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  1. I'd like to be a fly on the wall in the Super Cars Board Room. Shock Horror no more Holden. Maybe they will finally be forced to revamp the series. Perhaps going back to the UK formula could be a solution? GT3 would be nice but doesn't really appeal to the masses. Though it wouldn't surprise me if they just had a one car series given they are so stuck in their ways. I have some interest following the supercar drivers but the cars they drive made me lose interest many years ago. I don't really understand how they have been able to sustain such a momentum and following as they have after all these years.
  2. I'd say all those extras on the GT4 excluding the aero would be worth around $30k if you went with non-OEM parts. So an extra $40k including the aero over the GTS pricing is about right. Although I think you could get a GTS driving as good as a GT4 excluding aero for around $20-$25k for suspension, wheels, front rotors and tires. But then I think its the aero kit that makes the GT4 a GT4!
  3. donR

    Lowndes in a Porsche

    I agree with what people are saying about the V8s. I guess what still generates a bit of interest from me is the characters that you follow over the years. It does add a bit of interest when those guys like Lowndes, Whincup and Reynolds to name a few jump into a GT car and mix it with some of the international guys. I guess when you are driving at that level you can almost make anything go fast on any track. By the way is anyone going there to watch and any tips such as for spectator locations? Last time I was there was in the 90s watching the Super Tourers in the 12 hour.
  4. Well, I had the choice between a 981 GTS and a 718 GTS having driven both quite a number of times, amongst other similar cars including 911s. IMO the 981 was too noisy for my liking, whereas the 718 is a quieter car and more comfortable car when cruising, I'd say the engine noise is absent. So for road trips or as a daily it is a better and quieter car which was important for me and my wife. Though, it still has a nice ring to it between 5000 - 7300 RPM and pulls hard to the red line so has the performance to match. I think saying it sounds like a WRX is not quite true. The 981 does have a better NA sound across the rev range and it is great for enthusiasts that always want to hear the engine but it is no GT3 and as mentioned it is not as quiet while cruising. The 981 has a better sound at cold start up, whereas the 718 sounds a bit clunky but like a lot of engines once it warms up it quietens down so it isn't an issue. Coming from high powered turbo cars, the 981 felt too slow for me and the performance options like PTV and other performance enhancements that are in the 718 GTS were not there in the 981 GTS. The 718 being a turbo car is more drivable and also has a lot more future potential to give for those that want it. I think it will become quite a desirable car in the future for those not caught up in Porsche nostalgia and those wanting a high performing car with tuning potential. I think like myself the 718 is of more interest to people coming from other turbo charged makes like Mercedes, Audi and BMW or even Subaru, or people who are after a more modern, comfortable or quieter sports car. Not necessarily one that has the nostalgia of the flat 6. Although I like some things better on the 981 I think overall the aesthetics of the 718 has improved and most people elsewhere seem to think so. It is a nice looking car and well proportioned. Would I have preferred a noisier and lower performing NA 6 in a 718, probably not, and they were never going to fit a turbo 6 or a GT3 engine so the 2.5 t was the next best thing. The NA 4.0 six is coming for those of you that need it but it won't have the performance of the 2.5 t and if it gets the particulate filter it wont have the sound either. Was the 718 a mistake? For a lot of us I don't think so and Porsche Cayman/Boxter sales at 26,427 units in 2017 and 23,658 in 2018 in comparison with prior years is not too shabby in what has become a more competitive and niche market segment. So I don't think Porsche is too unhappy about it either!
  5. Removing the sound actor does improve the sound. It is no six but it is not a bad sound and more so muffled due to the turbo. It is not loud like an NA six and it is more palatable to people coming from other makes rather than Porsche traditionalists. I think the problem has been that Porsche penalises/handycaps the cayman/boxter for obvious reasons. However, for those who care the turbo 4 in the S/GTS variant closed this gap and APR has just released a stage 1 tune for the GTS with 442hp and 570NM which pulls all the way to the red line with a 65hp increase bringing GT3 performance. Aside from the long gearing in the manual for alpine style 2nd/3rd gear roads with multiple rapid accelerations I think the PDK 2.5t GTS is the superior car over the GT4 for those conditions. Though I think these advantages will be less evident when the GT4 gets PDK and/or for track work. So personally, performance wise I'm not so sure the 2.5t was a mistake and if Australia gets the particulate filter in the GT4 or GTS 4.0 you are not going to be compensated with the sound which is far from the nice sounding flat six engine of the old.
  6. Good to see another Porsche going to great use. Love those long road trips! Look forward to seeing more of your adventures in the Cayenne. I have completed just over 10,000 kms in my Porsche in just over 8 months of mainly country cruising including a 2500km return trip from Mount Buller via the long way. I am mainly limited to the tarmac where you must be able to get to some amazing spots with the 4wd. Although I did take a wrong turn on one occasion and probably would have appreciated a "no Porsche sports cars allowed sign". Car ended up looking just like yours!
  7. Bit of stupidity as he surely was unable to see around the bend at that distance, at least until it was too late. Perhaps there should also have been double white lights for the gumbys that don't know how to drive those sorts of roads or be patient.
  8. lazydave - Easy for you to say given you own a GT3! I think the point is that for those on a budget they can now purchase a 718 S or GTS which can have similar GT4 or near GT3 performance. Wheels and tires alone make a massive difference keeping in mind GT4s and GT3s already come with relatively light wheels and stickier Cup 2 tires. I think the reference to the WRX is a bit harsh. Above 4000 RPM there is a distinct difference in sound to the WRX and the Porsche engine has quite a ring to it. See video clip below. There is also an soundactor in the cabin which helps once disconnected. I am not saying the sound is better than the NA6, particularly a GT3, but it is just different but still enjoyable and unique to the 718, at least when driven WOT. Aside from that you can't go past the performance benefits of the mid-engines format. Just really impressive and exciting cars to drive. Also for those in the need stage 2 on a 718 GTS at circa 460hp will get you on par with a GT4 RS for a fraction of the price. Not that it needs it!
  9. Sounds like the dealer did do the right thing in the end buying the car back off you. I assume they were in their right to fix it and make you keep it. Can you name the dealer? Sounds like it was no fault of there's and alls well that ends well. They were probably just as shocked as you after buying it wholesale or having it traded and finding the PDK had failed. Certainly something to be said for Porsche Approved cars or those with extended warranty.
  10. Are you talking about the yellow boxter or the yellow Cayman? I've seen this one once before so presumably seller decided not to sell but maybe price was a little high before. Though the options on this one are very desirable including PTV/LSD, carbon buckets and ceramic brakes, etc. Manual too, so a bit rare in this configuration, maybe even 1 of 1. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-porsche-cayman-gts-981-manual-my16/SSE-AD-4430435/?Cr=15
  11. Ok haven't seen many GTS's opted with RAS so I guess it would probably be close to the GT3, particularly on mountain roads where the added torque would assist no doubt. Though I assume the Cup2s on the GT3 would help it pull away. Maybe the wider turbo body on the RS is not as good through those narrower mountain style roads and less benefit from the aero?
  12. How does the GTS without RAS go on tight mountain style targa roads? I would think the narrow body 991.2 GT3 with rear axle steering would be more nimble and easier to drive at the limit through the twisties?
  13. I'd also go with the 245s, you will get a little bit more front end grip, a little better braking and a little less understeer, but in the wet it probably wont help.
  14. I was at my local PC the other day and the SA said that with the 981 GT4 after the initial launch they were struggling to get enough allocations with lots of orders so you needed to have placed a deposit or be on the list. However, with the 982/718 GT4 I think he said he had had only 2 orders with not a lot of other interest. They said if I wanted one they could order me one! I guess although the new GT4 has some improvements and is no doubt a great car it does not have the hype of the old one. Or perhaps people are biding their time and waiting/hoping for a PDK version.
  15. Well you would probably know more about this topic than me but compared with other manufacturers of 6 cyl and 8 cyl engines Porsche have had there fair share of problems. Perhaps its partly due to the added complexity of the flat engine configuration. Though this is not to say other manufactures have not had some problems with some V or straight six configurations.

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