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  1. Fair points, let me know how you go. Cheers DJ
  2. That retro air system is an interesting solution - and interested to hear how you go with it. Do you know anyone who has direct experience of their system on a 911? The Griffiths system gets good feedback and, if properly set up, will probably give better cooling. At the moment I am tending towards the Griffiths system, as I know someone who has done it and is very happy with it. It is also a bit more in keeping with originality of my car, which was delivered with factory air. Cheers DJ
  3. Great mate - video will be most interesting! DJ
  4. Thanks, will do. All of my research so far has been really positive about the Griffiths stuff, so I would be surprised if you are not happy with it. Did you also go with the upgrade blower control and thermostat? DJ
  5. How far did you go with the Griffiths upgrade - for example, did you go with the additional vent over the existing bow tie? Very interested to hear how it goes when you get a chance to try out in real world Oz conditions. Cheers DJ
  6. Cheers and thanks for all the replies. I thought I had replied directly but now seems that I failed, so thanks anyway.
  7. Has anyone had direct experience of an air conditioning guru in Sydney who can be trusted to restore and/or upgrade air conditioning for a 1985 3.2 911 Carrera (my car had factory air con and still has all the bits, but compressor does not work). Has anyone had experience and any views on the Griffiths air con upgrade systems - or the retro air electric systems? By the way, I know and accept many disapprove of such softness, but the joy of this car is new to me, and I don't really want to leave it parked during Sydney summer. Cheers and regards

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