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  1. All sorted thanks mate, that metal plate behind the carpet insert is the anchor point. Little one loves it :)
  2. Cheers mate, I'll send you a text tomorrow if ok?
  3. Thanks guys, I know a boring topic but I'm keen for the little one's to enjoy the car too Here are a couple of pics with the cushions removed and the top part of the seat folded down, there is a plastic bezel I removed that has attachments behind it, is that what you're referring too? Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, I know this a very old post but I have just purchased an MY08 997 Cabriolet and all the information I've found say ISOFIX is not provided in any Porsches released in AUS. I've also called my local Porsche dealer in Brisbane and they've said they have no ISOFIX solution they can provide, leading me to think I can't put a baby seat in the car at all. https://www.porsche.com/all/media/pdf/originalparts/en/E_997_KATALOG.pdf Does anyone have any further info on this? Thanks

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