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  1. Hi all, The car above has been listed for awhile now and I'm wondering if anyone has had a chance to check it out and if so, what are your thoughts? Been meaning to myself but unfortunately haven't had the chance yet. As I'm looking for a long term hold I've had my mind on a later year varioram model, but the mods on this one do seem nice. Wondering how it drives with the mods and whether it looks as good in the flesh as it photographs? Why do you think it hasn't sold? Too much, not as desirable with those mods, everyone wants a varioram model, etc? And what do you think it's worth? Thank.
  2. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/ve17/auction/lots/r134-1993-porsche-911-carrera-rsr-38 Now tell me this isn't something special What would this have sold for new and I wonder what you'd have to do or have been to be invited to buy one back then?
  3. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1995-Porsche-911-Carrera-993-Manual/OAG-AD-16478958 What do you guys think of this one? Anyone checked it out?
  4. Lots of k’s though. Would that scare most people off?
  5. Check out this Porsche 911 Carrera. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1995/OAG-AD-16478958 thoughts on this one?
  6. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1997/OAG-AD-14365638 still trying to get my head around the premium for manual cars? cars seem to stay on carsales for awhile.
  7. Really? How do you know that? Was just trying to understand pricing of 993 Carrera 2S manuals
  8. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1997/SSE-AD-5621088 Any comments on this one?
  9. So this is a road registered car? Out of curiosity, would it be considered good value at this price and likely to appreciate in value?
  10. Check out this Porsche 912. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-912-1968/SSE-AD-5472083 Thoughts?
  11. Yes, but is this the reason it’s not selling are we seeing a price adjustments in 964s?
  12. Nice car. Agree re colour combo. i could probably live with the high k’s but tip is a deal breaker
  13. Thanks Hugh, What”s a Singapore import worth vs a Aussie delivered car? Guessing it a not cheap enough as it hasn’t sold yet? As you can see, I’m on a steep learning curves here
  14. Anyone seen or know of this car? What’s scaring prospective purchasers off? Looking for a C2 but seems reasonably C4 priced vs others on carsales.
  15. Thanks for all the feedback/information guys. When I first saw the add, my initial thought was that it was priced a little on the high side and because of that, expected it to have a clean bill of health with no story behind it. I knew it had been sitting there awhile and assumed it was because of this high asking price and that they owner was in no hurry to sell it and was prepared to wait it out till someone met his price. Will take our time to find the right car for us (anticipate it will take between 6-12 month). Thanks again.

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