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  1. Went for a drive down the Mornington Peninsula today, had an errand to run down that way. Managed a detour and a couple of circuits of Sven’s Private race track. Didnt stop for any pics
  2. I’m just coming up to 12 mths of ownership and feel the need to post what it’s been like. Maybe I have a particularly well sorted example, but they are a special car. As with all 40 year+ cars there is always something to do but the drive is so engaging it’s difficult to compare. Today I’ve just driven 600 kms in a new RS4 and whist the car is an absolute gem, it was very boring as we got nowhere near the cars limits. 3.0 Carrera on a drive through Nth / East Melb hills is a totally different experience.
  3. Thanks Chris Hope to have it back maybe this week? Put the Carrera script back on it the other week (after Sven had it painted) also
  4. Yeah I'd heard that, it was off a 911 SC. I have had it fitted on the car, it had a nasty recover at some stage (was still in OK condition) but bit the bullet and have sent it for recovering.
  5. Thanks David I ended up buying one of eBay and have If off being recovered at the moment. But please do have a look as I would still be interested in another one at the right price?
  6. Also like this, more deets please Chris ( if that’s allowed on a P car forum).
  7. Thanks Brian, but its not that one. This is the one!! what are they worth ( this one looks like it’s on really good nick). Also may be able to get one recovered (contact of Chris), so what are they worth when they need a recover?
  8. Hi All As the title suggests after a 3 spoke steering wheel to suit my newly acquired 1977 Carrera 3.0, i think 1976 to 1982 will fit (if not I'd appreciate some assistance). Sven doesn't have any "in stock" , so have put it out to the forum. Have been scouring Ebay for the past week or two, but thought I'd see if any forum members had one sitting around. Regards Stephen
  9. Thanks T That's what I thought on first look.
  10. Looking to put the Carrera script decal back on the Carrera 3.0 from Autografix. Which one is this Gloss black or Matt black?
  11. Thanks Sven Don’t want you to feel hard done by , so I’ll add $25 to the purchase price. I did actually send a pm to Orlando earlier in the morning abiut how I become a FM. Will also look to change my name to something more fitting.
  12. Thanks Chris Much appreciated , once i have taken delivery and looked through things I will most likely take you up on this.
  13. Well I hope so!! I'm not sure if I can say this , but after 20 years of Audi ownership I've bought my 1st P car. Did joke with Autoart the other day that I had owned a 1973 Type 3 wagon 30 years ago so was once upon a time familiar with the air cooled motor & offset peddles!! (jeez I wish I still had that car) Have been a long term lurker and will probably ask a few silly questions. Thanks to Sven for his patient approach with me, he has been a pleasure to deal with.
  14. If I buy it happy to become a FM or you add $25!!

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