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  1. That's looking like great value - 77k on the clock and currently listed at $48k. Surely can't last long!
  2. I've got it on my car at the moment, and not sure about it yet - especially at the price. The initial application was not as easy as they make it sound. I found it really difficult and time consuming, involving many dry microfibre cloths to get a clear, streak free finish. In fact, I'm sure that even now I'd be able to find some evidence still... a black car doesn't help though. It has only been on for a couple of weeks, and car hasn't been wet yet, so jury is out regarding longevity. Shine is reasonable, but nothing remarkable. So jury still out for me whether I'd purchase again or not. Will be interested to see how it fares once I get to the maintenance cycle.
  3. White 997 GT3 and a black 356 this morning on Mona Vale Rd at St Ives. Both looking awesome!
  4. Thanks @Stephen Tinker, that's helpful. Will report back findings (eventually!).
  5. Thanks @Stephen Tinker, I've always understood that 12.0 was about 50% - seems to be the accepted wisdom (at least across AGMs, where I've had more experience) - at any rate, it is best to keep them above 50% SOC or 12.0v. The battery is in good condition - I have a battery tester and it has tested fine, in fact, I think it got a 97% health rating - which was surprising knowing it has seen at least a couple of high discharges (down to low 11s) I've tested in 2 ways. 1. Measured resting volts across a time period, and calculated the draw based on power taken from the battery over the period of time. 2. Confirmed with a power meter Totally agree - 0.5A is a high discharge rate - which is why I'm investigating. It isn't a big deal when I'm using every day, however, it still isn't right. I'm planning to change the aftermarket head unit in the not too distant future - so that will probably be the first check.
  6. @Nugget it seems like you might have a slightly different issue as well. I'd expect that after a 2 hour drive, if your alternator is charging correctly, you should see up around 13v at the battery. I think my alternator is slightly less effective than it should be, but still charges at a minimum of 13.5v and up to 14ish sometimes. Make sure too, you let the battery rest for 5-10 minutes after charging to take a reading.
  7. Draw seems to be the same, whether locked or not. I've left the frunk open for a long time, and the light has turned off - so I think safe to assume it turns off when closed. Yeah - 7 year old tyres. A little surprising given KEN owned a tyre shop... but then maybe not so surprising... Will deal with a few other things on "the list" first, and then see where that places me in regards to new tyres. They aren't THAT bad... was pushing pretty hard and just needed to reset the throttle to get some weight back on the nose. Will see how much it annoys me in the mean time.
  8. I have similar issues, but also slightly different. The housing for the switch has cracked, so isn't locating the switch properly - planning to replace this first. My roof will open, but when it closes, the wind deflector doesn't automatically lower and can get stuck between the sunroof closing and the body of the car. Strange - as it seems like a mechanical retraction system. Haven't really looked into it yet, but is on the list.
  9. Ok, time for an update. KEN has been going well - been away for a couple of weeks, so left neglected on the charger in the garage. Interestingly, there seems to be a consistent current draw of about 0.5A - which seems really high to me. Has anyone else had this experience? Any more than about 18 hours and the battery will fall below 12.0v, which isn't great for it. I've rigged up quick access for the charger, but would like to work out what is causing the draw. I did a leatherique treatment on the seats too while I was away, which has put some softness back into them and cleaned them up nicely. Had a nice drive up the hill on the OPH north of Sydney - a little bit more understeer than I was expecting on a couple of occasions. Need to explore that a little more - could be that the front hoops are 2012 manufacture, compared with fairly new rears. Will update as I experiment a little more. Highlight is new plates. KEN is now only by name, the plates have been replaced with something far more appropriate (IMO). Hope you like them.
  10. For those that have been to these before, is bringing a guest normally acceptable or frowned upon?
  11. Yep, I'm hoping to get there.
  12. Likewise, I’m also planning to be there.
  13. Well done @JWM your story resonates with me as a new 996 owner also. Brilliant car and thanks for sharing the journey, a great read. Hopefully will get a bunch of these Sydney based 996s together soon! cheers Dave
  14. Yes! That's exactly the right style. Thanks!
  15. Oh no, sorry to hear about your 997! What happened? Trying to think whether I have any updates on Ken... Oh... new plates have been ordered, "Ken" won't be KEN for much longer. I've added a discreet charging input so I can keep him charged in the garage. I'm sick of the VDO head unit already. It looks good during the day when the car's off, but that's about it. The bright blue backlight stands out like the proverbial during the day... and doesn't dim at night. So that will be removed in the not too distant future. Hopefully for something that has similar period looks, but with some better detail. Got a half full cart at Suncoast with bits and pieces hopefully close that off in the next week or so and get it delivered. Aside from that, I think I'm just driving it. Had a meeting in the southern highlands last week and I had a little spare time after. So I did what any sane person would do... took a quick squirt down to Kangaroo Valley and back. I was relatively well behaved (of course) but had a great time bonding, learning about how Ken likes to be driven. The flat 6 sound echoing off the walls was amazing. Had 2 cars pull over for me to pass on the way down, and a totally clear run on the way back up. So much fun.

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