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  1. Wow! Next you'll see sport seats that need total retrim for about $13700 Aud on offer. 😝
  2. This was up again today, referred again to highest bidder and now showing sold. Good value if your looking for race car and has no issues. Big job to return to original delivery spec, maybe impossible if that's the plan.
  3. Car went through last night and was referred to highest bidder, was that you? That referral figure is what it was worth on the night to whoever showed interest.
  4. I've noticed this. They go hand in hand.
  5. dipstick

    Nice weekend's work

    Ha, yeh. $10-15K more like it. super 90, no it's not. bit of rust🤣
  6. Aus Del carrera 3.o, Lots of good gear/time/money spent to get to this point, fresh 3.8lt.Makes other similar type cars on the market look bit sad in comparison. As people say couldn't build for that sort of money. Good buying around that price for the right person/application.
  7. My comment was directed at Arnage in previous post suggesting the seller of the 74 carrera a couple of pages back was delusional at his 110k ask. The car went "not available" within the day and hasn't appeared again since so presume sold. You are offereing real world sales figures in your 2c post above that runs against the grain of Arnage's posts towards this model car. I tried to buy it, so I must be a delusional buyer.
  8. Explain...I saw the ad late friday, contacted seller through cs, was too late. Desire, I have a correct spec engine for it. These are great cars. Delusional. Arnage?
  9. Nope, I tried. Do you think the buyer if he owned the orignal engine delusional? I don't think you understand this model Carrera.
  10. I think the seller knows exactly what he's got. One of 18 delivered into Aus, in lime green, great 70's colour. Would you say a 73rs is only special because of it's engine, nothing else? Not Available, looks like it has found a deluded buyer.
  11. If engine number is correct and motor is to original spec youll be running a bit short on cc to make up your 2.7lts.
  12. These are probably too early https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/gladesville/auto-body-parts/porsche-911-spring-plates/1197483407 Aposchapart David Jenej
  13. Bit of a different vibe here now for the low km speed yellow gt3 mk1 top of market sales, I remember the negitive posts re the last one ($250k, moved quicky too) that was listed fs begining of last year. Has that sale/this now cracked the ice for these low use minter type of cars in your minds boys and girls?
  14. This is correct for 77 model here in Aus. Make sure it's not rusty inside the rubber sections and that the mounting studs are all there not snapped off.

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