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  1. For those in Melb. I looked at Preston Mr Muffler, but they get a 3rd party in to do job. Can't remember price, but surely marked up. Called Exhaust World, but they wanted whole car as have previously had clearance issues with bumper after mod. My car was out of action as in the middle of AOS replacement. Found a thread somewhere on forum here that mentioned Rowville Exhausts that do all custom exhaust systems etc. Owner said "A Gundo what!" Showed him a video and mufflers. No worries. Quick turn around, a bit of 1 3/4" offcut and $200 later job done. Only takes 30min or less to remove mufflers yourself. Don't even need to remove bumper.
  2. And now that Holden have shut up shop sellers are asking Porsche money for their cars🀣
  3. Renndecals also do stripe kits. Love the look of the 911R and was contemplating getting stripe kit for my 997. My C4 has the wide body, but not sure how it would look with less aggressive front end. Still fence sitting 🀣
  4. I'd recommend flush and change coolant, also as mentioned brake fluid. Not sure what your cars records are like, so could be due anyway. See attached, this is also what Dave from Nurburgring Mechanical uses/used on my 997
  5. I remember seeing a YouTube clip from Hoovies Garage in doing a V8 swap in his 996. Ended up costing nearly as much as rebuilding the original engine. He had some cooling issues with the V8. Although it was similar to drive as weight similar, tho with a lot more power, he did miss the Porsche sound πŸ€” Would be interesting to follow on the Project thread if your going in that direction. Best of luck πŸ‘
  6. Mr Brennan replaced mine last year, I took his recommendation on using OEM. πŸ‘
  7. Very nice. I would love to have something like this and turn it into the ultimate outback tourer/camper. Congrats, great purchase πŸ‘
  8. Good to see some holes in base plate. Depending on your garage floor surface, these can slide while trying to drive onto them. Those who decide to buy, give a test run as sometimes you need to install anchor bolts to prevent this. Also, please install the correct direction for you vehicle. IE: A 911 is best to have scissor installed backwards due to rear engine weight bias. Usually the manual showing install instructions are for front engined vehicles.
  9. So who is going to grind down the earth on the plug and who is going to get an electrician to install a 15amp circuit at homeπŸ€”
  10. That's good to know. My bad. I thought possibly hand written numbers might be a record of engine serial number change. I like this info as helps identify engine and g/box codes on original sticker in handbook. So I guess all handbooks have the 2 hand written numbers? πŸ€”
  11. Nobody has picked it up yet, but if you look carefully through photos you will see hand written numbers in handbook. Which will be the record of engine replacement. New engine serial number! Not sure what effect this has on values? πŸ€”
  12. Was the anchor bolts supplied by MaxJax? When installing a 2 post hoist with standard base you need 150mm concrete thickness. If you only have 100mm thickness you need to have larger base with outriggers. Best bolts to use are 16mm X 140mm through bolts πŸ‘
  13. 992 just comes out and this one already taken out! Poor bugger.
  14. Yep, locals putting all of their money into toilet paper. If Duttons or a Porsche dealer throw in a couple of packs of dunny rolls I'll buy what ever car they come with! πŸ˜‚
  15. Not sure if I recall hearing somewhere that the next gen Macan will be electric πŸ€” If that's the case you better get oneπŸ‘

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