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  1. Very nice, I hear they put on a nice day and I always meant to do one of their days but never got around to it. What sort of things do they cover and at what level? Looks like there was a very nice bunch of Porsches.
  2. Yeah, I think 7:30pm was the warm up session and race started later. I missed the start but bit of excitement last night with the wet weather. Race currently on hold due to bad fog. Some nice footage of the pit lane activity if you wind back the live feed a little.
  3. Great coverage so far! Qualifying that is. By my calculations warmup should be at 7:30pm Sydney time.
  4. Here's Q3 if you have time to watch it, results at 1:18:05: I assume the driver highlighted in green means the lead driver or something? Matt Campbell's group a little way down the grid but still in the mix given a win the other weekend at I think Paul Ricard. Final Qualifying in the wet. Exciting stuff. BMW, Lamborghini and Mercedes on pole. Results at 2.09.10
  5. Looks to me like next qualifying session is in about 14 hours - 3:30pm their time, or 11:30pm our time so could be a late night watching live!
  6. How long are they taking to sell and are they actually selling for that amount? Unless they are ultra-low kms. I remember a couple of years ago a 981 Cayman GTS was selling between the $120-130k mark with low ks. IMO I do not think the 4.0 has much on the 981 S/GTS cars, unless you are after more hp, newer navigation system and PTV/LSD as standard. The brakes are also now larger on the 4.0 and the steering is more direct on the 718 models but probably not that noticeable unless you are going for track times or regularly driving at the limit. Of course a new car is always nice but if it is sound you are after the 981 is the go.
  7. I believe China has brought in new stricter car emission/pollution rules so maybe that has something to do with it.
  8. This car is really doing the rounds and really convenient marketing by Porsche unlike McLaren's antics. If you hadn't seen it yet, even Car Wow has gotten in on the show. I know it's not a drag car but really impressive figures for his second go!
  9. My guess is a smaller increase in hp but with significant weight reduction and better aero and suspension. In any case based on current GT4 PDK performance it will be a great car with extra performance to match. Whilst I think GT3 level hp is still wishful thinking maybe the extra quarter window air intakes are a signt of better things to come.
  10. Matt Farrah from Smoking Tire gives a similar conclusion if you hadn't seen it. Interesting that the gear ratios are still relatively long although doesn't seem to hurt it for pace.
  11. I'm not sure why you would drive a 718 around in normal mode if you want to get an appreciation of the performance dynamics? Most people are aware that modern turbo cars are designed and geared for maximum economy so as to meet new emissions targets that weren't around in 981 days. So ticking over like a tractor at 1500 RPM or even 1200 RPM is typical in normal mode and I would agree the cars are not that responsive. However, switch the car into Sport or even better Sport + and you can say good bye to your 981 or even your GT4 and older GT3. However, for normal driving I think the 981 is more than adequate for its era and I wouldn't be surprised if it is a little more responsive at lower RPM in normal mode given the atmo engine. It doesn't have the more modern tech of the 718 but certainly the excitement is there and it the right hands it is still a very fast car. For newer car buyers wanting more modern interior tech I think the 718 is an attractive package and it is a very quiet crusing car because of the low RPM, but if you already have a 981 I can see that you might not want to upgrade. I would think a 992 would be good choice and quite a performance leap.
  12. Yes, very impressive driver. I was at PR Tech the other day and I believe the Ginetta is getting a new race engine so bigger things to come or I should say faster in a smaller package.
  13. donR

    Brake Pad Upgrade

    I've used Ferodo DS2500 in the past with good results.
  14. I was told the other day that slipping your service books/manuals behind the cushion works. I'd imagine you could put almost anything behind there, just a matter of finding the right size. A visit to the foam shop could also be worth while.
  15. I recommend loading waze if anyone isn't using it. Good for warning of various road hazzards. Actually does seem to work!

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