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  1. Whilst the thread is about S v GTS, like you WB, I did look at replacing our 2nd SQ5 with a third, as I’ve been an Audi customer for 20 yrs with over 20 new cars in that time. however at the current level of pricing differential, it just didn’t stacK up (for me), But that’s just my experience. If the delta between SQ5 and GTS was > $25k I’d have chosen differently. Plus whilst the diesel has been great, the torque from 1,500 is unbelievable, we have had our fair share of issues with city driving effecting the DpF and manifold valves.
  2. Phil, I’ve had a GTS for 3 days also, and found it incredible, compared the the x2 SQ5’s diesels we have had, (which I obviously rate). It is smaller in side than the SQ5, but the difference in the handling is very noticeable. I even prefer it to the RS4 (2018 model with same engine) that I sold 12 mths ago. So if you know you want a Macan and are trying to figure out if it’s a GTS or S, then it’s really about how you option up the S. If you keep the S relatively std (say s/roof and sport seats) then the S is pretty compelling, but if you option the S with GTS std features (Sports Chrono, 21 inch wheels , air suspension, sports exhaust etc) then the GTS is prob a better way to go.
  3. I’ve just done this very exercise. The GTS is very well optioned as std , and depending on how carried away you get with optioning S, the difference in my case was about $7k. the 2023 model GTS gets a few more options as std (mainly safety related) but adds approx $7k to the price. I went for a very minimally optioned GTS in the end.
  4. Marty is pretty spot on. Even if you do receive permission, depending on the age of the car, a lot of the dealers have "purged" the service information from the system OR may have had a "change of system" which means detailed information cant be accessed. Well that's what I found over the past 12 months in looking for a 997.2 C2S manual. It is worth trying though, as amongst all that i did receive some useful "verbal" information.
  5. Edgy is pretty spot on re 997.1 C2s manuals, have just completed a transaction for a friend , lower kms perfect service history in that range Re 997.2 C2s manuals, I have just bought one my self , 27,000kms This appeared on market today. 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera S 997 Series II Manual MY09 (carsales.com.au)
  6. Been following this Auction, looks like car has visited a few states. Anyone have any info on this car?
  7. Weltmeister or Porchaden? Blk/blk 21,000 kms?
  8. Well done Damien, What an awesome car, just a shame for me it was too close to my C3.0 and didn’t make sense to have own 2 cars so similar. However I know I’ll reflect on in a few yrs time and say, we’ll maybe I should have. All the best to the new owner.😉
  9. This statement could apply to quite a number of P cars!! ( including my C3.0 which both of you owned). Arnage, GLWS!!
  10. I followed this (and Pork Chops) builds quite closely when I was searching for a car and then Svens (Chris Fryers) C3.0 came up. If i didn't have my car Id be straight onto it. Maybe I should sell mine and by yours Damien? GLWS
  11. Hi Mark Looks a Beauty. Can’t wait to see it out on a run when we can.

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