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  1. Finally took delivery of my new (for me) 997S. First drive with the family down to Ocean Grove
  2. It was the red belts that sold me
  3. Manual mate. I’m still too young for tip 😂😂
  4. Thanks mate. After having a black car I was never going to get another!!! The seal grey is a great colour (biased!!)
  5. It’s seal grey mate If you are going to the PCA at Porsche Melbourne on the 19th, we’ll be there. Seal grey...a little different to the arctic silver Thanks matey
  6. After selling the Boxster it was very tough not having a PCar is the garage. Its a MY06 997S with a few options...the red seatbelts should be good for a few extra km/h in top speed and the carbon steering wheel and gear knob make it lighter than a standard S. As Big Kev would say...”I’M EXCITED”
  7. I’m looking forward to the first drive!
  8. I wholeheartedly agree!
  9. Ha ha...I deserved this
  10. After an exhaustive search and much help and advice from many here (Chris, Drew, Orchie Hazza, Sal, Lee and others - bloody great stuff lads, what a brilliant community we have), I’ve finally got a new beast. I had looked very closely at some AC cars but this won out. Delivery (it’s getting trucked to me) is early next week 🤞🏻. Now, how do I change my forum name to Dave997S 😂
  11. This is a lovely car...I wish I had another $10k!! GLWS mate
  12. I’ve spoken to the guy and he seems like a honest chap. The engine work was done by DHM and the rebuild sounds legit. Not for me, but it could be yours.

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