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  1. If he is going to skimp on the ad, I'd be super suspicious about what else he / they are skimping on
  2. There were a few 997.1 C2S cars available when I bought mine that were UK / Irish imports and they sat forever on CarSales and were all under $70k from memory. I looked at this car when I bought mine and although it has a few bumps and scrapes ($1-2k spend??) and no sports chrono, it it AUS delivered and FSH. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2006-Porsche-911-Carrera-S-997-Manual-MY06/SSE-AD-6127844 I know you keep saying it’s a keeper / forever car but (I wa given this sage advice by other owners) just say you desperately need to sell it for some unforeseen reason...you’ll sit on that UK car for months and months and months. However, in the end if it gives you a stiffy, buy it and enjoy.
  3. David at Cavacos would be another option. I have a 2005 997C2S, AUS delivered and personally this car you're looking at is a bit pricey. Sure mine has 128xxxkm's but I'm not sure this car is worth $20k more than mine...even with the sports chrono, lower speedo reading and those rims.I could be wrong tho. Also the touchscreen doesn't look genuine.
  4. Thanks Dan, I’ll have a look around for the thread.
  5. It's now on the trickle charger and I will pack the battery booster just in case it happens between now and when I can get Dave Brennan to look at it
  6. I have a 997s and (excluding the battery mishap yesterday) I highly recommend one. Get a PPI from a Porsche specialist as others have said. If you’re in Victoria I’ll shamelessly plug @Dave Brennan from Nürburgring Mechanical
  7. We’ve been away for a bit and the 997 has been tucked away in the garage. I thought it’d be best to take it for a run and the ABS light came on. Rather than going straight home I pulled over and switched it off (in same vain attempt to maybe reboot it like a PC). It wouldn’t restart, so we sat and waited for a tow. Instead of a nice meal at a local winery, we ended up having ham and cheese toastie for lunch. All in all a grand day out. Put it on the trickle charger and 2hrs later it fires straight back up. Next I need to suss out if it’s just battery or starter or starter / alternator cable. In the mean time it’ll go on the trickle each night.
  8. Went for a little drive and dinner with this rag tag bunch of no hopers 😂 Absolutely loving my 997S.
  9. I want the number plate...but not the car. Whoever buys this I’ll give you $500 for the plate 😜
  10. I @dan_189 I’m preferring the Denison 500S BT unit
  11. Thanks @dan_189 how far are you from Geelong / Melbourne 😉 I’m not handy

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