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  1. This is about resale protection and losses in the value of the financed fleet.
  2. I had David service my Boxster last week and it's running beaut and after seeing him work and go over the car as if it was his own, only cemented my high opinion of his workmanship.
  3. I had mine done here in Geelong and they were good. The workshop is old school. Jepson Automotive inBrougham St. Central to the cente of town...but that was only because these guys were busy http://germanautomotive.com.au/
  4. I just want to thank John for dropping mine off last week and to say the quality is great
  5. Not yet mate, I've just upgraded my iPhone to a Plus so I'm yet to grab it
  6. Saw that and thought "it must have a kilo of cocaine in the boot, which is included in the sale"
  7. Nice vid Trev. At the 2.05 min mark shows our group leaving...
  8. I was in a group of 30 cars that had pre-organised (including arrival time) with them to get entry to have our vehicles on display. Ranging from Boxster's x 3, Maserati x 2, McLaren, M4, i8, GTR, GT PCar, R8 etc. I was disappointed to say the least. TBH I'd rather go to Dutton's in Richmond and will in the future. Much nicer vibe IMHO.
  9. I tried to go with a few locals here in Geetroit as I was keen on seeing a few cars and it was a nice night for a drive. After being told by Lorbeks we had a spot for us all to park (well in advance), the majority of use were refused entry to the car park. They couldn't organise a shag in a brothel.
  10. I'm a late withdrawal as I will be up in NSW. I purchased a tee, so how will it get to me? Any peeps near Geelong able to grab it for me?

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