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  1. Not long had the 2001 boxster looks like i wont enjoy it i will have to sell.The wife has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer so we are going to need every cent (not in health fund). very unexpected news
  2. Hi new owner of a boster 986 i noticed scraps under the nose how or anyone local wollongong can repair just a tidy up as i mostly will scrap itagain as my driveway is not the best ,is there a touch paint from shops thats is close to the colour as its under the nose a bit
  3. In the service book it has had major and moinor service within 12mnth period and has done little km's i emailed the workshop autowerks charmhaven to get some history of the car
  4. Yes firestone all dry under carpet 2 days now water level full i ran heater aswell and i think too when someone put coolant in they never used the bleed valve and it caused airlock everything seems fine now. Niko atleast somebody picked it straight away insted of playing a guessing game.
  5. OK cheers ive done alot of reading and researching, lol it was embrassing telling the dealer what to look for haha.Do you know of any people in wollongong area that is good to work on it.
  6. Thanks all.well test drive car 15min run all seemed good This was a saturday morning they said casr had to go through workshop ok then pick up tuesday morning. Anyway pick up car head towards wollongong just past national park turn off and temp bang straight to the red then banging and thumping coming from floor and front of car i pulled over fast i could.rang dealer went ballistic wanted my old car back they said oh cant the manager isnt here(bullshit) tow truck flatbed picks up its in work shop they cant find anything wrong with it???? no leaks or anything so young fella apprantley worked for a porsche place but has ended up in mercedes? anyway they think it was an air lock,in the meantime i was ringing them and saying hey it could be coolant box check under carpet for leakage its all good they had it for 1 1/2 days looking guessing but all the time the light is flashing next to temp gauge and that means coolant level but no dealer tells me it goes of when engine reaches the correct temp??.I pick car up tuesday drive home with light flashing but temps stayed at 85-90c didnt overheat this time once cooled i checked coolant box and kick a dead cow i had to add nearly 2liters of coolant no more flashing light.Atleast i have 3months warrenty if breaks down so iam going to drive the pants of it for 1 week and see how it turns out really not happy with that workshop they dont seem to be up to date on things.
  7. As title say iam from wollongong just bought a 2001 986 2.7lt auto first time porsche owner had a very not so good experiance from dealer.Iam wanting to meet new people and go on some runs and have fun plus learning alot from you guys cheers

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