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  1. no problem. I'm looking at selling by the end of the month so if you are interested let me know ASAP.
  2. Yep depreciation is a killer. An RS2 would be nice but they were never sold in Australia and only 48 B5 RS4s so they are also relatively rare. The only RS2 I've seen for sale over the years is an import with over 150,000kms and they want $105k for it. So I'm not sure if there is much value in it unless you are a collector. Although RS2s are similarly priced in Europe so perhaps $100k is a fair price. B5 RS4 prices are also on the way up in the UK for good examples due to their relative rarity and Cosworth race pedigree.
  3. This is a topic close to my heart since I am selling my 2001 B5 RS4 with only ~ 53,000 kms after 16 years of ownership (see back on page 4). Obviously not used as a daily but rather spirited country drives which it is perfect for with improved suspension set up, Bilstein PSS9s and H&R anti-roll bar upgrade. Yet just as comfortable or luxurious on the open road with quite good sound insulation and compliance in the suspension depending on setting. If you want to really hear the engine you have to rev it, wind down the window or get a sports exhaust, it is really quite a civilised car or a real sleeper as they say. I'd say the Uber wagon to buy is either the RS2 (developed by Porsche) or the B5 RS4 (engine built by Cosworth Racing back in the day when Audi acquired them). The 2006/2007 B7 RS4 is a better driver's car out of the box but the B5 RS4 handling (under steer) is easily corrected with a good set of anti-roll bars. Improved further with coil-overs and is a faster car if you can handle a little turbo lag. Interior and technology wise they are much the same. The B7 RS4 is known for all sorts of problems cropping up including DRC leakage, electrical gremlins and various engine problems including carbonisation, and is a little heavy at a kerb weight of close to 1800kg. The B5 RS4 is relatively light weight at 1640 kg and feels very fast with twin turbo Cosworth built engine and is extremely reliable as long as you stay on top of services/maintenance. https://forum.rs246.com/ or http://www.ozaudi.com/forums/ is a good place if you want to do some research. Mechanical problems for the B5 RS4 are few and far between. The only major was the soft alloy OEM wheels and there is a synchro upgrade for the gear box which can get a bit notchy but seems to only affect certain builds. Otherwise plenty of UK models with well over 200,000 miles running stage 1 or 2 without fault. Some tune to 550 hp on original internals which are OEM upgraded over the B5 S4. See attached article. Of course only the B5 and B7 RS4s and RS2 come in manual so that probably cuts out the rest of them but I will give the other RS wagons a brief mention below: The 2013 B8.5 RS4 is a fine vehicle with all the mod cons, DSG gear box, fine V8 engine, but is to put it frankly a little boring to drive and at almost 1900 kg kerb weight it is the real porka of the bunch. Fairly reliable but with high servicing costs and eats its front pads and rotors routinely. There is the new 2018 B9 RS4 which is a great car if you want something new and can spare the coin. It has shed a little weight but still well over 1800kg. You might also consider the RS6 models which are the real heavy weights but the 2008-2010 C6 V10 turbo and 2013- C7 V8 turbo models have the performance to match but auto only. The_Power_Of_The_RS4.pdf Oh I should also probably mention if you are on a budget there are the lesser model wagons like B5 and B6 A4 (4 cylinder) and S4 wagons but I'd say a manual version will be hard to find (there is none at present) and they will not be as well looked after so you would need to be very patient and choose carefully. I cannot think of any other manual wagons worth purchasing unless you went to something like a Skoda or VW or Holden or Japanese.
  4. No hailstones in our area in Willoughby but a nice light and sound show! I took a look at flight radar last night and was amazed at the amount of flights doing circles in holding patterns and being diverted. No doubt some were running low on fuel by that time and took priority. Saw one plane from Canberra heading to Sydney flying around for about 2 hours then went straight back to Canberra. Noticed planes still landing near midnight to get through the back log past the curfew. Not a great afternoon/evening for travelers!
  5. Two doors or I should probably say three so still some similarities to the RS, even the GT Silver colour is similar, although a little more grey 🙂
  6. No as you would know the 991 has two snails and probably a little above my budget but I happily settled for another Porsche with one snail that is just as quick and a little faster and smaller than my RS4 🙂
  7. Yes, I do enjoy the off/on torque when those twin turbos kick in on the RS4 and I can see the attraction for the 3.6 TT. It is hard to go back to an NA car unless it is something like a GT3 perhaps but that is an expensive journey and perhaps without creature comforts. I think one does get a bit spoilt with the turbos but it is a different sort of emotion. I can see the attraction for NA cars and reminds me of my old E30 6 cylinder which I had ported & blueprinted, and a couple of high reving NA 4 cylinder cars I used to drive in the day. However, I think for now I will be sticking with at least one snail. 😉
  8. Wow 9 months! I thought my wait was bad! My car is not on the Morning Composer but the Asian Vision, looks almost like the same ship! I'm tracking it from Germany and I notice it is next going to South Africa (22/2) from Zeebrugge in Belgium (3/2) and Bremerhaven in Germany (31/1) where I assume they loaded the Porsches. Meant to be due in Sydney end of March. What a slow old caboose! https://www.vesselfinder.com/vessels/ASIAN-VISION-IMO-9122966-MMSI-441992000 Must be quite some logistics to get the cars loaded and unloaded in the right order. I assume they might be picking up some BMWs in S Africa. Not sure what they would have been doing in Belgium as it is not too far from Germany? I'm surprised at the number of stops the ship makes! Anyone know where they unload in Sydney? I assume they no longer go to Balmain?
  9. That last passing move past the Aston was very impressive and I don't think any of the other cars would have fit through the gap! I think the Porsche had the best tires by that stage but fifth on pole so was certainly in for a potential win. Is it a new car for 2019? Any revisions? Certainly was very competitive.
  10. Just thought I'd update everyone about the outcome of this. It seems I had to take the initiative but the dealer was willing to compensate if I took the current build with the missing option rather than re-ordering. Whilst they acknowledged the option was missed despite my request they were not willing to acknowledge that the option was included in the original contract value for what ever reason. Never the less with a little bit of tooing and froing they have agreed to fully wrap my vehicle in PPF which I understand has a trade value of approx $3500. Their initial offer was a front wrap and ceramic coating to the rest of the car (value ~ $2500), but I pointed out that I may as well pay the balance for full PPF as it wasn't that far off and if they added the value of the missing option that was originally paid for it would cover it anyway, which they kindly obliged. I figure they could have done nothing so I think it is a good outcome. They are not stuck with a car they have to sell and I can be happy that I got a little bit extra for my troubles. Hopefully they are just as happy! At this stage, I'd rather take the saving as well as knowing the car is well protected given the sort of driving I'll be doing.
  11. If you can look up the bulb type and it is standard then you should be able to do it. Even most auto shops sell LED replacements these days. Depending on the intensity you want you will need to check how larger module you can fit as the heat sinks/fans can be largish at the back. You might also need canbus correction. I had to use these for my Audi due to lack of space:
  12. I was looking for a 981 CGTS but also found they are few and far between. I'd guess there were only ever 50 or so sold with most people opting for the base or S or GT4 so you have a relatively rare car. Other problem I found was I couldn't find one with PTV/LSD and the after market LSD options on the PDK version seem limited or NA. Though depending on the style of driving you do you don't really need the PTV. Best car I found was a yellow 981 GTS in manual with PTV/LSD and ceramics, but I was after PDK. There was also a really nice Rhodium Silver CGTS last year with 16,500 kms that I liked that hung around for over six months before it sold for around the $125-130k mark. Again no PTV, but great buying IMO. Porsche Sydney had a couple of red 918 CGTSs a while back but also no PTV. I've also seen some really nice S models for sale with amazingly low miles. Great that you were able to find one. What options and colour did you get. Any photos?
  13. Thanks, that BMW looks massive next to the RSR. Still a long way to go!
  14. I assume that 3.87% with CBA is for principal + interest. Good info to know. We're up to 3.97% for pinc + interest with CBA but 4.99% on our interest only loans. I might as well try and ask for a 0.1 discount!
  15. Yes great performance from the 911 RSR but the top ten cars are all very close < 1 sec so will be an interesting race in that category. Anyone know if there is a live feed online?

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