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  1. Peter M not sure which model and there is no advertised price. I'm sure it would be market price Mallem would know it's value.
  2. Tingy 996 remember Allen Mallen who had the bike shop at Belmont. He's pretty old now and has been selling of classic bikes for a while now (his super) and guess what look in the window of his shop and theres a Metralla in the window for sale.
  3. I liked the bully video. My brother and I were bultaco men I've owned a lobito125 alpina 250 frontera 250 pursang 360 and then moved on to huskys as well as numerous road bikes,currently riding a bmwr1200s. My brother had a 325pursang and raced a couple of TSS'S A 250 and a 350 the 350 he converted to a rotary disc intake which used to beat TZ'S but was prone to seizing. His mate had a 250 metralla similar to the one in the video but with clip ons (a different year) which my brother ported and made a expansion chamber for it he had limited success and made it to B grade. Back then there more race tracks and less housing estates oh well the good old days.
  4. Spotted a orange/ bronze 928s on Pacific Hwy at Doyalson today. You don't see many 928's around.
  5. Update checked plug colour looks ok, replaced plug leads ,fixed 3 vacuum leaks and tried to remove filter at FD inlet fitting but seized in. Test run and no more missing and idling much better THANKS ALL Dobbo.
  6. jnr356 might bite the bullet and get a Porsche mech to check WUR and fuel pressure. Will replace plug leads this week and check for vacuum leaks and plug colour. Took it out today very hard to start and missing under load(seems to be getting worse) the funny thing is i've never seen the accumulator in the fuel circuit however it always started fine when hot. ANF will not worry about changing green wire and hope I get more power when I get this problem sorted.
  7. I was riding the black bike and waved at the white 911 owner who waved back. Nice looking cars and good to see them being used and enjoyed.
  8. Thanks ANF just ordered new plug leads quite expensive (misses whinging as they do , could buy some nice handbags with that money) but will try and test fuel pressure after I replace leads. Hope I don't need a WUR as they are a bit pricey as well thanks Dobbo.
  9. Bear924 thanks for the reply and yes your right it is a 1980 with k tronic fuel injection. I checked for vacuum leaks by disconnecting the hose of the dizzy and sucking on it (maybe not the best way) but it seemed to hold vacuum. About 1 in 20 stops at traffic lights it suffers from poor idling (rough and too slow, below 500rpm) that's why I checked for a vacuum leak. It seemed ok.
  10. Had to drive to Kulnura to pick up a tyre via Yarramolong valley and Bumble hill, unfortunately at the start of Yarramolong valley road engine started missing under acceleration and was terrible going up Bumble hill witch spoilt the best part of the drive. Stopped a while at Jerrys café checked plug leads etc (motor cooled down) returned home and car ran ok until it got hot and started missing again . Was going to change plug leads do these symptoms suggest other problems eg dodgey coil or green wire to dizzy (green wire has been affected by heat) replaced sparkplugs 2000km ago. Has anyone here changed out the green wire and did it make any difference also how often should you change coolant in these alloy engines thanks in advance Dobbo.
  11. Out on my weekly bike ride again and spotted a white 911 longhood parked off Paynes crossing road stopped at Broke servo and two more silver longhoods came from Cessnock and turned onto Paynes crossing road. Some sort of a longhood secret meet in the bush?
  12. dobbo

    Fathers day

    Thanks Dreamr Dobbo.
  13. dobbo

    Fathers day

    My old 1980 928 is a work in progress I've fixed up most of the mechanical rough edges and is now a reliable daily driver. The bonnet seemed new but has a worn LH hinge no badge or mounting holes for it and sits down about 5mm below the LH guard. I was going to get around to buying a badge , bonnet hinge and a passenger side door vent to tidy up the cosmetics , well my missus said she was going to buy me a badge for fathers day but wasn't sure witch one to buy so it was the catalyst to put an order in to the Porsche wreckers to get the parts. Parts received today however I cant have the badge till Fathers day , will fit new hinge next week. Happy fathers day to all. ( for next month)
  14. Out on a bike ride today and spotted what must have been a sports car club run , at Wollombi heading for the Putty. Leading a canary yellow 911 longhood a couple of gt3 's a orange lambo, a couple of Ferraris and a Merc .
  15. Drove car this morning seems noisy lifters are back until engine hot then quiets down. Still a big improvement , will drive some more and see if it improves.

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