something with usable performance. More and more I appreciate driving a good NA engine. Sure, it isn't as fast, but I reckon more than fast enough, and you can enjoy the way the engine develops the power through the rev range. @JWM have you got yours back yet? Can you sit down or still in too much discomfort from the damage to the hip pocket?
  12. You guys are as funny as a screen door on a submarine... REAL helpful!! 😂😝 Before I know it I'll have a full "precautionary" rebuild... where do you stop?!!??
  13. Unfortunately the part is ex Germany... at least gives me time to save some pennies!
  14. Great photos - I think I can also see why my engine needs to come out to get that pipe!
  15. Yep, mine's there too. They offered to show my the equivalent to my offending pipe on your car before mine came out if I wanted.

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