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  1. Do you do lay-by 😁
  2. Nice vid Trev. At the 2.05 min mark shows our group leaving...
  3. I was in a group of 30 cars that had pre-organised (including arrival time) with them to get entry to have our vehicles on display. Ranging from Boxster's x 3, Maserati x 2, McLaren, M4, i8, GTR, GT PCar, R8 etc. I was disappointed to say the least. TBH I'd rather go to Dutton's in Richmond and will in the future. Much nicer vibe IMHO.
  4. I tried to go with a few locals here in Geetroit as I was keen on seeing a few cars and it was a nice night for a drive. After being told by Lorbeks we had a spot for us all to park (well in advance), the majority of use were refused entry to the car park. They couldn't organise a shag in a brothel.
  5. I'm a late withdrawal as I will be up in NSW. I purchased a tee, so how will it get to me? Any peeps near Geelong able to grab it for me?
  6. Dave986

    VIN Analytics and decoder

    Are you using the StuttCars one or vincoder?
  7. I haven't received mine but I may not be able to make it as I need to go up to Sydvegas that weekend <insert sad face>. Might need my tee posted or picked up
  8. Dave986


    Wow, just wow.
  9. Dave986

    For Sale 911S 1976 LHD Targa

    I am the same. I have this car "saved" on CarSales
  10. As a favour I will give him $25,000 cash. It'll save him the hassle of taking photos, putting it up on CarSales and having to deal with numb-nut "buyers".
  11. Dave986

    986 in Melbourne

    My Boxster could be up for sale...I'll even take a look at it for you 😎 Feel free to PM me and I can send you some details.
  12. Dave986

    Poll- what model do you own?

    Not enough...
  13. Dave986

    996 backdate

    Hmmm...I'd like to see a shot of the back
  14. Dave986

    Dr Colourchip stonechip repair system

    That sounds like a good plan of attack. I am going to order some and give it a try

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