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  1. Thought I'd post a couple here too... because... well, because I can! Picked up this 00 C4 a few weeks ago.
  2. I think that pic has helped me decide on my numberplate choice for Ken 👍
  3. So the API results are in. Drumroll please... Aside from a few small items, and some ongoing wear items to be seen to in time, Ken has been given a clean bill of health. 🎉I think I'm going to do an oil change in the next few weeks. The dealer said they did one, but I think I'd rather know it is done, and know what oil is in it. Good opportunity to check out the filter carefully at the same time. Other than that, the instructions from AH were to just drive and enjoy. They weren't pushing me at all to do the IMSB, so I think I'm going to drive it for 6 months, then book it in for a good service with them, get a few of the items noted on the "API" seen to, and attend to the IMSB at that point in time. Thanks @amanda, don't wait too long on the 996 purchase! The word is out and they are becoming harder and harder to find. I had to come back to work tonight for a few hours - hadn't driven Ken since the API, so was having withdrawals and brought him out, even though it looks like more rain. Car gets dirty... car gets cleaned. Didn't buy a 911 to have it sit in the garage. It's a car... drive the bloody thing!
  4. So today is the day of the API (After Purchase Inspection) - Autohaus Hamilton were chosen to give Ken the once over and tell me what I've got myself in for. To say I'm feeling paranoid and nervous would be an understatement. I'm looking forward to finding out, but I keep having the "but what ifs"... Anyway, time will tell and whatever the outcome, the reality is that I'll just deal with whatever is there, one thing at a time.
  5. I've spoken to this guy on Gumtree at some length. The engine was purchased from Vertex Automotive in the states, and imported and fitted to the car here by DHM. Only about 2000km on the new engine, selling now because owner is starting a business. I think it would potentially be a good buy. I told him that I was interested at the time, for a number starting with a 4... he initially said no way, but at the same time I did the deal on Ken, he got back in touch to ask what my offer would be - so I think he would take an offer in the late 40s...
  6. Haha, not sure if that's a good thing or not!
  7. Great pics @Port 911 - good to meet you and thanks for the company heading up to Hawks Nest - hope you enjoyed the rest of your afternoon. I had a great day, good to get "Ken" out for a good drive. We did almost 500km in the day and he performed faultlessly - no signs of leaks either in some fairly heavy rain on the way home, so happy about that. Really enjoyed meeting some others from here too - look forward to catching up again soon.
  8. I'll be meeting my cousin (BMW M2) at Asquith BP at 6.30 and heading up from there. (Others welcome) Should be a few Porsches out on the road, I think PCNSW has an event on this weekend too. Dave
  9. Yes, love to. I'll be coming up from Sydney with my cousin in an M2. Let me know where you're meeting and when and I'll be there.
  10. Thanks, I'll aim to be there before 8.30.
  11. Sounds great @Port 911 - my old man lives up your way, and is taking his E-Type down to Hawks Nest - hence the plan to split my time on the day.
  12. Thanks @Tips will see how I go. If not this one, definitely in the future. Love to meet some folk. Thanks to everyone else as well. I'll book in for an "API" (thanks @Dreamr) - just need to choose which of the well known independent Porsche workshops near me I'll choose. Spoilt for choice! Will also arrange for the IMS to be done shortly - I'd be crazy not to. For now... enjoying every second of the driving experience!
  13. I'm keen to head up to this. Is there a meeting place and/or time? What time does it normally finish? I'm planning to head up and have a look at the Classic car show up at Hawks Nest to - probably leave Newcastle around lunch.
  14. So Ken and I have had the past 24 hours getting to know each other. After taking 2.5 hours to drive the 95km to Camden to pick him up, the journey home seemed ever too short. It was great to have the my mate who is partially responsible for this whole shebang take me down there in his 996, which gave me the opportunity to experience 2 cars in short succession. Initial impressions on the drive home: Still pulls left, need to get that alignment looked at in the near future. Small vibration issue at about 110 and above - probably a balance issue in the rear. Similar to my mate's 996, perhaps a little worse. The exhaust is louder than I remember, and louder than the gundo hacked I enjoyed on the way down. That's a good thing. The M2 tunnel is my new favourite place After the obligatory test drive with the rest of the family, and put the kids into bed, I took the finance minister to the garage to appreciate our investment (pun intended) It was better than she expected! (Win) She was really impressed (Huge win) "I really like it" When exploring under the false floor in the front, she remarked - what's in that Mercedes Benz bag? Turned out to be handbook, service records etc.. (Biggest win) Today, in the light of day, Ken has been rubbed, poked, caressed, prodded and rubbed some more: Body is better than I thought - seriously, it is so bloody straight. The thing might have never seen a parking lot! Those 259000km have been kind I'm paranoid about noises. Was that a rattle? A knock? Did someone fart? A clay bar and quick polish later, and the thing looks a million bucks. I like the wheels. They are next to receive some love, but look great. Massive offset, but fill the guards nicely. GT3 style front bar is also great. The neighbours are enjoying the exhaust. (No, they don't have a choice in the matter.) See that Porsche in the driveway? ... That's mine I need new number plates There are a few little things that need fixing, but really... time to get in it and drive. Due to my paranoia, I am going to book it in and get a Post Pre Purchase Inspection - just to have some peace of mind, and know what I'm up for in the next while. Heck, I might even just throw an IMS Solution at it anyway!
  15. Actually tyre size is an interesting thing. I'm expecting that the wheels on the rear are at least 10" - and the tyres are only 265. Yes, they do look a little stretched. Would have thought if you own a tyre shop, you'd be able to put on the right size tyres at least... All part of the adventure.

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