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  1. Help me clear some room in the garage! Selling 4x 996 / 986 OEM turbo twist wheels that came off my Boxster S for $1400 ONO. These are classic looking wheels with the added bonus of being super easy to clean. They should fit other Porsche models too. FRONTS: 7.5J x 18 – ET50 on 245/40ZR18 Federal 595 RS RR tyres REARS: 9J x 18 – ET52 on 265/30ZR18 Federal 595 RS RR tyres Tyres are street legal and very grippy. Will make for a great set of track wheels. Pickup in Sydney or can be posted at the buyer's cost. Item as pictured below. Any questions, just let me know!
  2. What are the 987.2 DFI motors like? Do the intake valves need periodic cleaning or special maintenance to keep them clean? There are some DFI cars that loses power if the intake valves are not kept clean using special treatments like walnut blasting. The 86 D4S has both port and direct injectors for this reason. At lower revs/load the port injectors are in use to help keep the intake valves clean.
  3. I've tried the GT86 with all sorts of tyres. 16s, 17s, grippy tyres, OEM tyres. My favourite combination is to have sports tyres on the front and OEM tyres on the rear. I can drive it daily, take it drifting or take it to the track on that setup. It may not be the fastest, but it's certainly the most exciting setup and really hones your RWD skills :) I find with grippy rubber on the 86, the car starts to feel underpowered. My boxster has grippy rubber and I will actually prefer a bit less grip so I can explore the limits on the road. Everyone's different, but I personally prefer driving involvement over speed and grip.
  4. 86 have fixed price servicing for ~$180/service every 9 months in the first 3 years. After that, you can take it to anywhere or just service it yourself. The only difficult part is changing spark plugs. 986 on the other hand should be serviced by a specialist who will always charge 'specialist' rates. I have yet to see the engine on my car actually! The car takes more oil, coffin arms wears out, tyres cost more and has big $$ items like IMS and RMS. But I've been pleasantly surprised by the cost of some of the parts. Not as much Porsche tax as I would have expected..
  5. I own both a 86 and a 986S. I've had the 86 since it was launched and the 986S for over a year. The 86 is my daily drifter and the 986S is more of a weekender. Here's my take on comparing the driving experience of the 2 cars: Engine. 986S wins by a mile. This was one of the main reasons I got the 986. The flat 6 is just so nice, especially in this age of bland turbo cars. The soundtrack is awesome and the power delivery is so smooth and creamy. A 2.7 will already feel faster than a modded NA 86. Steering. 86 wins. Both cars have great steering feel. The 86 has a faster more modern ratio so I personally prefer it. Even though it has electric pws, the feel is still there. Handling. 86 wins. The 986 MR layout make it a great grip car. It feels great driving it up to the limit but not over it. The FR 86 is equally good at grip and drift driving. The party starts at the limit on the 86 Ride. 86 wins. Being 15 years newer, the 86 chassis feels a lot more rigid than the 986 and this makes it ride bumps a lot better. Shift. Even. The 86 shifter is a bit more mechanical and notchy but it feels pretty good as long as you don't rush it. The 986 cable throw action feels very long, but with a 987 shifter upgrade, it feels pretty slick Brakes. 986 wins. Both cars have very similar brake feel and feels better than most other cars out there. The mid engine layout of the 986 really helps with stability on hard braking. The 86 was benchmarked against a 987 cayman during development. So it's no surprise how similar the cars are to drive and for the 86 to come out on top in a few areas. Something I didn't mention above is the cost of ownership. If you drive a lot, the 86 is going to be a lot cheaper to maintain..
  6. 86driver

    Buying a 986

    Yep, I changed it to a 987 shifter and it's a good balance between throw distance and effort.
  7. 86driver

    Buying a 986

    I've driven the 2.7 and 3.2 (pre update) back to back a few times. Down low in the rev range it's actually pretty similar. It's higher up where you can feel the extra power of the 3.2. It feels around 20% faster, pretty much in line with the power numbers. The other thing is the 2.7 has a better shift action. The 2.7 gearbox paired with a short shifter was amazing. The 3.2 gearbox paired with a short shifter was pretty horrible. In isolation, the 2.7 feels fast enough. Faster than a brand new Toyota 86 for example. But if the price difference is only a few thousand dollars, I'll go for the 3.2 every time.
  8. I thought this sounded pretty good. Must be the angriest sounding 2.5L car around! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngsjjPbX67k Is the high pitch bark mostly coming from the bypass pipes? Or other mufflers will have that too? I like the bark, but don't like any drone or booming..
  9. 86driver

    Buying a 986

    Really? damn... and here I was thinking it was some rich guy who was going to let it go for cheap..
  10. That car looks a bit suspect (missing rear badge, painted rims) and is at Green Acre... enough said
  11. 86driver

    Buying a 986

    So did someone on here buy that cheap 987 S at Rose Bay? It's sold now.. I was going to have a look at that car

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