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  1. Dave986

    AUS Delivered vs Import

    My son is 15 this year and he is 5ft 9 now, so soon will be 6ft and tower over me. My wife is 5ft 4, so she could always sit in the back 🙂.
  2. There was another, but that was the personal import one.
  3. Dave986


    Reviving this thread... I was initially looking at late model 996s but there a not many about so I'm now onto 997s. Is this anyone here? This started at $83k, then dropped to $80k now back up to $82K https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-2005/SSE-AD-5323084/?Cr=2 Do I assume IMS work will need to be done (apologies for bringing this up - probs for the millionth time)
  4. Really? That long?? My spider senses were correct I agree, what's the story??
  5. Thoughts on this?? 2001 C4 on Car Sales Besides the yelling in the ad, I'm unsure if this represents good value. There are hardly any cars up for sale at the moment.
  6. Dave986

    First look at the new Singer. Holy crap!

    If you look up the definition of porn in the dictionary, a picture of this car should be shown.
  7. Dave986

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum from one newbie to another. Mechanic eh. How far do you / will you travel from Melbourne?
  8. Dave986

    looking at purchasing an import 912e

    Is that the silver one in QLD? I have no advice on issues but it certainly looks the ducks guts.
  9. Dave986

    AUS Delivered vs Import

    Thanks @Avon coming from someone who has done it. The 997 you linked to is on my list. There is also a black one I'm a bit keen on. Please no-one buy this until I l(hopefully) ook at it next week
  10. Dave986

    AUS Delivered vs Import

    Thanks mate. I think I'll strike it from the list unless I can grab it for $60K 🙂
  11. Kill it with fire, please. It's the humane thing to do
  12. Dave986

    AUS Delivered vs Import

    Yeah, that's the killer...resale potential as I know I will be upgrading again in the future. I had two months in the US driving in winter and even the 12 month old rental car was showing early signs!!
  13. Dave986

    AUS Delivered vs Import

    Hi All, After 6 months of Boxster ownership I am seriously considering an upgrade to a late model 996 or early 997. Love the Boxster but my wife wants a four seater so who am I to argue!! I have a few cars "saved" on Car Sales but noticed a 997 S for similar prices to the 997 but this one was a private import. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-2005/SSE-AD-5517774/?Cr=58 I assume that being from the UK and their penchant for salting roads in winter, rust may be an issue (a PPI will be done on any car I buy) but what about down the track when I inevitably want to upgrade again. Will this be an orphan? In the air-cooled 911s this import stuff seems to make less of a difference but not sure for modern ones. Should I keep this import on the list or stick to AUS delivered? p.s If anyone knows of someone who wants a 2003MY Boxster with 114xxxkms FSH, with recent new clutch and IMS replacement, PM me!!