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  1. Cafe racer , one I was looking at was a white Zag back date, around 2 years ago maybe March 2018 for $100k. Think it was a Japan delivered 3.2 with an engine rebuild IIRC, so don’t think it was you car?
  2. Thanks guys, sorry for the thread jack back to “what’s for sale in Aust”
  3. Thanks Arnage, what’s not to like , except no air con if your up North.
  4. Spot on, I looked at the white one that was at the Healy factory and was pretty keen. Then popped up the C3.0 I have now that had been through a few hands ( Skidmarks , Armage and 9er).
  5. Also as I understand it most Zag builds are on non Aust delivered donor cars , some are RHD from Japan , but if anyone is talking about the specific value of this car , this also probably need to be considered. other than that it looks like a very well put together example and agree with Hughs and Wilson 59’s comments. plus Arnages comments , posts crossed over .
  6. After a black clock face my self, would anyone have another ?
  7. Thanks I have 205’s on the front and they do hang on quite well, would have liked to match them on the rear .
  8. Are the rears 225’s? I need 245’s and don’t think they make them in this size.
  9. Great article, if the 3.0C is good enough for Mezger to own, who am I to argue.
  10. That’s a shame Mark I would be interested to come and have a look at you guys in action.
  11. @Michel, are you going to tell us the story on this C3.0? Saw you took a few pics with a potato anything else to tell us.
  12. If you get out early (like most regions) the roads out north / north east are great. I enjoyed the detour yesterday and definitely look forward to being able to get out more often maybe from 1 June for us from VIC? C3 is my only P car, so easy for me to choose. how do you and @Skidmarks figure out which one you are going to drive?
  13. Thank Hugh Yes that’s correct , no air conditioning was a bit too much for the Cairns climate I think. Most of my drives are from Melbs north to the Ranges ( Kinglake / Healesville) and a few interesting roads back through to strath creek and Broadford way. but will be getting down your way more frequently. What are you driving these days? The red C3?
  14. Thanks Hugh Sure is, have been quietly enjoying it for the past 18 months, have made a few little mods but nothing major, mainly cosmetic, including the side scripts, some interior trim items , period radio, correct steering wheel, a bit of engine tidy up. Chris did a lot of good work on it, it handles like a treat. Sven had it painted and put the 930 brakes on it.

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