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  1. Not sure if I recall hearing somewhere that the next gen Macan will be electric πŸ€” If that's the case you better get oneπŸ‘
  2. Was just searching through forum recently trying find some suspension info/options. Most of what I found was for PASM spec upgrades. Would like to lower mine a bit, but not make it too harsh.
  3. Great job Andy, looked like a nice cruise in the twisties, well it must have been as didn't see anyone crossing a solid white lineπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  4. Not a bad price, the company I work for get all their tyres done there. Competitive prices. This was going to be the first place I speak to when up for some rear tyres for mine.
  5. If anyone is looking to do the gundo hack in Melb I highly recommend Richard at Rowville Exhausts πŸ‘
  6. After finding an exhaust shop to do gundo hack but then when speaking to them I find out they need to order in stainless tube and that they get a guy in once a week to do the mods for them I thought I better look elsewhere. So I drop into Rowville Exhausts to see Richard for a chat. He said "a gundo what"πŸ˜‚ I showed him some picks of mod and left my mufflers with him. Thought it would be better to go to someone who can actually do it and not have to outsource the work. Fingers crossed
  7. Yes, engine and g/box left in. I could reach up the back of engine from underneath. Hardest part was getting oil/air vent hoses off. The top one I just couldn't get so removed throttle body and main intake hoses that join plenums together then I could reach arou d from the top to get a better angle to pull it off. It's definitely the sort of job that would have another mechanic say to you "Would you like me to put some fur around it?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Well that was a bastard to get out! Should have called in a gynecologistπŸ˜‚
  9. Anyone here in Melb used Mr Muffler Preston to do gundo hack? Their FB shows they've done some so after any feedback or recommendations. Cheers
  10. After having the rear of my car up nice and high for repairs, I checked my engine number and the books. Mine has hand written notes like that also. The bottom number is definitely the engine number, so mine has had an engine swap. Top number I'm not sure. Could be a job number for easy reference. I didn't think much of notes until later on as a rush sale. Don't know replaced when new or later on. Will find out more when getting some parts this week. I ran out if patience for due diligence πŸ˜‚
  11. Had a closer inspection tonight while kids asleep and it looks like my intake is different to the one in Projects 101. Their info states 996 997. It shows pics of 996 with separator at front lhs and later 997 the separator rh rear which is easier to get at. Looks like 996 inlet manifold is plain with fuel rail and injectors separate where as mine 997.1 has it all together. Starting to look like an engine out job! YikesπŸ€”
  12. Agree with you on getting genuine parts, contemplating whether to tackle it myself or not. A bit time poor at the moment with newborn and 2yr old. I did find online someone put up some useful info from 101 Projects book. Cheers
  13. Have checked main pipes and reservoir all good. After blowing it all dry I kept engine running while checking underneath and first sign of coolant came from the plastic pipe shown in picture. New to Porsches I had to look up what I was looking at from a spare parts pdf. Couldn't believe it said oil separator! What would it have to do with a coolant leak πŸ€” Started searching on youtube and found a vacuum test on coolant path of oil separator! Looks like coolant flow is in the top circular part of housing. The faulty one in the video is cracked at the same spot mine appears to be leaking. Couldn't understand where some parts where previously wet when 1st sign of leak appeared. Got out from underneath car, gave the engine some revs and it sprayed out more. Looks like it can be done with engine in but very time consuming. I guess with a part that hard to get to I should get OEM part.
  14. Got the rear of the car up higher for a better look, blew off excess with compressed air and ran car up to temp. So, I guess good news is pipes all look good and the winner is the oil separator! So is that still a engine out job or not? It is buried at the back tho?πŸ€”
  15. Thanks for the offer. Will see how I go. I couldn't get a proper look for the sake of safety. My folks are just down the road so will borrow some ramps etc and have a better look when I get a chance. My wifes water broke 2 weeks ago then my carπŸ˜‚ So busy times at the moment Yes, have bΓ¨en reading all about that and checking photos out closely. I did notice that the black line on Ken has loom tube on it in the areas near the metal pipes, whereas mine doesn't πŸ€”

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