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  1. Made it out to the local Porsche Supersprint the other night at SMSP South circuit. Frantic little circuit with lots of twists and turns! Not sure if anyone has done it but really difficult to master. I'd say trickier than the GP circuit and virtually zero opportunity to practice on it seems. Lots of fun though.
  2. donR

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Looks like they didn't hold back which is good to see. Probably close to 500hp when you see the terminal velocity on the straights, much faster than the normal GT4.
  3. Managed to finally get out for a post-lockdown drive here in Sydney after over 3 months parked in the garage. Was great weather for it. I would have contacted a few of you but if anyone else is interested in 0600 drives let me know. Yes it was an early start and surprising amount of traffic around but we still had a good run through most of the sections including Mac Pass. Funny enough caught up with a highway patrol car at the top of Mac Pass (I'm sure he was giving it a bit too!). He pulled over then followed us to Robertson Pie Shop. Said we had just crossed the regional boundary. Was very nice about it and told us to head back the way we came down Mac Pass which was also a good run! Turns out the boundary is just up the top of the pass for anyone that is heading that way.
  4. Yes I've heard of people coming to grief there. I actually did a similar thing once on coldish tyres and too firmer suspension but being a cayman and small my call pretty much spun 360 around straight on the inside near the wall and kept going. Scary stuff though and I can see in a bigger and/or less balanced car you could easily hit the wall as the M3 guy did to some extent.
  5. Nice find and I agree it was arguably Max's fault. However, if you go back a step further it seems a slow pit stop of a matter of seconds (I read total 11.1s) was what put him behind Hamilton. I suspect Max was perhaps still fuming/distracted from that and felt the need to make up time at all cost. Shows it can really be a team effort.
  6. That's great to know about Oxley. Really need to get up that way again when we get let out!
  7. He was very happy but I think his fans were even happier after what has been a disappointing year so far. I find it strange that he can be so inconsistent then suddenly have a win, car aside, although possibly would have been third or fourth had Verstappen and Hamilton not ended their race, but still an improvement. Lets hope he can maintain this form, certainly an clear improvement.
  8. 2 X MICHELIN PILOT SPORT CUP 2 N1 TYRES 305/30ZR20 PORSCHE for GT3. $300 is for both tyres. Normally ~ $600 each. These look to have at least 90% tread depth left, hardly used but there is some shoulder wear from a day at the track (see photos). I bought these as a set from a fellow Porsche driver and used the fronts in 245 which were great but decided the rears were a bit too wide to use on my Cayman. Have been sitting in my cupboard since. Cash on pickup from Willoughby NSW See photos here: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/willoughby/wheels-tyres-rims/2-x-michelin-pilot-sport-cup-2-n1-tyres-305-30zr20-porsche-gt3/1277262868
  9. donR


    I was just reading elsewhere about these lift bars as I too find it a bit of a rigmarole to jack up they Cayman. Found a few other ideas on this page for those into DIY so thought I'd add to the thread here. Seems reasonably straight forward. https://rennlist.com/forums/996-forum/1067312-porken-lift-bars.html
  10. donR

    R Compound tyres.

    Yes, in a sense you are getting free rubber with the AO52s and the tread pattern should not be so noisey and safer in the rain than the 50. Will be interested to hear how you find them fitment wise and durablity. I've read they don't last as long as say a Cup 2 but similar to other semi-slicks, but then that really seems to depend on how much camber you have. From what I've seen you can easily go one diameter size down and not upset the ABS and/or go a little larger on the front for more width if need. The other good option IMO is the Trofeo R but no free rubber with their sizing!
  11. donR

    R Compound tyres.

    Can't help with those sizes but I did some research on the AO52s which you might know about in any case, but they seem to be a little wider and taller than other makes in the same size so the 235 will be more like a 245 and the 295 more like a 305. Otherwise they get a very good wet and dry performance review.
  12. Thanks and no worries. I'm running Trofeo R and the BMW was also running semi-slicks - maybe Nakang AR1s or something like that. I'm told manual shifting does not lead to faster times compared with auto mode, although perhaps a pro racer or instructor would be a bit faster in manual mode and with PSM turned off. I do try a few manual down shifts depending on the corner but I find the PDK is generally faster and better than me and I can focus more on the lines and braking as it is a difficult circuit to master so I couldn't say for sure which is faster. I did try manual shifts at Wakefield and the times were very similar, maybe only a few tenths slower than with auto shifts. I was surprised as I am not the best at manual shifts despite my last car being manual stick! I think with practice both manual and auto times would be near identical, the PDK is that good. Perhaps worth a manual shift down to second on the last two corners before the straight, might be another tenth in it. The lap timer is the Porsche Track Precision Ap that comes with Sports Chrono. It is sometimes a bit buggy and I have to import and sync the video from my GoPro manually which can be tedious, but the metrics are useful but not always precisely timed due to I think perhaps a relatively low sampling rate of Ap. It is nice though how it displays current time on the PCM display so you know how your lap is going. The ap will also export VBO data to things like circuit tools but I'm yet to understand how to use it properly and/or get a good driver in the car so I can compare my brake points, etc.
  13. Just did the inaugral BMW vs Porsche supersprint at Sydney Motor Sport Park SMSP GP circuit which was a bit washed out but some good times and a dry track in the morning. A big turnout with 50 or so Porsches including some classics and as many BMWs. The fastest Porsche and car of the morning was some sort of GT3 which posted a 1.34.73, followed by a modified GT2 which did a 1.35.31. The fastest GT3 RSs looked to have been around the 1.39 mark and there was a 996 GT3 which did a 1.41.61. Nice to see some of these exotic cars on the track and some very good drivers out there. I had a bit of fun chasing a F80 M3 which ended in a spectacular spin out of turn 1 which catches a lot of people out. Not the most forgiving corner particularly for the bigger BMWs:
  14. Very nice, I hear they put on a nice day and I always meant to do one of their days but never got around to it. What sort of things do they cover and at what level? Looks like there was a very nice bunch of Porsches.
  15. Yeah, I think 7:30pm was the warm up session and race started later. I missed the start but bit of excitement last night with the wet weather. Race currently on hold due to bad fog. Some nice footage of the pit lane activity if you wind back the live feed a little.

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