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  1. Don't walk from the deal....RUN!!!!!!
  2. Dave986

    Buying a 986

    Yep. You’ve gone to all that trouble of detailing the car, finding a nice spot, take some pics writing a description, putting up your contact details and then...crickets. its almost like their just trying to farm your contact details for some elaborate Russian cyber hack campaign 😬😂😬
  3. Dave986

    Buying a 986

    That Boxster has been on and off CS before. Earlier this year it was $23k. I attempted to talk to the seller but he never returned my (numerous) calls. i don’t understand someone who is selling something and will not respond. It rustles my jimmies.
  4. I agree with everything @JLD said, except the first part...I would say that.
  5. Very sharp. That was on CS earlier this year with the same pics etc for upwards of $25-27k. I tried to contact him multiple times before I got mine, but he never responded
  6. It’s back... Last time I saw this it was on Car Sales but it dropped off last month. Did anyone have a look at this? I actually like it* https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202416757197 * subject to vehicle inspection and service history 😂😬😂
  7. Dave986

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    A mate got a fancy camera and we headed out to the You Yangs for some pics. Some iPhone ones I took are in here too https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2fg498s85gof6ke/AAAqux7Mm_3rAw2x6v5Rm7Mwa?dl=0
  8. Well, you are from Tassie 😂😂 No service since 2105...wow. $40k would be a reasonable price.
  9. He should just insure it, then have one of his mates steal it. That'd be the only way he'd get $3800 for it.
  10. 1. @Dave Brennan can do a PPI and he is a mobile guy, so can go pretty much anywhere Edit: He is a Porsche guy, you MUST get a Porsche specialist to do the PPI. 2. IMS = yes, but also ensure it has a full service history. Cost depends on type and you’d do clutch at the same time. 3. Parts might be a little more expensive but I reckon labour charges (non-Porsche dealership) at a specialist is on par with BMW or Mercedes. I agree with those 3rdparty warranties from non-manufacturers. They are just another income stream for the stealership. Also, my 2003 2.7 is for sale. FSH, IMS and clutch done at 98,000kms (has 115xxx kms now), no mods, black exterior and black interior. Im wanting to upgrade to a 997. I’m in Victoria too. PM me if you want to get in touch about it.
  11. That fake “S” badge 😬😬
  12. That colour is beaut. The only other C4 that’s sat on CS is the black one, with twice as many kms and the bloke wants more for it. It’s been there for a while. GLWP @KeyboardWarrior77
  13. Dave986


    I doubt it.