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  1. dobbo

    Bumble Hill

    TINGY944 PM sent I think. Dobbo
  2. dobbo

    Bumble Hill

    G'day Steve I'm from Swansea. PS if you go on the weekends watch out for cops my bike friends said there were 5 cop cars there a few weekends ago. I'm lucky Iwork weekends and miss all that but have to be careful myself as I have only 4 points left Dobbo.
  3. dobbo

    Bumble Hill

    I'm a bike rider so I usually ride with mates mid week but this week it wasn't on so I took the 928 out for a spin. My wife invited herself along so we went to Peats Ridge via wyee huey huey rd briefly on the m1 then to Mangrove mountain Dam back to Kulnura for lunch and down Bumble Hill and home via Yarramalong Valley back on huey huey rd. Now a few weeks ago they retarred the hill to race track quality and is now one of the best hillclimbs on public roads. Local drivers do yourself a favour and do Yarramallong Valley and climb the hill before the trucks destroy it again Dobbo. Tried to load some pictures but they were to big.
  4. dobbo

    E10 rip off update

    If my memory serves me well prime minister John Howard started all this and it so happened his brother ran Milandra who benefited from the use of ethanol in fuel.
  5. dobbo

    Driveline noise.

    Mulsanne Meister thanks for the reply will check wheel bearings first when time permits and go from there Dobbo.
  6. dobbo

    Driveline noise.

    Tried freewheeling in N no change to sound.
  7. dobbo

    Driveline noise.

    Thanks for the replies. It is a 3 speed auto. tazzieman the diff oil was black but did not smell burnt so I thought it had a molybond additive. Sounds like TT bearings are ok. Will have to try freewheeling in N and check noise again. Tyres are new Bridgestone Potanzas. Will have to check wheel bearings when possible thanks all for your help Dobbo.
  8. dobbo

    Driveline noise.

    I have a 1980 928 millage unknown but showing 108000kms. I changed all the oils soon after buying it (diff oil 75w semi synthetic) and soon after noticed a whirrimg sound while driving at speed, the sound didn't change whether acc or decelerating. When I dropped the diff oil it seemed to have a molybond type additive so I changed the diff oil to 80/90w mineral oil with an additive as well but no change to the noise. Can someone recommend a solution to the noise and also what are the signs of worn torque tube bearings? The drive is smooth but just noisey over 60ks thanks Dobbo.
  9. dobbo


    Hello Brian I've checked out Bendemeer and it looks like a cold location for this time of year. I'll have to check dates etc. ANF I've enjoyed reading about your work on your 928 I'll try and post some. 3 LEGS it's an auto, my main criteria was non sunroof (I hate sunroofs) and I found it hard to get a manual and no sunroof so I settled on a auto I don't mind at my age 58 and it suits the true nature of the car a Grand Tourer cheers Dobbo.
  10. dobbo


    G,day my name is Dobbo and am from Swansea near Newcastle. I've been looking at this forum for a while and decided to join up. I've always lusted after a air cooled 911 but could not quite afford one (left my run too late) so I started researching 928's and decided they were probably more practical for me. So a little over a year ago I purchased a 1980 928 off gum tree sight unseen from the middle of nowhere in central Victoria. It was a bit of a gamble but it looked good on the photo's and I trusted the seller over the phone however he did mislead me as it was advertised as a 4.7L S but it turned out to be a 4.5L with spoilers and a euro import. I do believe the seller really thought it was an 4.7S but I was a little disappointed it is a bit rough but have been tidying it up and now is a reliable daily driver and is great to drive. Looking forward to go on some runs with fellow members cheers Dobbo.