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  1. dobbo

    Coolant leak.

    Pump leaking now replaced along with 2 year old cambelt all good now.
  2. Tidied up some wires under the motor and cleaned some earths and found a wire off terminal 50 on the starter motor alas no fix. Turned out I applied sealant on the TTS when I replaced it which gave a too high resistance that was the problem now fixed.
  3. An article in yesterdays paper The auditor general has ordered that mobile speed camera cars in N.S.W lose their hi-vis decals and triple the hours they are used on the roadsides in the name of saving lives. It seems odd a money man has suggested this safety measure but not safety experts or RMS officials.
  4. dobbo

    Coolant leak.

    Thanks for the replies fingers crossed it may just a gasket.
  5. Background when I brought this 1980 928 the water pump had been changed at 108000kms but time wise unknown and I was given the old pump and some spares in the deal. Now I have what appears to be a leak dripping onto the sump from behind the cambelt covers when engine is running. My question is can these pumps be recoed or are they throwaway items the mileage on the new pump is only 25000kms.
  6. Zeez try reposting this in Technical water cooled 911. You've posted it in the wrong section a section rarely read my most members.
  7. Nice Beemer , I'm a BMW man myself r1200s I love the look of the cafe racer but sat on one and my old body said no(too hard on the knees)
  8. OZ wasn't aware of the 4D law but it's open to abuse by the sounds of it.
  9. Mothers back to black seems to work on my 928 trim and spoilers.
  10. Just out of left field has anyone seen the big traffic cues that bank up behind a cop car that's doing the speed limit. Seems like the majority of drivers drive a little quicker than posted speed limits they become mobile traffic jams.
  11. Yes saving lives matters is the trump card they always play, funny that it does not apply to improving the roads. Agree with all the above except that not all drivers flash lights I certainly do.
  12. The N.S.W liberal government has just announced the warning signs on mobile speed cameras will be no more and all traffic fines will increase. Of course this is in the interest of road safety not revenue raising so I'll be looking forward to all the repaired roads around rural N.S.W due to the increased money they will receive. (yeah right)
  13. dobbo

    Bumble Hill

    I heard a report that some idiot is throwing nails on the Bumble Hill road. Probably a disgruntled local whose driveway enters this road.
  14. Jeff re clutch cable instead of clamping the end on you could drill out the end larger part way through so its stepped spread the wires out and fill with solder this should secure it. If you need a thicker cable think about modifying a handbrake cable good luck with the build.
  15. If its not going to damage anything else heat the nut up red hot then quench with plenty of water. This usually works when parts are rusted together.

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