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  1. Mothers back to black seems to work on my 928 trim and spoilers.
  2. Just out of left field has anyone seen the big traffic cues that bank up behind a cop car that's doing the speed limit. Seems like the majority of drivers drive a little quicker than posted speed limits they become mobile traffic jams.
  3. Yes saving lives matters is the trump card they always play, funny that it does not apply to improving the roads. Agree with all the above except that not all drivers flash lights I certainly do.
  4. The N.S.W liberal government has just announced the warning signs on mobile speed cameras will be no more and all traffic fines will increase. Of course this is in the interest of road safety not revenue raising so I'll be looking forward to all the repaired roads around rural N.S.W due to the increased money they will receive. (yeah right)
  5. dobbo

    Bumble Hill

    I heard a report that some idiot is throwing nails on the Bumble Hill road. Probably a disgruntled local whose driveway enters this road.
  6. Jeff re clutch cable instead of clamping the end on you could drill out the end larger part way through so its stepped spread the wires out and fill with solder this should secure it. If you need a thicker cable think about modifying a handbrake cable good luck with the build.
  7. If its not going to damage anything else heat the nut up red hot then quench with plenty of water. This usually works when parts are rusted together.
  8. dobbo

    My Porsche 928

    Good one Adam, time to enjoy.
  9. dobbo

    Found it.

    I had some spare time today so I removed rear RH wheel and forward splash guard inside the mudguard. I was looking for the fuel accumulator to check to see if there was any rubber hoses( I've changed the hoses in the engine bay and fuel pump etc ) thankfully they were hard lines. Also I recently learned this area was known for corrosion as it doesn't have a full plastic splash guard so I took the opportunity to gerni all the mud out and inspect the metalwork. These cars were so well made no corrosion to be seen after 40 years.
  10. In 2012 I purchased a Bmw r1200s a very high tech motorcycle with a 2y warranty. So it was serviced by Bmw and it also had a run in chip fitted the dealer hooks it up to a computer and the info was sent back to Germany also the bike could receive updated tuning maps from the factory. As far as I know that info was used if ever there was a warranty claim eg motor abused or overeved on downshifts etc. There was a doco on SBS a while ago called Robots for love and war and what there working on(save money on cops and soldiers) is pretty scarey and all this data collected and stored is going to be used against us eg facebook posts etc and facial recognition used to locate us in a rally or protest and the info sent to AI robot and it decides what action to take.
  11. Back at you ANF and hopefully a reborn 928 new year Dobbo.
  12. Cleaned 14 pin connecter(was nothing wrong) and found a redundant relay had been fitted to the wire coming from pin 14 and going to the starter motor solenoid aha smoking gun, alas no. Removed relay and rejoined wire( I wonder what po used it for) but made no difference. Will continue with trouble shooting when time permits.
  13. Thanks ANF am going down the voltage drop path. Will check and clean connections and see how it goes.
  14. Welcome I'm just across the water at Swansea.
  15. I've had a cold start problem for a while and determined the thermo time switch was faulty.(was the short type) So I decided to change coolant at same time(a bit over 2 years old) obtained a TTS(it was the long type) and set up to drain coolant out of rad and engine block. The radiator drain plug fouled a metal tab so I flexed the rad over 5mm to clear removed engine plugs changed TTS refilled and tested. Coolant leak under bellhousing investigated and found a cracked plastic heater tap and while under car noticed the engine earth strap running over exhaust and under heat shield was getting worn through. I rerouted strap over the heat shield and under steering rack ordered and changed heater tap, refilled tested drove car for three days(cold start problem still there) no leaks. Day four coolant leak at RH plastic tank and rad core when I flexed the rad(rubber mounted) I pushed on the RH tank disturbing this 40 year old seal. Radiator repairer would not guarantee repairs new rad over $1000 had to use Nulon stop leak which has worked well. Back to original problem if I ground the W terminal going to TTS motor fires straight away(the best its ever started) ground the G terminal starter motor will not operate however dash lights on. I'm getting voltage on both terminals when key turned to start( not sure what voltage exactly) am going to clean 14 point plug next any advice welcome.

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