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  1. Out of my price range but geez that's lovely. GLWS m8
  2. The last one >$100k was the 2005 Atlas Grey one in Sydney that was originally at $73k then jumped to $79.9k and then sold. It had 150,000 on the clock.
  3. Is it just me or have 997 prices jumped a bit? Manual S in particular are on CS but in low numbers and high prices...admittedly with low kms. I think this is the "cheapest" series 1, manual S https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-carrera-s-997-manual-my07/SSE-AD-6188054/?Cr=3
  4. Nice to see you consider 997 worthy of stocking parts for!
  5. Interested but if anyone swaps their 997S exhaust for this kit, I may also be keen on buying it and having a spare
  6. Thanks for the tip Steve. My caps are worn the correct way.
  7. I did see a brand called Function First which take an OEM mount and then add bushing in the void (?) to give the (supposed) best of both worlds. A few nice comments on forums about them too.
  8. Someone is selling Speedster humps for a 986 on FB. Grab a cheap Boxster, buy the humps and save yourself $825k These Speedsters do look horn tho.
  9. I recently bought a new battery for the 997S from a local independent and their service was excellent. When they did mine they had a mini battery pack hooked up so that power was not disconnected when the battery was removed saving any nasty surprises with codes etc (sometimes in other cars I have owned disconnecting the battery has needed me to have radio codes etc).
  10. Glass' Guide and Redbook valuations can be way off the true market selling price sometimes. I agree with @firstone
  11. If I did go semi solids they'd be the softest setting, my weekend driving is "spirited". Mr Brennan is fitting some new rollers soon so I'll ask what he thinks. Did you look at the rennline ones? I have seen a couple of YouTube vids and they'd be what I was thinking of getting
  12. Mr Brennan advised me I’ll need new engine mounts at the next service and wondering what the brainstrust think about what I replace the OEMs with. Driving is weekend driving only and if I did track work it’d be rare, so I’m not after track taughtness. Should I stick with OEM or a semi-solid set up? Keen to hear about what others have done and thoughts on the differences and changes in feel etc

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