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  1. dobbo

    Newcastle C&C 24/2/19

    Sorry mate cant make this Sunday as I'm expecting a truck with my new bike on it and won't know time of arrival till on the day Dobbo.
  2. dobbo

    Home built Hot Rod

    Are the cam drive sprockets adjustable , slotted holes for the mounting bolts?
  3. dobbo

    All German Day Newcastle Sat 9 March 2019

    Tingy996 what time date and address for cars and coffee? Tried to PM you but stuffed it up thanks Dobbo.
  4. dobbo

    Home built Hot Rod

    Wouldn't different thickness base gaskets alter cam timing?
  5. dobbo

    All German Day Newcastle Sat 9 March 2019

    TINGY i'm up for it got nothing on in Feb , let me know time and place. Newcastle has got nowhere to park these days has it?
  6. dobbo

    All German Day Newcastle Sat 9 March 2019

    I've now retired and have weekends off so I might go in if the weathers ok.
  7. dobbo

    928 Wheel Size

    GSE73 I've got a 1980 928 with BBS mags and 235/40xR18 (et45) The front tyres scrape slightly during hard cornering and in the rear there's still a bit of clearance for a wider tyre so I would say the sizes you mention will probably fit ok. They do look better with wider tyres on the rear.
  8. dobbo

    Noisey lifters 4.5l

    Thanks Adam 20w50 will try Penrite oil flush.
  9. dobbo

    Noisey lifters 4.5l

    I've owned this 1980 928 for a couple of years now and its had noisey lifters since day one. I assumed it would go away after being driven for a while as it wasn't used much by previous owner, so I tried lifter ease in the oil with minimal success on rare occasions it would quiet down but not for long. It's due for an oil change soon (castrol gtx3) and was wondering about putting in some oil flushing additive before I change oil and filter any advice welcome. Oil pressure is good but the noisey motor is a pain and I would like to get rid of it. Thanks Dobbo.
  10. dobbo

    Spotted Thread

    Yeah I think there is a not too friendly sign at the entrance to the drive and yes it is a shame to see them rot away. If his price is too unrealistic he must really want to keep them.
  11. dobbo

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted in the yard of a small acreage at Allison on the central coast two sorry looking 70's 911s. One was a targa without the top both missing the headlights and the same faded greenish colours parked end to end.
  12. dobbo

    Mick Schumacher

    Thanks Phil very sad to hear that.
  13. dobbo

    Mick Schumacher

    Does anyone know how his father got on, did he ever recover from his ski accident? The news only reports on bad news and never follow up on there recovery.
  14. dobbo

    First big road trip

    Yes returned them they sent me a label via email and there courier picked them back up. Still waiting for refund. My leads look and fit ok but age is unknown may price some and still change anyway if not too expensive.

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