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  1. Hi everyone, here's some photos of the interior as promised. And the engine bay. Replacement bonnet liner will be provided with the car but not installed.
  2. Hi Zacc, it will be offered for sale separately if the eventual buyer of the car doesn't want it(which is quite possible as the original exhaust is in perfect shape anyway).
  3. ***More pictures to come this weekend inc. interior*** **I may actually also do a video tour of the car to help out potential interstate buyers** Hi everyone, I've decided I should probably stop having too many cars & start saving for a house so the 944 really needs to go. I bought the car around two years ago from it's original owner. Yep - a genuine one owner car for 33 years! Manual gearbox & manual steering rack. Power sunroof. The 15" Fuchs are original to the car and listed on the options sticker in the boot. The timing belt/seals/etc were all done in late 2017. Many gaskets and all of the coolant hoses & vacuum lines are new. Genuine Beru ignition leads and a new Bosch coil. Every single electrical relay has been replaced with new genuine parts to make everything work reliably. Both crank angle sensors are new genuine Bosch parts. The clutch has been replaced with a spring centre unit a few thousand KM ago. There's a brand new hatch seal and the tail lights have been properly resealed with the original black tar gunk. The body is very nice and the paint looks great; but there are a couple of tiny nicks around it and it needs a new rear bumper cover as it's had a bit of a knock at some stage. It's a stunner of a car from any angle though. Interior is less great but completely usable. Chocolate over beige-ish colour combo. Dash has the usual fleet of cracks. Carpets would benefit from a good clean(but the new, matching, fitted floor mats are in perfect shape). Driver's seat fabric is separating from the bolsters on the lower squab - other seats are perfect. Most of the lights and switches work. The odometer works. Windows are quite fast and enthusiastic- no problems there. Air conditioning works well, surprisingly. The tyres have plenty of tread. The battery is new. There's even a spare DME relay in the glovebox. It's pretty much a turn-key-and-go car at this stage! I have a Dansk stainless steel sports exhaust - brand new - which has never been fitted which I'll include with the car if the buyer wants it. Apparently they sound amazing but I just wasn't motivated enough to bother putting it on(maybe I'm just getting old). Fully registered in NSW until November. Plates are currently "16BIT", I'll probably leave those on there. Located in the Illawarra area. All things being considered I'm inclined to ask $15,000 for it. Will be up on Carsales soon but figured I'd offer it here first. Any questions, ask away!
  4. Thread bump, featuring the new Italian family member! (Horrible wheels getting yanked off there as soon as we get the original Maser rims repainted) Photo taken after somehow managing to blow through half a tub(!!) of wax on the Porsche in one go So shiny...
  5. The white 944 used to be my daily driver. I don't know how many owners its had in the 8 years since then but when I sold it it was absolutely perfect(other than the silly and lazy Turbo front end swap - I didn't do that!) and had a stack of receipts like you wouldn't believe. I can confirm the coloured crest centre caps are eBay plastic cheapies though ?
  6. Oh, really? I missed out on the one Tingy linked on Gumtree, so I am rather interested. Are you able to send me a couple of photos?
  7. That one raises a lot of red flags. Here's a slight adjustment to the pic of the engine bay. No fresh parts in sight! Wrong ignition leads! Where has the car been stored if the airbox bracket managed to get THAT rusty? And where are the reference sensors? They're missing from the bracket... It looks pretty good on the outside, though! Perhaps a fun project if the price is sufficiently negotiable
  8. This thread has been devoid of new photos for a while! Here's one of Heinrich hiding next to a coworker's Prado tonight. I always forget how tiny these are until I park next to something else...
  9. I think you may be underestimating how gutless a Mirage is, 924 in good nick(and non-US spec) is easily faster- 94kW and only a tonne, remember! - and a 944 is an outright supercar by comparison
  10. Thanks for the input guys. As requested here's a photo of how it's currently looking:
  11. Hi guys, So my 944's hatch glass is pulling out of the frame at the top, and there's enough of a gap that it's officially bothering me now. I'm not sure whether I should be looking for an entire replacement hatch assembly at this stage or seeing about having the existing one re-done. Is there anyone around the Sydney-ish area confirmed to be able to repair these things? I suppose I could look into DIY repairs but it's a very big expensive piece of glass and I'm not really confident enough to tackle it myself! Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions...
  12. Hi guys, figured I may as well join in on this thread after a whole bunch of lurking around here. This is my '84 - I'm only the second owner, but it's still been a massive job getting back on top of years of neglect, no surprises there really ?

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