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  1. Dave Brennan

    Recommend a mechanic in Melbourne?

    Definitely see Rocky for the boots 👍
  2. Dave Brennan

    Porsche Mechanic in Bendigo

    Sure, let me know if can help! Cheers Dave986!
  3. Dave Brennan

    WTB - M28/10 928 Engine

    Looking for a short, long or a block and crank for a 928 (4.5). Cheers, Dave
  4. Dave Brennan

    Engine oil for 930?

    I run the 10/60 as per OEM but oil is a touchy subject
  5. Dave Brennan

    New Member

    Cheers, already in motion!
  6. Dave Brennan

    New Member

    Thank you! The mobile concept has been great for me and the owners. Most of the owners 'get it' and are interested in learning about their cars. Open to providing assistance too.
  7. Dave Brennan

    Low oil pressure in air-cooled 3.0i

    Check with mechanical gauge, if still low look towards PRV (not a common issue).
  8. Dave Brennan

    New Member

    Hey Dave, Thanks! I'm open to travel, especially if you're from a holiday destination I will be down the Mornington Peninsula a bit. Cheers Lee!
  9. Dave Brennan

    New Member

    Thank you! It’ll be good to be home, have been out of the state for about 11 years, looking fwd to it. Should be more mobile mechanic friendly weather for our arrival! Cayenne Turbo’s are great buying right now if you can jag a good one. Can give you a hand what to look for during your inspection before you get a PPI done. Cheers
  10. Dave Brennan

    New Member

    Thanks Renz, was a pleasure to assist you. Thank's for the Invite Fraz, in the process of moving but will definitely tag along to one in August.
  11. Dave Brennan

    New Member

    Hi all, new to the forum and after poking around, lots of great info here! Cheers, Dave 1988 Swift Formula Ford (SE-88) The wifes car My first car, lotus powered corty The service vehicle
  12. Dave Brennan

    911 Servicing Sunshine Coast

    Under the Sun, Porsche trained, based in Noosa. Call Tim on 0407775115

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