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  1. donR

    Brake Pad Upgrade

    I've used Ferodo DS2500 in the past with good results.
  2. I was told the other day that slipping your service books/manuals behind the cushion works. I'd imagine you could put almost anything behind there, just a matter of finding the right size. A visit to the foam shop could also be worth while.
  3. I recommend loading waze if anyone isn't using it. Good for warning of various road hazzards. Actually does seem to work!
  4. Ok I thinking the German Belgium contact for these seats on Rennlist is this guy: https://rennlist.com/forums/market/1132848 Just waiting on pricing and shipping to come back ☺️
  5. Thanks, I'll email them. I have been seeing some of the O/S prices on these seats! Cost of a small car. It is for my 718 Cayman so fixed buckets are fine. I've been getting mixed messages about whether or not the 997 seats will work with the newer wiring harness. Suncoast who have them said they are not compatable, another place Teile said that they will fit but the airbags would need to be coded so a lot of money to spend if they don't work! Let me know if you think of the Germany/Belgium contact. thanks. Anyone know if there are any compatability issues between LHD and RHD versions of these seats? I'm also considering the Recaro Sportster CS with side airbag as these are more affordable and I can still run a harness, but I haven't been able to find anyone who can confirm whether or not they will fit as they are a bit wider with the airbag on the side, and whether or not they are compatabile with the wiring harness. The LWB seats are apparently plug and play so that would be great. I did find some in the UK but a bit expensive and really hard to find someone who will ship them in due to the airbag being classed as hazzardous.
  6. I agree a generic race seat is the way to go and a lot cheaper! My problem is I've been told legally I'm not meant to reduce the safety features on the car by installing a seat without a side airbag as it already comes with one. So it is a bit of a delema!
  7. I know this is a long shot but thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone knows or can source some Porsche CFRP Light Weight Bucket Seats. I was going to get some Recaro SPG seats but I believe there is a legal/compliance issue with not having the side airbag so I am back looking at Porsche seats. Or if anyone wants to swap there's for some very comfortable 18 ways, see my other post:
  8. I know this is a long shot but thought I'd post just in case anyone is wanting to swap there very uncomfortable Porsche Fixed Carbon Bucket Seats for some very nice comfortable 18-way seats plus some cash. There are a number of motor trimmers around who can change stitching colouring and head rest leather/lettering for a small additional cost if required. These seats are also interchangeable/plug and play except for the memory function and suit cars 2016 onwards. I was going to get some Recaro SPG seats but I believe there is the issue with not having the side airbag so I am back looking at Porsche seats.
  9. I thought the sessions were a bit short for beginnners. I was getting 3 to 5 laps which after warming up and a bit of traffic was really only 2 good laps at the most which isn't great if you don't know the track well and maybe 1 hour between sessions, but the timed categories did work pretty good and nice the mix of BMWs and Porsches made a great car show to look at. Alex did a 1:47.39 in his boxster which is very impressive for a base car on a slow day! I had a quick chat to him and the only mods appeared to be semi-slick tyres. I notice he also drives a 3RS so I assume he is a good operator. Really impressive time from Dan as well in his 987 Boxter.
  10. Thanks, I hadn't seen that one and not too far from me. Just checked them out on facebook, does look like nice work!
  11. Old post but just wondering if anyone has any more recent updates on good seat re-trimmers in Sydney? I notice there are a lot to choose from so would be good to hear of any recommendations. I note Pro Stitch above which I've emailed. I am thinking of getting some Recaro bucket seats for my Cayman but would like to get them re-trimmed in leather/alcantara and red stitching to make them look a bit less out of place. I figure it will still be much cheaper than Porsche Carbon buckets and they will probably fit better!
  12. A deserving win to Aston Martin with a clean sweep in both GTE classes and a different winner for a change!Although great that Matt Cambell and his co-pilots were able to bring up the rear with 2nd in GTEAm, even ahead of the Pro team! Actually it seems all the Am RSR teams did better than Pro!Although I didn't watch it so I'm sure the Pro teams have a good excuse!
  13. No idea where everyone is placed but this guy seems to be driving really well! Just saw the driver change. Those guys look really wired!
  14. Saw this on Dutton's. Thought you guys would appreciate it. 1 of 51
  15. donR

    DSC sport

    I also have one of these on my 718 and definitely an improvement with high speed stablity. There is also the option of loading alternative maps or even modifying maps with your laptop if you're experienced with suspension setup. For example, I loaded a custom 718 map into the normal position on the PASM button with the sport 991/98x map on the sport button. Later I loaded the GT3 map into the normal position and left the 718 map in the sport position. I haven't had time to lean and tweak any individual parameters. There is also a local supplier Dijan at TT Suspensions who seems very knowledgable albeit a little busy, but the can get the DSCs for you if you want to purchase locally.

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