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  1. I was going to give you a call about this as I am keen. BTW I’m not asking for a $10k discount but just trying to do due diligence. The RS Tuning solution was unknown to me so I get advice and act accordingly. Well I’m on this forum 😂
  2. I know blokes who’d shag the first thing to smile at them...they now have herpes and gonnorhea
  3. For me it seems that LN Engineering is the #1 solution and on the limited research plus reading comments and advice here, is that the others are lesser copies of their stuff. Its not a 100% deal breaker but as I said, the price needs to have some of that factored in.
  4. I had a chat to the seller this morning and seems like a good honest bloke. For me the issue with this car is the IMS fix applied by the previous owner. It’s the Tuner RS DOF type. It might be considered hypersensitive, but on first look, I’d have to get the car at a good enough price to take that out and install an LN Engineering solution.
  5. @Mike D'Silva I think I’ve found yours. Is this it? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1976-Porsche-911-Manual/SSE-AD-6167755
  6. There are a couple of AUS delivered targas in the mid-high $90's. I reckon they are both at least $10k over market value, especially considering cafe_racers immaculate one that he sold the other week. That car is my benchmark. Mike, which one s yours?
  7. $10k jump 😬 was $85k now $95k https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1978-Porsche-911-SC-Manual/SSE-AD-6159162
  8. So, it’s harder/ more expensive to put in the LN kit... Another 996 has had the EPS Eternal fix, they too look like a poor cousin of the LN solution...
  9. So, although I’m in the US until late July I thought I’d ping the seller of the black 996 in SA that jumped to $65k and inquire about this Porsche IMS fix, his response was “when 996s had problems Porsche's solution was to replace the engine. In this car the engine was replaced at 30000 kilometres meaning that the engine is still very fresh in the car. Replacement engine contains a 997 bearing that is how the factory got around the issue” To the more knowledgeable here, is this legit?? I thought Porsche only replaced it with another OEM bearing so the potential issue remains.
  10. And the hodge-podge updated front lights and standard rear lights...
  11. I’ve messaged him and he is another if these people that shit me to tears. He reckons he is getting offers over $70k so is taking it off the market to have a think. Personally, I call bullshit.
  12. If this black one with the savannah interior is $54k and this jumps from $49k to $65k, I know which one I'd be looking seriously at...
  13. This shits me to tears. I hope it sits for sale for 12 months collecting dust

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