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  1. I have the 981 brouchures in pdf if you are still looking for them. See attached. I also have the 981 GTS and GT4 ones as well if you want them but there is an upload limit to post. Good luck with your search. The 981 is a great car if you can stretch the budget. Though 987 is also a great platform. PDK is also great depending on your style of driving. I think for Targa style drive days with 20 or 30+ turns PDK is a huge advantage. Manual is maybe just a little bit more fun around the street and on the track. Porsche 981 Cayman.pdf Porsche_Cayman_981_Brochure_201312.pdf
  2. I saw that white one yesterday. Looks nice. I did look at a Rhodium Silver GTS in NSW a year or so ago and it was PDK, but very nice with only 16,404kms and I thought good buying at ~$130k for PDK version. The best 981 GTS I saw was a manual yellow with the Sport Techno style wheels. I'm pretty sure it also had ceramic brakes and it definitely had PTV/LSD which is rare for a 981 S/GTS. I think it sold for ~ $140k, but definitely one to consider for manual drivers if it comes up again.
  3. I agree, reducing understeer is mainly a factor of driving error/style. Although, my old Audi had the weight of the engine over 265 front tires so that might have helped with turn in. The understeer I'm getting in the Cayman I think is more due to braking too late and too heavy on turn in. ABS doesn't even seem to work with that combination. OP and Ian mentioned the Cup 2s so I'd still be interested in people's experience with them on cold targa style roads. I don't think it hurts to have more grip on those type of roads but less grip under certain condition such as the wet and maybe the cold would not be good. Although rarely is it really wet in NSW but it does get cold. I understand all the GT cars have Cup 2 tires but is it that they do not go too well in the wet and/or cold conditions? One thing I was surprised by after the weekend alpine drive was how the tire pressure varies so much with temperature, a range of 33 to 38 psi, suggesting under some conditions the tyres don't really warm up.
  4. I like the face lift on the front and the 8000 RPM red line will be very nice. Otherwise, the performance gains over the 981 GT4 seem minimal and the PDK 718 GTS still appears to be the faster car, albeit not necessarily on the track with the tyre/wheel disadvantage. I think if they release PDK version it will really lift the game. I just configured one and it came to $256k drive away + $6k for PDK if it was available. I don't suppose they will be offering much discount on a GT4?
  5. I have the PS4S on my 718 (265 rear, 235 front) and just did a 1600km drive weekend through Snowy Mountains and Kosciuszko and they are pretty impressive to say the least. Pulled up to 1.36G at about 8/10s. Not really any traction issues although I've found if braking isn't perfect there is a chronic understeer, happened about 4 times now. I've thought about larger Cup 2 tyres (295, 255) to help with understeer and provide more grip but I was wondering how they go in cold weather, say -1 to 10 C? Or is it just the rain that is the problem? I'd be interested to hear from any Porsche drivers whether the Cup 2s instill confidence through cold mountain style roads. I do notice the it helps to get the heat into the PS4Ss but they do warm up quickly regardless. Definitely a great road tire.
  6. Yeah, I think the Noah is a good cover. It is very similar to my Evolution Block-it and as you mention they can all be custom made to fit. I bought the Evolution as it is meant to give slightly more ding protection. Though when you roll it up still takes up most of the frunk! Here is a good comparison of the Covercraft covers FYI: https://www.covercraft.com/au/en/covercrafter Looks like the Noah is slightly better in the rain.
  7. Congrats on your 718 GTS. Great car. I don't know of any local cars with exhaust mods but if you want a better quality sound it is worth first disconnecting the soundactor (removing the fuse). Also worth having a look over at 718forum and rennlist for people who have done some exhaust mods. There are a lot of options available these days.
  8. I have a Covercraft Evolution Block-it. It is outdoor/"highly" water resistant and protects against light knocks and light hail and is soft on your paint. You can get them custom made through Supercheap auto for around $300 but a 3 week wait. If you really want it water proof I would also get one of those thin water proof covers to put on top. I wouldn't normally recommend these as they are a little abrasive but it will be on top of your soft cover so doesn't matter. The water resistant covers will work for light to medium showers but not constant heavy showers. As soon as the surface tension is broken it can start to seep through particularly at the seams. A bit of scotch guard can help and better not to park under trees as they seem to generate bigger and constant water drops.
  9. Thanks Guys. The GTS interior package with the red stitching is a bit of an indulgence but really does make me feel like I'm siting in first class rather than economy class! 😉
  10. Yes, picked the GTS on 2 April. Still getting the hang of the car and running in so just small throttle inputs and trying to keep to 4000 RPM max but it has been great. It feels a little cumbersome having to change early in the gears all the time and I can't wait to let the PDK do its thing all the way to 7300. A very well mannered and comfortable car cruising around but really comes into is own when pushed hard. I have done a couple of mid week trips up to Akuna Bay/Church Point and did the Putty Road last Sunday with a VAG group which was a lot of fun. Amazing car in the twisties and feels so well balanced and composed. I had the back step out once and a bit of understeer on a few steep down hill corners so wouldn't mind trying some slightly larger front and rear tires one day. Maybe GT4 spec Cup 2s. Otherwise the car feels quite controllable and very safe as is and well within its limits or my limits which that day was max 1.3G. I will have to link it with some other Porsche guys some time for a Porsche drive day! In the mean time have a Porsche Advanced Drive Day to do but will wait until after 3000kms.
  11. donR

    Xpel PPF

    I had Suntek put on a couple of months ago and they have this new product called G-technic Halo which is a ceramic which is designed to go onto of the PPF. I know Xpel has a similar product. Perhaps a little obsessive but I also ended up putting on some Meguires NXT polymer sealant on top just for good measure. Did come up very nice, feels a little smoother but not as good as a good quality wax like Zymol. I might try some Carpro Reload down the track as well. I agree with the above, the PPF is quite noticeable with all the edges if you look closely and not as nice as using Ceramic coating just by itself but ofcourse the ceramic doesn't protect from the stone chips if you are doing track or busy drive days or a lot of tailgating. Otherwise I think ceramic is just fine for a daily around town. I think PPF might also change the colour ever so slightly or it could be the ceramic coating, not sure.
  12. Yes, great driver and such technical roads. Definitely a different level of skill to driving on a track. Does anyone know Matt's driving history? I know he's done Targa a dozen times or so and won in 2016 but I assume he has some driving pedigree to be at that level?
  13. Great footage. 125 km/hr around the 55 sign posted corner is impressive! Looks like he got a bit loose and a bit of understeer on breaking at 6:39. Exciting stuff!
  14. I drove through Akuna Bay in Sydney the other day and stopped for coffee at Church Point. A great drive on a week day around 8 or 9am and very scenic spot on the Hawkesburry River.
  15. donR

    Battery charger

    Wow that is impressive! What brand of battery and car is it? Just goes to show that keeping the trickle charger on will save the battery. I think it is the frequent deep cycling that kills them, running them too flat then trying to charge them again. I wonder if the newer AGM batteries will fair better with just a once a week or once a month top up?

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